• Life Purpose and Work


    I’ve written a whole lot about life purpose and how it relates to working for a living; just check out the archives.

    Or for a quick inquiry, simply skim through here: (Don’t Get A Job, Get To Work, Why You Should Never Get A Job, Finding A Career That Fits You, & Making A Living and Living Your Life Purpose)..  and there is more.

    Yes, you do have to take care of the body: eat, drink, shelter; in this natural life that is mandatory. However, living solely to mandate those needs is an abomination… living your created purpose is an intentional act and mandatory to a purposeful life.

    So, what happens when you align the needs with purpose? It’s possible, and much in our era enables this ability to take place.




  • Why I don’t buy a whole bunch of stuff


    I may be one of the “Joneses“, but I certainly don’t keep up with the Joneses.

    I’ve never been a big consumer, shopper or trend follower.  That is not to say that I do not or have not had any luxury items, because I have.  I’m not a big consumer type. It’s just not me.

    However, paralleling off of my creating extra income series, I’ve decided to take it up one notch towards simplicity and practical living. Before I had a family, I was a jet setting type of girl who could fit most of her important things in a bag or two. I spent a lot of money on experiences versus things. This damaged my savings.  Now with a Husband and daughter, I’ve encountered the opposite: a tendency to spend more on things. Hence, why I am putting a little more of firm hand on the pocketbook.

    I’ve decided to center in on mindful purchases. If it can be bought second hand, we do. If we can go with out that thing, we do. If we can lower our standard of living, with a specific goal in mind, we adjust.

    Work + Buy + Repeat = Slavery to “stuff”

    Reading the Millionaire Next Door for the second time has reminded me how much I have messed up; economically and financially in the past. Not only did I have a free ride to undergraduate school and STILL manage to get into student loan debt (obtaining study for a profession I have never used in my life) from graduate school prematurely, I never saved as much as I could no matter how much I earned.

    Re-reading that book has helped to renew my mind towards the reason as to why I have kept frugal habits and need to not ever revert to a comfortable, over-consuming suburban citizen. Living a life of over-consumption feels empty and robs you of time and freedom that you can have doing more of the things you love in the future.  Choosing to live in economical simplicity allows you to build wealth, gain more time and my favorite: make money work for you. According to the author, Stanley, many Americans are living and working to pay for things. They are working for money instead of making the proper lifestyle adjustments to make money work for them. The quickest ways to build wealth from his studies are such: - Forget the "save 10% or pay yourself 10% first" 1950's saving tip. He advises to adjust your standard of living down to 1/3rd of your income. Save 50% of your income in order to accumulate wealth. - Invest in major investments. Investment accounts paying dividends, 401K's, stock, virtual currency (Bitcoin.... yas!) etc. Instead of financing or leasing a car, pay your savings or an investment account of your choice that money. Concentrate on generating investments that bring in returns instead of liabilities such as high cell and cable bills, car notes, store credit cards and high interest rate mortgages. - Live seriously below your means. Stanley and his partner found that the most common millionaires do not look like millionaires at all. They drive economical cars that aren't flashy, live in an average middle class neighborhood, their children typically stay in public school... hell, they may even bike to work everyday.  Those who are truly wealthy do not look rich, because they actually are rich in the real world sense of net worth.
    I know that the real characteristic of accumulating wealth is wisdom and simple living. We don't have too far to go in that aspect, my Jones family and I, because we are pretty frugal to begin with.  We are a one car family (and even to this day I regret us financing a 15K vehicle), my husband occasionally bikes to work, we don't have cable, and we shop thrift. I know that we can improve more to increase our savings and supercharge our investments and businesses by eliminating our student loan debt and riding ourselves of that financed vehicle. The only thing that I do not like about living a lifestyle tailored to accumulating true wealth is that people look at what you have now and judge you. It's not that I give a damn enough of what people perceive about me enough to get into debt and kill my savings account, it just saddens me that people are like that. I find this more common among black people. Many are notorious for basing you off of what you drive, where you live and if you're wearing designer clothes. I may be biking to work or driving a beat Toyota, but I do so by choice and that says nothing about who I am. I know where I am going.  

  • Written by: Nikoya

    Ask me how to get your first, quick $100K online.

    We each have assigned industries that we are gifted to share in.

    Each of these particular industries have their own realm of power and influence.

    Thinking more about this, on top of the many questions that I have received in email from others, I decided to elaborate.

