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  • eating electricity – electric & alkaline foods


    Written by: Nikoya | Download the Book With Meal Plans

    What is electric food? How does eating electric foods benefit the body?

    An electric food is food that is completely natural, completely ingenious of the Earth and 100% living.  Our bodies are alive, which make human beings dependent on a living life force.  Energy makes us move. Electrical food animates our electric bodies.  Sadly, about 80% of the common foods that are the norm in the American diet is not electric.  To top it off, almost 93% of the food that makes up the normal American diet is not even real.

    Most of us are overweight because we are starving on a cellular level.  Why? It’s because we are not receiving the proper vitamins & nutrients that we need.  When this happens we continue to eat, because our biological system is still in need and this causes us to become overweight.

    The nutrients we need are not in the proper form from most of the foods we eat.  When these nutrients are listed on the nutritional labels, typically on “organic” labeled foods – these vitamins & minerals most likely are not in the proper state for which our bodies can assimilate (meaning we are not absorbing the nutrients we eat)!

    93% of the vegetables and fruits in a typical American diet are hybrids.  This means they were created or engineered by Man.  Hybrid foods do not produce seeds to naturally recreate.  Hybrids are sterile. Erectile dysfunction central. Flaccid.

    These foods are not indigenous of the Earth.  Hybrid foods are also highly acidic.  High acidity, which is the opposite of alkalinity, causes a block in the absorption of nutrients on a cellular level.  Imagine a gas tank full of debris.  Hard, calcified debris. This is your body on the average American diet.

    This is not a educational-how-to post.  I am very upset and very hurt of the realization of this.  America has created a whole system that sets up the people for dis-ease, stress & bad health.  It makes me sick.

    However, removing ignorance from the mind solves all.

    It saddens me because the Vegan – even though beyond their pure effort & honest discipline, still inhales things that are no good for them.  More than likely, they may even consume more hybrid and pseudo-foods than the typical meat eater. That’s depressing.

    What are some examples of hybrid food? The carrot, the grapefruit, seedless grapes, the orange orange, the pale potato, almost 80% 90% of the worlds corn & rice, almost 95% of the large tomato (except the small cherry tomato), the non-whole-grain wheat, the soybean... and the list continues. Find yourself allergic to certain fruits? Allergic to soy? Allergic to wheat? Allergic to gluten? Allergic to the orange orange (like myself)?  You are not weird. It's just your body's way of rejecting what is not natural.  It signifies that something is not right. Learn more about all of this in the complete guide. Many Vegans chow down on tofu, which is made from the genetically engineered soybean.  They believe they need it because of "Protein".  However, what they do not realize is that the essential amino acids that make up the cellular strand of "protein" is not in the proper state for the body to assimilate in tofu, nor the soybean.  Same with the black bean, due to the acidity (anything above the pH level of 7 is alkaline).
    Studies have shown what happens to the body when cooked foods are consumed.  The number of white blood cells dramatically increase when you eat anything that is cooked.  White blood cells attack anything foreign in the body.  They grow in number when something new is introduced into the body to protect the body.  So if this happens simply when you eat cooked food, imagine what happens when you consume a diet of synthetic, processed and non-natural foods. Think about it. There is plenty of iron in a rock, right? But if you ate it, the iron inside is oxidized.  The body can not assimilate the iron in that state at all. The damage that capitalistic civilization has placed on the people of the world is disturbing.  And it is only getting worse.  If we do not have access to real food, we will starve.  We will not grow properly.  We won't have enough mental megahertz to really understand what is happening in the world. My Teacher has opened my eyes and I owe much to his dedicated service to the world.  His contribution has renewed my mind. "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." That passage in the New Testament was not a fairytale.  If we are open to renew our minds, we can make a sudden change in our lives, "in a twinkling of an eye... they will be caught up & transformed."  I believe knowledge was what that passage was referring to. So how do you begin the path to wellness and start an electric diet? Many readers of this site have inquired about more details regarding this life changing way of eating.  Most of the information you need is in the following on-going series, starting from a deeper explanation of what the diet entails, how to start it, and what exactly to do:
    1. What is the Electric Diet?
    2. How to start the Electric Diet
    3. The purpose of fasting - an essential step when starting the Electric Diet
    4. Identifying Electric Foods
    5. Fasting to cleanse the body and remove toxins
    6. Starter list of Electric Foods
    7. Electric Food Diet - Meals & Recipe's For Beginners *New*
    8. Electric Foods for healthy hair
    9. The root cause of sickness and disease

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  • How Your Past Live(s) Impact Your Life Today


    There is a teaching that life is a current cyclical judgment period, a period that we must endure and bear a yoke of for past iniquities.  I am digesting it and need to organize my thoughts by writing this post- which others may benefit from.

    The book of Ecclesiastes is heavily used to under-gird this concept:

    Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.  There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after. – Ecclesiastes 1:9-10

    Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new?

    This  sentence is setting the tone for the premise that spirits are included.  When Solomon wrote this passage he did not discriminate or specify, he said: is there any thing new under the sun.

    Hell is simply a condition of life

    Good people endure bad things in life, this is common. Since hell is not some fictitious realm we go to be punished- your past life(s) is directly related to the challenges and trials you endure upon the Earth in this current state. Our lives are actually what we previously thought of as “hell”; and your life’s condition is a sentencing that was given to you at judgement.  That judgement happened immediately upon your death.  When you died, you got judged, then you came back to live out your sentence after a period of resting in the grave.  The realm of “hell” does not exist.

