Spirits and Angelic Beings Keep Books and Records… on You!

They walked into a festival with food, drinks, music and art; they travelled all day for this one event. “I’m so glad to get out of the city! The busyness was stifling me. Ahhhhh…. Work is just getting more and more demanding,” Luna stated. “I’m just glad I could get someone to come with me,” […]

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Why Making A Living Outside of the Master’s Box Is Important

This blog launched with several posts on how to follow your purpose, make a living on your own terms, and how to break the dependency of having a “job”.  I wrote about the spiritual aspects of working in corporate America in Are You A Spiritual Prostitute? and it stirred a lot of questions from the audience […]

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The Most Overlooked Secret to Success

Written by: Nikoya   People connect jobs and work to success, but these things are external. Success is something that is created internally. Let me explain. Jobs help to make room for your gift to flourish. They give room for professional growth and cultivation. They provide a platform for you to make mistakes while gaining […]

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How to follow your passion and devote your life to it

Written by: Nikoya   “Just follow your passion in life.”  This statement is weak advice. The popular, “Follow your heart.” Is even worse. Passions can be an indicator of your talents, but the story of life rarely stops there. We need knowledge on where and how to exercise our talents and gifts. Those of us who are unsure […]

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Is it time for you to leave the marketplace?

Written by: Nikoya She walks to work on Monday’s, simply to clear her head for the work at hand. She knows that when she steps one foot into the office she will be debriefed on what happened over the weekend, the top priority tasks for the morning, meeting and conferences, and more work demands. She […]

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The oldest profession on the earth and why – Prostitution

  It is classically stated that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. There is a lot of truth to this, but naturally what comes to mind for the most oldest occupations is farming or growing crops and hunting for food. Prostitution is not simply limited to the act of sex as an exchange for payment, […]

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Navigating Through Your Assignment – Practical Purpose I

Written by: Nikoya   It takes a lot more training to fly a jet than to drive a car. When we drive a car we have the ability to see most aspects of the road; roadblocks, debri, stop lights and stop signs. Becoming a pilot takes years of training, education and applied practice. Pilots have to know […]

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How To #Win: An Encrypted Code for Finding Purpose, Activating Productivity and Uploading Hidden Potential – New eBook .99 Cents via Amazon

    Don’t read much? Well, if you want some tips on how to be productive in life and in business, download #HowToWin. It maybe the only read you may need all year. I’m offering this strategic little manual for people who want to find out their true purpose in life. I dissect the components […]

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The Thief Who’s After Your DNA

Written by: Nikoya A few readers often email and say that they do not know their purpose, why they were born or why they do what they do each day. It’s a very interesting topic for me, questioning those types of concepts from a young age. A life lived without knowing ones purpose causes life energy […]

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Domains & Realms: How Decisions Affect Destiny

Written by: Nikoya You can’t wonder why you are where you are and leave it to chance and fate. Earth is a domain of decisions. Decisions direct the path of your ultimate destination and influence your destiny. The moment you make a decision everything aligns atmospherically with that goal. Earth is a domain of choices. […]

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