    Once we have discovered what our gifts are, who we are and where we are going; we have become 80% developmentally ahead of the rest of the populations mindset.

    Most of the world is suffering from an identity crisis.

    We are a world of people who do not know who we are, where were going or what we are supposed to do when it comes to purpose.

    Some of us are caught up on trying to become the next hot ______, when we should be shooting to be ______ because it’s in our DNA.

    We are chasing the wrong thing.

    Because our minds are lost.

    The works: What to do

    This post is an exploration for those who want practical, step by step information on how you can free up more time to pursue a life of purpose, have influence in your line of work and not have to worry about physical needs such as income.


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    Creating systems and activating scalability is key when it comes to creating multiple streams of income.

    This is what is going to maximize your time exponentially, and change your internal exchange rate of energy to (=) money.

    This is what we want.

    Having an internal exchange solely based on our time to money (hourly jobs) are not scalable.

    Energy = (to) money converts better.

    In a previous post about manifesting income through the power of your mind: are you an Oprah? Can you become an Oprah in your assigned industry?

    I’m not referring to popularity. I’m talking about your internal exchange rate.

    Oprah exchanges every move and energy she outputs for $300 million dollars a year.  She receives income when she is not actively doing anything at all.

    Magic Johnson can sign a $10 basketball and it suddenly increases massively in value.

    But If I sign it (a non basketball star) it’s value will not change.

    When you master an industry, you can create exponential streams and methods for income.

    Worrying about money will be a thing of the past.

    You don’t have to be a Magic or an Oprah.  You can start now, as who you are, and build.

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  • Increasing Income Series I


    Written by: Nikoya | Hire Me

    9-how-to-create-income-passively-todayTowards the end of writing my previous post about creating extra income, I got the idea to start a “increasing income series”.  I will write about my specific journey towards a certain financial goal.

    I plan to closely write about my plans, goals, experiences, financial reports and monetary figures (yes actual numbers! No matter how scary it may be!) as time goes on.

    I want to stay accountable, but also add clarity to the journey.  That is my purpose for doing this series on this website.

    Hopefully when I have completed it, it will be a great help and motivator for those that choose to read and follow along.

    Given that my blog is ranked high for certain search keywords related to electric foods, fasting and growing long, afro-textured hair, I am not sure how many readers will follow along.  Even though I am a life coach that focuses on life purpose and quality of life in every area, I feel that this is very much aligned in experiencing a good life.

    Money is not a bad thing.  The love of money is what is unhealthy by breeding greed.  Money is simply a resource to help us all achieve our God given purpose.

    What is money?  Money is elusive; it is a symbol that man created in order to keep track of how one spends his time, energy and talents.

    My starting point

      Last year I roughly made $63-$66,000.  My income halted and suffered not only due to a high risk pregnancy requiring partial bed-rest, but because I just really took it easy when it came to business.  I say this because I worked at a corporate job until June.  Corporate jobs give the illusion that you are doing something.  But in reality at corporate jobs you aren't doing anything.  It's just faking it.  And making "Joe Shmo" mo' money... While you live paycheck to paycheck. While at the corporate job I neglected my businesses, and in addition to that I was living in a completely different region in the country.  I had to start from scratch with no local contacts or connections. So now, at the beginning of 2014, I am still in re-build mode.  I am a life coach by background and education, but in addition to that my primary new job is to be a wife and mother.  My daughter is 11 weeks old, and I have decided to get right back on top of rebuilding our income.

    My financial goals in order of importance

      The purpose of creating and increasing my income is to eliminate the following personal debts:
    1. Graduate school student loans - $35,000
    2. Credit card debt - $1,086
    3. Husband's jeep - $15,000
    The purpose of creating and increasing our income is to achieve the following personal goals:
    1. Buying a home - >= $240,000
    2. Building a substantial savings account - Exponential
    The purpose of creating and increasing income is to achieve the following business goals:
    1. Obtain office space for Virtuberry 
    2. Hire more staff for Virtuberry - 1 account manager, 1 software developer and several virtual assistants
    3. Increase life coaching income to promote books through travel
    4. Have enough growth in Virtuberry that it because self run, and I can focus on writing self-help/life coaching books and find an agent or publisher