    Everyone has came back to the Earth after death

    Everyone who has lived and breathed in the Earth realm has been here before. Nobody is “brand new”.  Christianity does not teach this but it was initially well known, even before christianity was formally founded the Pharisees asked John the Baptist if he was Elijah. Despite him not having the remembrance, it was Jesus who confirmed that he was indeed Elijah.  Beyond that, there are many who were prophesied to come back- Joshua, Moses, Elijah, Peter and even Yahawashi Mashayach too.

    The spirit in which you are has faced a judgement from a prior life, and you are here now to live out that sentence. Part of that sentencing involves an assignment to find your purpose and a lot of what you do in your life will again be judged.  A grace period is given in each life as a time period you have to get in line with where you should be spiritually in your current incarnation. If you don’t evolve beyond prior to the grace period, you will come back again (if there is time).

    These points must be told and shared. Time is short and we have to stop being foolish by lingering in Babylonian Christianity.


    When you have your eyes opened to the truth, you can spot pacification and lies at a first glance.

  • Written by: Nikoya

    politician-holding-united-states-flag-series-anonymous-african-american-front-variety-concepts-props-45043734When we are in our first years of life, the simplest activities captivate our minds and keep us engaged for long periods of time. Toddlers have devices and toys that they play with. Elementary age kids have their toys and games. Teenagers have age appropriate activities that keep them stimulated and occupied.

    When adults reach adulthood, those same games, activities and toys are not that fun anymore. Adults at times can even marvel when looking back, in amazement that those simple things kept them actually entertained as a child.

    This methodology of life is not something that human beings just “made up”. This is an example of a natural law- a law of human development. This law does not stop effecting you once you reach adulthood, however many adults abort their process of further advancement in all categories of life.  They absorb and submit to systematic ideologies and default to the “conditioned” thought patterns within all areas. Instead of becoming independent, self-actualized, well-rounded individuals, they submit to conformity and normalcy. They drown themselves in a abyss of pointless routine, “jobs”, weekend wishing, and bills; while collecting excessive habitual acts of pacification. Basic pacification consists of consumerism, American dream chasing, eating, drinking, and seeking joy from primitive forms of entertainment and pleasure, such as watching “professional” football, basketball and any other glorified, conditioning system of “entertainment”.

    There is one group of people that have fell for believing the systematic lies the most, and that is my brothers of the hue-man origin (men of color). These systematic methods of conformity were created to keep you from occupying your highest level of self-actualization. It is not here for you to occupy your time, make money from, aim to participate in, or use as a “platform”.

    You would be surprised to know that this entire system, particularly the American system of conformity, was created to keep you a dead man walking. It is not here for your success and never was. This post is for you.

    Bare with me, I am going somewhere with this. If you can force yourself to continue to read this post despite the pain, then there is hope for you as a man.

    In this series I want to discuss 4 types of black men.

    4 types of “Negros”.

    4 types of living corpses.

    4 types of kings who don’t know who they are.

    4 types of mentalities that are the root which block the full potentials of an entire nation.

    The Comatose Uncle Tom

    There was a recent act by a professional spandex wearing, pig skin catching, biracial man who initiated a frenzy of discussion among black men. Many see his act of not standing in allegiance as a statement of bravery and even a stance against un-equality. Some feel he was simply exercising his 4th amendment right (which is absolutely absurd – FYI black people: you have no “American rights”. The constitution and its amendments were not written for you; you’d know this if you read it in it’s entirety. You are a natural citizen of the land, not a citizen of America! Stop exercising your ignorance and parading your lack of wisdom.)

    A perfect example of the Comatose Uncle Tom is Allen West. He recently wrote the perfect and most exemplary post entitled, A Message From A Non-Oppressed Man to Colin Kapernick…”.  His post not only demonstrated the deficiencies in West’s development in multiple categories, but perfectly shows the mentality of the typical Uncle Tom.

    West is a Veteran, a proud US militarian, a football lover and a proud “citizen” of America. His conditioning is so deeply embedded into his cognitive language and paradigm, that he has willingly joined hands with his enemy so long that he bleeds red, blue and white. I will also note: for a man who uses phrases as “enjoying a thrilling game… a college game..” three times in an opening paragrapgh, there is obviously not much substance here in his mind, within the category of knowledge, wisdom and awareness. Yes, I am saying that if you can find the primitive game of college football “thrilling” you obviously aborted your human development many years back, hence my opening analogy.

    First, for West to be a man around 50 years old plus, he comes from a generation which has more oppression related scars than myself. For him to refer to himself as a “non-oppressed” man in the title of his article, is deeply disturbing. Are you not a black man living in this land where innocent men who look like you were lynched, castrated and denied opportunity for years? Are you not from the same neighborhood where MLK preached and delivered his messages of freedom? Or do you believe that since you live in America and have served this countries forces, that you have made some positive contribution to the advancement of the nation of your people?

    You are the Comatose Uncle Tom because you cannot even see your oppression. You may never self-actualize because you are so joined with your systematic enemy, that you call someone attempting to make a statement of justice (despite how lacking) ignorant? The Comatose Uncle Tom will often use scripture out of context and imply his meaning of the text versus executing sound exegesis. Uncle West attempts to quote King Solomon, Proverbs 17:28 (NIV): “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues;” implying that Kapernick is stupid, should have kept quiet and has let everyone know he is a fool.

    What an ironic choice of scripture, because it actually is talking about one with a mind like his own.

