Wake Up

  • 1 thing black people need to work on in 2012 – ASAP


    Through out the century, every 30-40 years there is an outcry from people about “needing jobs”.

    When will that question ever change to, “how can we create jobs?” by “minorities”?

    Obama has served his 4 years – 16% of “black” Americans are unemployed. Those that are employed make 20% less than their white counterparts, even at the same job. Has much changed?

    The question for black people is: What date, time and place can we all meet to combine our skills, talents, resources and ideas together?  Why can’t we create jobs for ourselves and for other Americans?

    We built the great cities of America, brick by brick, but now we act helpless. We want unemployment checks, we pour our money into large corporations not owned by just people, we devour food stamps.

    We built Wall St., but we can’t build a smarter banking system. We built America but we do not want to protect our mother country – Africa – from her devastation.  We want to stay safe in our bubbles here in America, and turn the cheek to our families in Africa & Haiti.  We sign up to become assassins in the US Armed forces, risking our lives for a people who don’t even care about us, and watch our fellow soldiers rape and kill our own blood.

    There is no such thing as the Middle East. Look at a map. A real one. It is in Northeastern Africa. Using the name “Middle East” – is just another way to differentiate and impose separation. We are all a part of each other.

    Who are you? What talents do you have? What skills have you mastered?

    If we can not stand for what is right and be willing to act for the future of our country and the next generation; what will the future be like?

    Did you just go to college, graduate, get a comfortable but shitty job simply to get out of the hood and move out of your parents basement? Is what yours is yours?

    We can actually lead a life changing life for the good of everyone.  Let me know the date & time, I’ll be there when y’all are ready.