    Plan for increasing income

      The way I plan to obtain this level of income is through growing my life empowerment client list (life coaching), signing more contracts for Virtuberry, marketing consulting, selling e-books, advertising on this website, and 9th Mind empowerment offerings through this site. Last weeks profits are as follows (to really document what I am starting with):
    • Active life coaching business income - $0
    • Active contracts for Virtuberry - $0
    • Active marketing consulting - $0, $220 in progress
    • eBook sales (christmas week report) - $3.09
    • 9th Mind blog Advertising (12.31.13-1.6.14) - $5.20
    • 9th Mind Empowerment Offerings (currently Atomic Access) - $0
    So as you see, my starting point is laughable.  I'm essentially in the red and not actively making any income at all.  I intend to change this and build it back up to what it use to be, without the help of any corporate contracts or jobs I cant stand.  I feel like I have mastered that area and never want to look back. I haven't applied for a corporate contract or any type of job since the spring of 2011- yet I am still receiving calls and offers for opportunities with in the oil and gas businesses each month.  Each of them start in the late $60's, but I know that it is not a sustainable path to wealth, nor is the oil and gas industry my realm of influence. Not to mention, why would I want to cap out at $60-$70?  You're paying peanuts in exchange for complete misery, bad coffee, horrible small talk and a beige cubicle?  I'm saving the company $70-$80,000 weekly as a sourcing specialist and/or buyer, totaling to nearly $250,000 or more on a quarterly basis; and all you can pay is $65,000 with a measly $440 quarterly bonus?  Didn't I just save this company more than my entire salary in just 2 weeks?  I don't think so. One thing I love is this: I can't get laid off.
    My dream is to eliminate my student loan debt no later than 18 months.  I want them long gone.  It has been so long already (since 2007), it is time.  But the ultimate goal is to have fully functional, life changing businesses, that create jobs and enrich lives. Related Posts:  

  • Creating Extra Income


    Written by: Nikoya  |    Inquire about Paradigm 9

    Those that are regular readers of this website know that I talk a lot about not depending on employment in corporate America, avoiding  dreadful 9-5's at all costs, and using your gifts or talents to make money.  I have received several emails asking to elaborate on actually how to make extra income, in a way that will enable people to quit and completely eliminate their sucky jobs.

    Creating extra income is something that we can all do in our spare time.  We all can do it. There is no reason why you should not be earning your own stream of extra income.  For those that have emailed me about making extra money or starting their own venture, I always ask why they feel they have not started off with their idea yet.  The top reason is, "I don't have enough time to get started".

    For starters, you do have the time.  We all have the same amount of hours in the day- and we all achieve different levels of success.  So what is different about those who don't become as successful?

    Prioritize and create the time to achieve daily goals

    Set daily, task related goals.  This will help you allocate 30 minutes, an hour, or 3 hours to get your goal done!  We all have an hour or two here and there. Dedicate time each day to a goal that will get you to a certain growth point.  Know where you are going with your ideas, set a projected outlook and build.

    Simply make time.  No amount is ever too small when you are investing in your own work.  Only 10 minutes?  That's a great start.  I'm sure you spend more time than that stalking ex's on F*ckbook all day.

    Why do you want or need extra income?

    We all would love extra income, but attracting extra income is more efficient when you have a designated purpose allocated for it. I'm not talking about having extra income so you can snatch the next new Jordan's.  That is not a sustainable purpose.  I'm talking about a motivational purpose that is sustainable, because most extra income streams take time and diligence to become substantial.  Certainly a pair of Jordan's won't motivate you long term.  Long term stamina from motivation is what you need to build solid extra income.
    You need a weighty purpose; i.e. extra income to take a year off and travel the world.  Extra income to pay off your house in 6 months...  To eliminate credit card debt...  To pay for your daughters private school...  To keep your children from running the streets...  To keep your wife from working at Walmart after retiring at 65 from her "real job". For me it is to eliminate student loans.  I also want to start more businesses that creates jobs and work that matters.  I want to create independence for my family.  I'd like my husband to quit his job and for my daughter can do whatever the hell she wants in life.