    You sir may certainly have the right to sit upon your “fourth point of contact” when the National Anthem is played but never forget, you live in a nation that has provided you the privilege to have that right. – Allen West

    There is a right and privilege, as a black individual, to stand in allegiance with their systematic oppressor? This is a memo that I must have missed! I had no idea that it was a privilege for us to endure discrimination, peace of mind to walk outside, denial of loans, denial to serve the corporation which is America (corporate jobs), be taken from our own land to serve and build another man’s, watch my fellow mothers morn over their deceased sons, watch over 56% of my brothers get incarcerated, and tolerate the penetrating ignorance that is a cloud over my peoples head by day and the thick darkness at night. What a glorious privilege!

    Perhaps you should stop trying to make victims and admonish people, black people, to be victors — try it, and you may find that more satisfying than your insidious action and word vomiting.  – Allen West

    And how would you recommend a professional spandex model to make victors of his fellow black people, West? By joining the US army and becoming the “first black X, Y, Z”?

    By taking the hand of the oppressor and deny the fact that they are the true child of God living under the control of an enemy?

    In your mind  you believe he should have stayed quiet because to you, he doesn’t know oppression as a 1% millionaire, and could be walking on all fours in an African jungle somewhere instead?

    Right. Because it is a privilege to be a servant in your masters kingdom. It is a privilege to be a mule grazing the pasture for the masters glory.

    If you want to know about oppression of blacks in America, past and present, how about you ask Rep. Nancy Pelosi of the San Fran Bay Area about the policies that decimated the black family? Maybe you can cross the Bay over to Oakland and ask Rep. Barbara Lee about the 13 to15 million black babies killed since 1973, and ask her who is Margaret Sanger? – A. West

    What do you expect, Dear Uncle West, when you are referencing negroes that are members of the American senate? Do expect those women to be joined hands with the other members singing Kumbayah? Do expect them to walk out victorious with mandated and enforced laws or a rule of actual judgment?

    When you join hands with the enemy you cannot expect justice. A house divided cannot stand. You think that because a person of color holds an office they will be enabled to provide systematic wide justice?

    Satan can’t cast out Satan. So how the hell would a black representative, black judge or a black president render system wide justice in America?

    You should look at who’s been controlling the communities and cities where blacks live. This isn’t not about what America has done; it’s about what a certain group, a political party has done. And your somewhat backhanded comment towards our law enforcement officers — well, wonder how many times San Francisco PD has protected you?

    Dude, if you can’t recognize the homogeneity between America as a country and it’s political parties, then you have a serious case of delusion. America is the macrocasom and the political parties are simply a microcosm. The same is true for the fraternal order of police. The police don’t care about Kapernick or any other negro as an individual, they are designed to protect assets and value. You don’t get support with police power if you hold no assets of value in the eyes of this systematic corporation of America.

    Here is the deal young man. My recommendation is that you apologize. Be a stand up fella and admit you made a very stupid comment. Humbly state that you do realize how very special this country is and the opportunities it has afforded you — and many others. You should take that stand and apologize to all of those who are currently serving in our Armed Forces and those veterans who’ve been willing to make that last full measure of devotion. You see, when the National Anthem is played, it has a very special meaning to us — maybe you should take a hiatus and go over to Helmand Province in Afghanistan and spend a week and understand why. Go over and throw a football with the men and women who enable you to earn those millions of dollars. – Allen Comatose West

    You wouldn’t have any war or harsh environments in Afghanistan if it weren’t for America.  You went to war because America is a global oppressor. This did not earn you any rights or privileges to live in this land.  If only you knew what life was intended to be for you, you would never say this.  This is why you are in a coma. You are a classic Tommy boy. The truth of who you are and what you are created to be would not even penetrate your mind.  The sad thing is your systematic oppressor knows who you are, but you do not.

    The American flag has a very touching meaning for those of us for whom it will drape our coffin — as it was for my Dad…and it will be for me. That song defines who we are as a proud and exceptional people. This is a land where so many dream of coming to and earning the title of American. Your actions were shameful, disgusting, despicable and disrespectful.  – Allen West

    The American flag means nothing but destruction. My grandfather is a Veteran resting in peace right now and when I saw the flag on his coffin, it represented a man that endured pain, demonstrated obedience and portrayed dedication. Not to a country, but to a family.

    When the National Anthem is played, I salute because I am a black man born and raised in the inner city afforded the opportunity for greatness in my own right. – A. West

    The Comatose Uncle Tom typically thinks for none other than himself. Collective thinking abilities do not exist in this type of mind. It’s his reality and his experiences and that’s it.

    This is chronic case of a black man who halted his human development in the categories of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and collective community. For one to quote scripture so out of context, I’d include spirituality as well.  He must have over consumed his allotted intake of college and professional football, finding solace in this form of pacification, leaving him blind to the realties of the world around him and others in his generation.

    The other 3 sleeping negro types will be discussed in the next post. I need a break.


  • Watch Hour – You Can’t Afford To Sleep


    Written by: Nikoya


    I’ve had a rough awakening recently and I’ve learned that I must be about my Father’s businessIf you’ve read my website over the years, you may see a change from here on. I have moved through the 6th dimensions of faith, and am now in the 7th dimension- a dimension where truth abides in me through the Holy Spirit with out question, resulting in manifestation.

    God has always spoken to me through dreams since a child. I had a dream early this morning after a previous day of edification (praying in the spirit) that symbolized a wake up call that can be applicable for all individuals on the earth whom has been chosen by God to establish his kingdom on the earth, but are not working towards their assignment.

    I was in a community house or boarding house with several other people. Something happened causing all of us to die. The first half of the dream was everyone trying to come to the conscious reality that we were in fact dead, and could not manipulate or did not have functionality of the physical world any longer due to death. One by one we all began to realize that we were dead, when we saw other spirits outside of the house who had been dead much longer than us.