    Design a platform of accountability

    A great way to stay accountable is to create a blog.  Friends, family and strangers will help hold you accountable for your goals once you announce publicly.  It also helps to channel your intention towards a specific thing that you want to bring into existence. Once you declare an intention into the Earth realm, you are giving what is spoken power to exist.  As long as you do not negate the intention, everything in your world will adjust to help it come into reality.
    Words are powerful, and if you are aware of that and speak with certainty, you can design your life.  If you make the decision towards a goal your destiny will reflect a reality that you decided to create.  Your decisions determine your destiny.  If you make the decision to create income that is controlled by you with unlimited potential, your destiny will ultimately be a lot different than if you had never made the decision to begin with. You decided to take the first job offer that came to you, without negotiating. That is why you have a low salary. You decided to marry that guy who was working at Target when you met him.  That is why you can't be surprised to learn that he only makes 25K a year after you got married. Nobody will give you anything; you must make decisions today because it certainly effects where you end up.

    Stick to what you know and love

    Never do anything just for the money when you are seeking long term, extra income.  Once again, extra income that is supported by your gifts, talents and knowledge typically take time, energy and dedication to grow substantially.  To keep the stamina, make sure you are working on something that resonates with who you are. When you do any type of work simply for the money it is harder to keep, maintain and control.  Your goal should be to create extra income that you can control and has unlimited earning potential.  Working for the money drains your energy.  Doing work that resonates with who you are, work that you can love, re-energizes you to do more. There are many dynamics of work that can resonate with us, allowing us to stick with it long term.  One of my businesses, which is a premium outsourcing agency, is outwardly not my passion.  I do not like desk work or work similar to what an IT, or administrative assistant would do.  However, the business model that I created provides value to people by applying tools and ideologies that I am passionate about: saving time, executing purpose, and mastering productivity.
    Within that business I can create systems that my virtual assistants can use with our clients to make their lives simpler.  This enables the client to spend more of their day living out their created purpose, with little distraction! So essentially, instead of only encouraging and teaching people how to live out their purpose (like I do on this blog) I get the opportunity to actually assist people execute their purpose and assignments daily.
    We each have something that can provide value to people.  If you do not know what you should do to create extra income, start by thinking about that first (how to create value for those around you), then build form there. Related Posts:      

  • Mentally increase your income


    Written by: Nikoya

    Many of us are not happy with the return of income or profit that we currently receive for exchanging our time and energy.  There are two popular and practical ways we all generate a living: exchanging time or exchanging energy.

    How you choose to do the trade is your choice, but either way you have a responsibility in increasing your income.  Responsibility is a great word to meditate on when talking about increasing your income. It is your responsibility and only yours, to accept, create change or increase your income and financial situation.

    It’s not your bosses job to do this.  Statements like, “I wish my boss would give me a promotion so I can make more money,” or “If only my company could see what I am really worth and pay me more, I’d be happy,” are pointless to make because you are passing the responsibility of your income to someone else.  This is a passive approach and will get you nowhere.

    It’s not your spouses job either.  Even if you are 100% relying your husband’s/wife’s salary at the current moment, and have no income at all, it is your responsibility if you want more income.  How you choose to create that for yourself has to be taken into your hands if it is your desire.

    A major step for me was realizing my sole responsibility.  I chose to take the revelation that my income was the way it was because I had created it to be that way.  If my salary was low, it was because I had agreed to give my personal power away for scraps.  If it was on the higher end, it was because I had decided to create that opportunity to come into my life.

    Exchanging time for income

    Exchanging time for income is where you find yourself providing little value to people, and as a result you are essentially exchanging your time for money.

    You have to actively create opportunities for yourself to increase your income by increasing the value you provide to society.  You can raise your hourly rate by actively making the decision to provide high value to others and agree to the terms of that exchange.  Contractors, freelancers and even people in corporate America are still responsible for what they work for.

    Many people feel that if they are working a corporate job that they cannot negotiate their salaries and hourly rate.  This is not true.  When most corpse-orations (my nickname for corporations who are filled with the walking dead, drone type workers) give you an offer letter, they expect you to counter offer.  They may not agree with you, but even if they don't their offer will still stand.  Then it is up to you to accept.

    The best approach to raising your hourly rate is to be clear on what you desire.  Have an exact number in mind.  Know why you're worth that amount.  Believe that you deserve to receive it.  Never doubt or degrade yourself or your ability to produce your targeted income goal.

    Remember that when you are operating in an industry that you are assigned to, and you resign yourself to provide your best work, your income potential is unlimited.  Everything you need to be worth what you declare is already inside of you.

    The creator has encrypted the code to your talents and gift's into your DNA.  All you must do is locate the software and upload it into your conscious mind.  Once this divine ability of yours is successfully installed into your mind, and you have made the decision to do the work, everything in your environment will change to accommodate your goal.