    Somebody prepared food. We all ate like pigs. Shortly after, we went to the bathroom one by one vomiting up all that we had just eaten. The younger people in the house had diarrhea. I woke up and didn’t know what it meant, and kept wondering why the death in the dream was not painful or concerning, but the eating and vomiting part was so disturbing.

    I prayed and meditated.

    Eventually God nudged and said, “The death was an analogy for the mind and the level of consciousness  everyone had. Your spirits were asleep. The level of understanding you all were operating from was at the lowest, soul-ish level,” He continued, “The meal symbolized how soul-ish, spiritually dead people devour My Word & message. But because you all had no capacity to understand, because you were spiritually dead, your bodies rejected it.”

    And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.” – Romans 13:11


    I said to myself, “Why were these people vomiting, one after another, almost like they were relieved to do so and comforted by the fact everyone else was vomiting?”

    “Because once My Word tries to take root and nourish the spirit, the soul (mind/self) rejects the work (digestion process) and is relieved to stay in its original state, because it is familiar, safe, easy and comfortable. I need greater works to be fulfilled on the earth, and real generals of those whom I have chosen. There are those who are chosen that have fallen asleep, just as the disciples fell asleep the hour before they crucified My Son, when they should have been watching and alert during that hour.”

    He showed me that and I was blown away. We each found solace in the fact that everyone else was doing it- rejecting the word, reverting back to the old state of mind, turning back to our old habits and conforming using old strategies, all which keep us from doing the work of the kingdom to our greatest level.


  • Written by: Nikoya

    A conversation with a close friend of mine, who works in law enforcement:

    Me: “Do you ever ask yourself where we come from, like, the origin of man as a species?”

    Friend: “No.”

    Me: “Why not? You’ve never been curious, ever?”

    Friend: “Why? What difference is it going to make in my life to know where the origin of Man is or how we came about?

    Me: “What difference would it not make? Maybe in your life you wouldn’t see why it would make a difference, but it can shed light on a lot of problems and solutions we face today. Sometimes when we know why things are and who we are we can make wiser decisions.”

    Of course everyone is not going to be into the same concepts and subjects as you are, this I know, but for some reason his response intrigued me. You’ve never wondered why we are here and where we come from, ever? If not even for a second, how can you possibly be living a conscious life?  What is your life about?  Working a job, paying bills and then death?

    The root of police “brutality”

    usa-california-shootingWhen you have a Mac or an Apple device, you never get a virus, malware attack or a Trojan. The Macintosh is the original computer, made to function in a superior manner better than any other device. Mac’s don’t need Norton Anti-virus or AVG Security. A PC is an imitation.

    When a PC attains a virus it can compromise your personal information and also block you from executing the most basic  functions. The computer will simply act crazy.

    When you have a computer virus or a cyber attack, all you see is the manifestations of a crazy acting PC, when in actuality your computer was probably exposed to a corrupt file or a Trojan much earlier.

    When you have a broken system, manifestations of that broken system will trickle down to the bottom level of functionality.

    When your PC has a virus, eventually you will not even be able to use your mouse on your computer in the right manner.

    Police officers and fraternal order of police are the lowest functionality of our justice system. Our justice system and “government” has been corrupt, saturated with viruses and “Trojans” for quite some time.

    We cannot expect proper functionality from any level under a broken system of justice. That would be against the natural laws of order.

    The history of this national regime was built on blood, death and a fake systematic protocol of fictitious wealth. We can never be Mac’s under this constitution.

    The importance of education for inner liberation

    We need to stop looking outward for a solution. There rarely is a solution for what is not right to being with.  With all of the “fall’s” we read about since the origin of man (use Genesis if you must, Egypt, Roman Empire, etc) we seem to believe that our current system is exempt from a “fall”. Child, please.

    We need to start with ourselves as individuals, educating and renewing our minds with right information.

    Regurgitated, factory education that we learn in public and private schools is not what I am talking about. I’m talking about authentic, solid information from sources more advanced and older than ours.

    Police-confront-a-protest-012When you know who you are, you then know who can help you access right information. For black people, get on the Kemetic learning journey. Learn your root history- Nope, not MLK and Amistad. Not the his-story another man of this same era has written for you. Start in Sumeria, Egypt, so-called “Africa”.  Find your root source and expound.

    I started theologically and expounded out. A foundational knowledge of Ancient texts (bible, Koran, Sumerian tablets) is imperative to overstanding everything else.

    If we can’t even decide on our name, what to call ourselves (am I black? African American? Negro?) how do we expect to be treated by others? How do we expect to be factored in properly in American statistics?

    We need to have some self identity in order to move past the so called injustices we experience. Knowing who you are instead of allowing another culture or society to label you, will steadily stir others from their sleep around you.  Wake up one man at a time, so we can collectively move past this tragedy of corruption in this era.  Reboot your hard drive and upgrade your informational sources to accrue more mental megahertz for overstanding.



  • Making an impact


    Written by: Nikoya

    People talk about changing the world all the time.  The phrase is used very loosely and in a vague manner.  I wonder if the people that say it and have it in their twitter bio’s, list it on their websites, or have it on their goal list, really have a game plan to actually make an impact and change the world.

    If you are reading this, I bet you are one of those ambitious people.  A true desire to change the world and make an impact can be planned for and attained with a little directed effort. Tell me before we move on, have you made a lasting impact?

    The 12 kingdoms of the world

    We live on the physical Earth, and we live in the spiritual realm within the world.

    In our world, there are 12 kingdoms and within each kingdom there are systems that are in control.  What I’m talking about is like the biological kingdoms (fungi, plantae, animalia, etc.) that we learn about in biology, for people who are trying to attain self-actualization.

    Each system breaks into different fields, industries and disciplines in which human beings can specialize and master.  Examples of such would be the medical industry, the field of psychology, etc.  After industries and disciplines we have 5 firm institutions: government, education, church, economy and family.  Within each institution there are communities.

    The family unit is the primary institution that we all experience a beginning foundation.  Our families, no matter how big or small, are the foundation of many of our life experiences and perspectives.  Education is the second foundation that we all experience.  If our education is screwed up, then we must re-learn and re-program our minds to get sound education and knowledge.  Most of the education we receive today is screwed.  Sorry.  The conditioning of the educational system is based on work and learning "how to execute tasks".  We are trained to get skill based jobs, but lack a thorough comprehension of sound teaching of concepts, wisdom and analytics.  Universities, minus the Ivy leagues, teach you skills (many of which may be irrelevant after you graduate) so you can get a skill based job.  Since the educational system is skill based, our ability to understand concepts and systems are deformed.  By the time we get to the institutions of church/spirituality, we have no ability to comprehend the information presented.  They are just fables or stories at that point.  We may recognize the stories, words, and rituals, but we have no authentic comprehension from this institution at all.  We are too "logical" or "black and white" at that point.  Spiritual matters have a harder time to permeate our minds because we have word recognition but no comprehension of what is said.  If we do not have comprehension or understanding, we will not have any manifestation of change on that level as well.

    Once mastery is attained in each level, you then move up in influence.  If you cannot positively improve yourself, you will have trouble positively affecting your family.  If it is hard to affect an industry, it will be the same with a kingdom, thus the world.  If you do manage to bypass a level or system, your success will not be long-lasting and your impact may be tainted.

    Knowing why you are here

    Making a lasting impact also requires knowing why you are here.  Knowing why you are here is part of purpose.  Being effective in making a worldly impact is intertwined with the reason why you are here.  The great news about it is that we each have a huge purpose and contribution to make with our time here on Earth.  We did not incarnate to have some lowly, tiny, small purpose and contribution.  We each have something huge to share, for it is the reason of life to begin with.

    It starts with one individual.  If you can renew your mind and discover who you are, you are 10 steps ahead of many people, communities and institutions right there.  If you were to ask the average person who they are, they will tell you what they do.  Who you are is not what you do.  Who you are speaks of your identity.  You identity exists no matter what your occupation is.  You can change your occupation many times in life, but what is your identity?

    You don't have to look outside of yourself to determine identity.  That starts from inside.  It is the most important.

    If you don't know your identity, how can you ever make a dent in the world?  It's called I-DENT-ity for a reason 🙂

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  • Written by: Nikoya | Update: Regeneration Proves You’ve Been On Earth Before! (Read Me)

    You may be thinking upon the first glance of this title, “Wow, this content is off the wall- ridiculous,” or “every time I visit this site the content gets weirder and weirder.” When you honestly ask yourself the question at hand, “are you a celestial being or a terrestrial being?”, what comes as a first response? Laughter? Reflection? Consideration? A quick brush of the escape button? Mouse click? A terrestrial being has their nature of origin coming from the Earth. A celestial being is the opposite. Celestial meaning: to come from another realm of existence, of non-earthly origin.

    This article is for those who want to explore, so let’s take an honest look. What are you really: a Terrestrial or Celestial?

    1. Do you find yourself thinking and reflecting on experiences or concepts that you have no knowledge about?

    Find yourself drawn to a certain era in time, in the past, like the Victorian era other Ancient Egyptian dynasties periods? Do you have strong interest in certain ways of dress, or concepts throughout your life? Do you have a strong obsession about mysteries of today’s world, like aliens, UFO’s or life after death? If one of these statements strike a chord with you, it may be more than a simple coincidence. Sometimes little intuitive interests and random inclinations in our lives can teach us about ourselves.

    2. Do you find yourself contemplating what is beyond the human plane? Find yourself drifting into different "time zones", waking up on the "wrong side of the bed", asking yourself a series of philosophical questions more than 3-4 times per month, and/or "day-dreaming"? This is a common sign that many celestial beings deal with. We find ourselves floating and leaving our mental houses at times, only to be jarred back into reality when our attention is called. It is also easy for celestial natured beings to believe in things that are unseen or unknown to the average human eye.  They have a natural intuition and may even have an "unveiled eye".  They can see things that belong to the spirit world; things of heavenly nature.  Terrestrial beings are known for "believing when they see it", "I have to see it to believe it". There are several elements that we know exist because we can see it and feel it, like water for example. We know water exists.  But there are other elements required that we can not see that have to come together to bring forth what we call water.  When 2 particles of hydrogen comes in contact with 1 particle of oxygen, water comes as a result.  We can't see hydrogen and oxygen, but we have the evidence that confirms their existence when they come together to form H2O (water). Just because you can't see hydrogen and oxygen before they combine does not negate their validity. It's the same with things of celestial and spiritual nature.  Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not real. 3. Re-occurring feelings of there being more to life than you are presently aware. Modern day experts call this "depression" and may even diagnose you with "X, Y and Z" syndrome. In contrary thinking, these feelings could simply be a sign of your true nature longing for interaction and fulfilment. 4. Genuinely more aware and mentally active at night. Being celestial is connected with heavenly concepts, including things that is related to space; the moon, the stars and the universe. It refers to all things ethereal and immortal. Those who are of celestial nature will experience different feelings at night, from time to time. They receive energy from viewing the planets, the stars and the moon. Celestial beings experience an increase of mind activity and an heightened psychic energy in the late hours, between 2-4 AM. 5. Tendency to suffer a great deal of humiliation, depression or heartache.
    Sometimes fueled by the thoughts of being "different", celestial beings encounter much heartache and depression in their lifetime. They experience a lot of sadness due to a surplus of emotions and feelings that they may not understand. Those that are labeled crazy and irrational may not be. Those that have lives that breeze by and have it easy, tend to be terrestrial beings - meaning they are of the Earth. 6. It’s easy for you to realize and acknowledge that there are other realms than the physical. Reason may be your best friend and your companion of choice, but you still have the heart to realize that there are other realms among us. This is a characteristic of a celestial mind. I am a big fan of reason, but I am not a black and white person. For instance, science tells us that there are 19 universes (that we know exist) and over 144,000 galaxies. Your present day planet, Earth, is number 3 in the 19th universe. So if there are that many universes and even more galaxies, it is safe to conclude that there are other realms and even planets that exist that we don’t know about. It is safe to reason that even though you can not see these other universes, you have knowledge of their existence through science. Celestial beings have a easier time wrapping their mind around this, and deducting that there must be an ethereal spiritual world too. Just because some can not see it does not negate its existence. 7. You know that there is something special about the core of the Earth. What if I told you that there was an opening in the center of the Earth that is inhabited by beings? Would you think, "I always had a feeling about that. Things like the Grand Canon make more sense now," or would you say, "and opening at the center of the planet? Child, please... I don’t believe it." You are surely celestial if you do not have to see this to acknowledge it’s truth. There is and opening in the core of the planet that resembles a tropical land. Beings from other galaxies have come there, and they have visited and talked with the educated and the non-educated inhabitants of the Earth. The spirit of the life force resides in us all, no matter human or not, and that is why many of us have been contacted by these supreme entities. 8. You experience strange biological symptoms with change or when weird things happen. I learned a little about anatomy when I was in undergrad, but I was truly enlightened when my teacher talked about anatomy in-depth. The biology of your human body is made up of functions, conducted by electrical impulses. Every intentional or non-intentional movement or impulse made by your body is an outcome of electrically charged cellular ions, that stimulate dendrites (end parts) of cellular nerves in the body. This is where the occult sensory receptor nerves (the biological manifestation of the 6th sense) is located in your body. This allows your brain and spinal cord to pick up certain signals that are related to the atmosphere. Certain instances of this are channeling, knowing what a loved one is thinking or feeling, and even for small things like knowing when someone has a TV on in the house or when someone is microwaving something without hearing it. It’s like the Citizen’s Band Unit. Even though they are miles a part, they receive communication through energy forces and ethereal transmittal. If man can create technology that sends and receives invisible energy (cellphones, TV, radio) what is hard to believe about the brain having the same ability? This is the same way that celestial beings communicate to terrestrial beings too. If you lived years before the TV was invented and you had a friend telling you that he can make people dance, sing and talk on the wall or a screen, you wouldn't be able to believe that. However today, we can see dancing, singing and talking people on TV, PC and iPhone, so we never think about how "crazy" that conversation would have sounded 100 years ago. The same way you pick up a phone to call your human, terrestrial friends, is the same way other celestial beings will begin talking to terrestrial beings- if not so already. Why explore about being anything when I still have a physical body that needs food, clothes and shelter?
    We all need basic things to survive, but these basic needs are not the end all be all. Together we can keep depleting the natural resources on the planet, keep fighting and killing over the natural resources, keep contaminating the environment, keep creating fake, hybrid and genetically modified foods, keep accumulating more material objects we don't really need... but the result is deterioration, death and destruction. The inescapable consequences of human life are just that, but we do have an personal choice. Not too many embark and explore the alternative choice. Instead, most of us stay consumed with politics, building monetary wealth, debating theology, formulating theories and conducting research, buying stuff and as a result contributing a very tiny amount of anything of solid value for society.

    The ethereal (ether-real) realm

    Many people have incarnated on Earth to serve as Avatars for divine celestial energy, which is love. These individuals have the ability to master the body through meditation and fasting, allowing themselves to be governed by spiritual enlightenment. As we evolve, we will become more mental beings. We should put this evolution process first, so that we can experience life in the next era.

    It appears that inhabitants of the ancient Egyptians and the mystery city of Atlantis simply disappeared, but that is not so. The educated and highly intelligent people of those communities evolved into a solid state of enlightenment, causing them to exist on and into another realm where they were exempt from destruction. Many historical people in our era have achieved this, like Enoch, Ezekiel, and Yeshua.

    This phenomenon is similar to the understanding that Christians have, with their literal interpretation of the "Rapture" in 1 Thessalonians Ch. 4 (New Testament).  They speak about how the tribe of Israel (the 144,000) will be "caught up in a blink of an eye" and will be "taken up into the air" right before the great tribulation and all the fire and brimstone begins on Earth.  Even though the Christians are babes in their understanding of this writing in Thessalonians, the concept was watered down in its translation period, especially when it was translated into English.  So it is not all their fault for understanding this poorly.
    This description they have in their Bible depicts an "awakening period" or a quick change that will occur among the minds ones who are chosen or who have been chosen.  It's all about an enlightenment, a change in the mind, and a new vision or glorified level of understanding.  This work in Thessalonians was describing a transition into an ethereal (ether-real) and celestial existence. # Everyone has the ability to reach an intelligent form of understanding if they embark on that journey, because the energy of creation is inside of everyone. Knowing who you are can help you to begin, and knowing your origins is one of the best things to consider. I learned that the best library is in our DNA. When it comes to origins, it’s safe to bet on the unknown. Related Posts:    

    "How To #Win: An Encrypted Code For Finding Purpose, Activating Productivity & Uploading Hidden Potential" is live and available FREE on Amazon on 3/24/15!

  • Are you a spiritual prostitute?


    Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me

    Before I explore the topic at hand, “are you a spiritual prostitute?”, I’d like to reference a disclaimer: this post is not for everybody. This post is specifically for hue-man beings who are on the brink of an awakening. It’s also for those who are evolving into their own open minded education projects and are a regular reader of my work.  One reason why I created 9th Mind was to go deep.  Going deep requires keeping it real. Going deep requires fearlessness.  Going deep requires looking at the facts, history and then projecting it into our future.

    If you do not want to find out if you are a spiritual prostitute, do not continue reading.  What you may learn in the following may be disturbing.  Finding out that you signed up to be pimped by a pimp that knows you in and out, but whom you do not know anything about is mindboggling. You may even go through denial if you are not ready to hear this, because more than likely you are a spiritual prostitute.

    I call it spiritual prostitituion, but ultimately it has nothing to do with a set religion or a particular type of spirituality.  It is about the act of taking your natural gifts, talents and ideas to a system for their benefit (not yours), in exchange for money (selling yourself short).  If you are working for a corporation in exchange of time, energy, talent and ideas, for money, you are receiving half of what you are worth.  The system in which we live is not set up for you to succeed.  This system is not for your benefit, and never will be. Democrat, republican, black, conservative, it does not matter. You are just cattle among the masses, helping to feed a system of greed and death.

    You know you are a spiritual prostitute if:

    + You have new and organic ideas, but instead demonstrate your insanity

    You have great ideas for ways that you can excersize your talents.  They pop up out of the blue all the time.  You write them down as they come.  You think about it.  You keep the ideas in the back of your mind.  But you do nothing.  You continue to go to work everyday.  You keep getting up in the morning simply to spend the day in a box.  You stay unhappy, expecting different results, making no changes, ever.  You find comfort from thoughts like, "I'm getting money!..." or "Thank God it is friday!...."  You complain about your miserable job with your miserable co-workers over lunch.  You repeat this month after month, expecting things to get better.  You make no changes, and as a result: you demonstrate your insanity to the world because you do the same crap daily and have the nerve to expect different results.

    +You have credit cards and other debt

    When you borrow money from a corporate system that is built where the rich are the only getting richer and the poor are the only getting their life sucked out from them - you are feeding into a cycle to keep it all going.  Credit cards are a manifestation of "human" worth in this corrupt society.  Using credit cards birth debt, scarcity and a continuation of a loss of power.  Debt ensures life long servant hood to your borrower.  Debt ensures that you will only go X far in the world. As long as you owe the master something, you are obligated to give him your life. Credit cards are the plastic version of a old metal noose.

    Think about it.  It reminds me of a time when a friend and I went to get cars from Enterprise's rent-to-buy system.  We both could not qualify for cars because we had no credit. The exact words from the representative was: "You do not qualify because you are considered a ghost in the federal banking system.  None of our banks will qualify you because you have no credit history. We deal with many and each one has said no."

    Shocked I replied, "A ghost? How is that possible?  I'm right here, and you're looking at me in the flesh.  I have a well-paying corporate job, working full-time.  I'm certainly not a ghost and I need a car to get to work."

    Days afterward, I was still thinking about that conversation.  I realized that I was working for two corporate entities (America and my employer) and was being punished for not having any history of monetary borrowing.  It was as if I was being reprimanded for just now coming to borrow money.  They denied giving me the "privilege" to give them my hard earned money, for something I needed to continue to keep working for them!

    When we were born, the corporate entity (called America) signed an agreement with a federal reserve banking system that estimated your worth.  You were given a number, and as you evolve that number changes accordingly.  When you work a particular job your income is fixed to a certain amount.  More than likely it is not a true reflection of what you're actually worth, nor worth the value of the work you may do - but is based on how much the federal reserve will actually make off  of what it is you do. 

    This is why basketball players get rich by tossing a plastic ball around, and state agency social workers who save children from death, live off ramen noodles in comparison. If the federal bank can't profit from what you are doing, you won't get paid what you deserve. 

    If you have debt, you signed up to borrow money.  No one cares if it was for school or a loan to get a car.  The fact remains that you are indebted to that debt, and this ensures your working contribution to a corporate society that doesn't care if you live or die. If you are a true hue-man you should work for 2-4 years tops (if you must), save some and start your own business immediately.

    + You have no problem with working for someone else

    If you are one of those people who claim to love your job, love what you do and love to get up and go to work in the morning, congratulations! You've received your reward.  Sadly, people like this may never get delivered from prostitution, because they can not recognize the bondage nor chains they're in.  More than likely, you will never be saved.

    As long as you are still taking your gifts, knowledge, talent, ideas and skills to benefit someone else and their "corporation", who care nothing about you, you are committing spiritual prostitution.  Your talents should be used among your own people, in your own collective community, for the advancement of a new society that places true worth of all.  Not some invisible elite.

    + You are black and think you are free

    Hue-mans (whom I am speaking to directly because they are my primary concern) must know that some of you were here in America before Columbus.  Even those few that arrived from Africa, were on the Earth before everyone else. This means you existed before any of the "corporations", "federal banking systems", "the consititution", "citizenship laws" and anything else.  Naturally, you should first be left to live by the natural laws, and only secondly by man's law.

    Right before the 13 corporations were formed and the constitution was signed in America, a treaty was signed in-between the indigenous people and the European.  This treaty designated that the black indigenous retained the right to live by the natural laws of god, continue to trade among the nations of the world and to live in peace among the newly settled Europeans.  This is why the 2 dollar bill is gone.  It showed the black dude that was  representing your tribe, signing the agreement.

    Blacks were never supposed to live under the american constitutional law.  You are natural born citizens, not citizens of America.  We should have never fallen for a fight of civil rights or joined that movement, because we could not have been given any rights.  Even though we gave over our power and were fighting for "equal rights", it was not the Eurpoean man's responsibility to give it to us.  We should have stayed true to our natural law.  We should have never been reaching out to Man, giving away our power to foreign belief systems and laws of folly.

    This is what Booker T. Washington, founder of my alma-mater tried to teach us.  When you lift the veil of ignorance, you are breaking the chains of slavery- which is simply mental.  We had our own laws. You can still live by them now. You don't need America's corporation, and they don't want you anyway.  The gatekeepers don't look like you and they don't care. If you are black and do not know this, thank God this realization.  It's black and white.  Even white people know this fact now.  It's not just older, white men in corporate, high profile "jobs" that know this either; but young, blonde, clueless workers that happen to get platforms and avenues of influence.  They get their opportunities based off what they know about this.  They write things like this proving that point.

    If you are a "minority" of a darker color working for a minority elite corporation of greed, you are a spiritual prosititute.


    How do you break free from prostitution?  Start by taking your gifts and talents back for the benefit of yourself and those around you. Release the slave mind by reading and educating yourself.  Stop allowing others to profit from your ignorance.  The solution to prosititution is this: continue to work if you must, for no more than 4 years and save your butt off.  Quit, purchase land and start your business. Plant a garden.

  • Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me

    The pineal gland is a pine cone resembling crystal in the center of your brain.

    Scientifically, it is the gland that produces sleep phases by creating the hormone melatonin.  It is often called the third eye, and rightfully so.  The pineal gland has much to offer when it comes to creativity, insight, intuition and thought.  It is located inside of the deep center of the brain, lying in-between the two hemispheres.  Ancient civilizations knew of the pineal gland, and believed that it was the “third eye”, seeing beyond space and time.  In metaphysics, it is referred to as the 6th Chakra; home of the concept of “6th sense”; related to prophecy, revelation and vision.

    The pineal gland is activated by light.  You can feel a sensation in the back of your head, when it is stimulated.  The Egyptians loved the pineal gland.  They drew it on walls, they wrote about it, and created statues of it.


    The Egyptian/Kemetic culture viewed the pineal gland as the “black crystal of creativity”.  They knew that the pineal gland was an advanced organ of the body which was worthy of acknowledgement and daily nurturing.  The “third eye” was viewed as the only sacred function of the brain. European civilization teaches that when the Egyptians mummified a body they preserved all the vital organs, minus the brain.  This is not true.  The Egyptians preserved the pineal gland, and I believe it safe to say that European researchers discovered this gland by Kemetic inspiration.

    What is intriguing is that the “Eye of Horus” resembles medical drawings of the brain, and the number 9.  “9” is the highest number, signifying self-actualization, creativity, power, prophecy and intuition.

    Activating the pineal gland

    Activating your pineal gland stimulates insight, your ability to receive divine inspiration for creative work and the reception of ideas.  There is much you can do to achieve the awakening of the pineal gland.  For one, it is activated by light.  This is a common reason why meditation excercise will begin by suggesting to envision a white light around you or with your body.

    One lifestyle suggestion for activating the pineal gland, first and foremost: eating an electric, alkaline diet or at the minimum a vegan diet. This important because the body can become a nest for contrary energy, like sickness, disease or bacteria.  When we have alkaline bodies, our body is electrical, allowing us the power to activate every chakra – particularly the pineal gland. Fasting is a great way to transition into an alkaline diet, allowing the body to heal itself and its aura.  This is the time to eliminate alcohol, cigs or any drugs.

    Second, apply action towards your creative work each day.

    Whatever your work (creative mission) is, make sure you put it in motion allowing your third eye to be stimulated.  Work with the intentional thought and purpose of opening your third eye.  If you are exploring what your creative work is, meditate instead.  If you want to go deep with this, read Resurrect The Purpose , the digital eBook I expand on this.

    Third, sleep with a dream journal next to your bed with the intention to dream relevant dreams.  This excercise will speak to your subconscious and say, “I’m ready to show the unknown to my waking life.” Just try it.  You’ll be intrigued on how the mind responds.

    Fourthly, study numerology.  Studying a practical system that is intended to show hidden revelation, trains the mind to think in a wise and mystical fashion.

    Not only will you create a determined focus and clear vision for your months and years based on a higher system; you also program the thought patterns to interpret such system into your psychological framework.

    Last, study herbs and holistic elements of the Earth.  There is much knowledge hidden in the Earth, and it is old with wisdom.  The Earth provides all the elements that we need to live our lives to the highest potential.  Even younger wisdom books, like the bible for example, let us know that “there is a balm in Gilead, to heal the sleeping soul.” Certain herbs are known to activate all of our glands in the body.  Likewise there are certain herbal remedies that aid in activating the Third Eye.

    If you’d like to go deeper with me on awakening your third eye, sign up for a private session.

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