    Exchanging energy for income

    Oprah exchanges her energy for $300 million per year.

    She is a perfect example of how once you master time, you can simply exchange energy for income.  A book from a no-name author can be put in the hands and mouth of Oprah, and it is a automatically a bestseller.  A product can be put in the hands of mouth of Oprah- a product which may or may not be particularly special, and it will become huge.

    Anything recommended by Oprah is suddenly a miraculous success. Why? Because that is how Oprah exchanges her energy.  She lives in a realm of wealth and influence, and when her energy is directed towards a particular idea it becomes a success.

    Oprah has mastered her assigned industry and realm of work and influence.

    If I sign a basketball and try to sell it, I would be lucky to scrape up $1 from it.  But if we put the same basketball in the hands of Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson, the value of that basketball increases drastically.

    This is because they have mastered a particular industry, which in their case would be sports and entertainment. They operate in a realm of wealth and influence in that industry.

    Anyone can do this and achieve a profitable level of income.  But why do some people do and others don't? And why when some people try they succeed and others try and never can make it work?

    Knowing who you are is the foundation for exchanging energy for income.  If you do not start there, you could end up building a ladder to nowhere, and never achieving your true desired goal.

    What are you currently exchanging your energy for?  Are you in your assigned industry? Are you operating in the realm in which your purpose was created to serve?

    Why income is important

    Income levels can be a manifestation of if you are operating within your assigned industry.

    Your destiny requires resources, and resources are needed to assist in executing your assignment.  Your assignment is what you are supposed to do once you reach your destination.  Your assignment is the active part of your destiny.

    If I don't have money to eat and have access to the internet, I'm not of much use, for example.  I can do a lot more if I have resources to get things done.

    Operate within your internal potential

    Everything each of us needs is encrypted into our genetic make-up.  Our DNA reads like a book, it is filled with chromosomes which hold specific data about who we are.  Only you can be you.

    Jesus said in the book of Hebrews, "I come in the volume of the book that is written of me, to do your will, O God."

    Not only was he talking of the previous books of the prophets and what they had written regarding His life, but of DNA.  Jesus was making it clear that He was coming operating under the full power of what was written in his internal, genetic code.  He made it clear that it was His purpose for doing what He was doing because He was simply walking out what was alive within Him.

    Do the inner work and awaken any hidden talents or gift you have inside of you.  Make sure that you are operating from the full volume of the book that is written within you in your daily life.  Life is entirely too fleeting to not activate every ounce of hidden potential and purpose that you incarnated on Earth to share.

    Discover your assigned industry.  Master self-knowledge. Move up in the realms of influence.

    Operating under your full, created purpose is the best way to live.  The income and everything else you need to complete your assignment will follow.

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  • Don’t get a job, get to work


    Written by: Nikoya

    We, humans,  were not created to get by in life, “barely make it”, or simply maintain.  If you feel like you live in that realm of mediocrity, please consider that it may be that way because you are a particular way.  Having a job vs. going to work are just like being in poverty vs. being wealthy.

    The solution to not having any money or experiencing poverty is not getting a job or borrowing money, the solution  to poverty is creating ideas and finding access to the right information.

    Working a job that is not connected to your purpose will not put you on the path of wealth or relevancy.  You will only experience frustration and cyclic living of mediocrity.

    The differences between work and having a job is this: work is connected to purpose, work is connected to destiny, and work is connected to your authentic self.  A job is not.

    If you are tired of working a job and want to get out, don't feel guilty about it.  Just choose to press towards the mark of your own higher standard.  Start seeking and learning who you are. This will show you how to find peace through living authentically.

    I had a corporate job once (or maybe a few times, I seriously try to forget), and never were they connected to my purpose or authentic self.  They were never a source of sustainable happiness or security.  The interesting thing about my workplace experiences was that the more I resisted change and also resisted the fact that I had to work at a job I didn't like, the further away from my authentic self I became.  By the time I was 7 years out of college, I found myself working in manufacturing, in an oil and gas business, sourcing raw materials which is used for deepwater drilling offshore.

    That does not resonate with who I am.

    As a previous seminarian, and psychology major, if you had asked me what I'd be doing in 7 years, I certainly would not expect it to have anything to do with drilling gas from underwater.  Granted, it is not a bad job, pays decent for some, and could have been worse, but nothing about it resonates with who I am.  I didn't see myself having a long term future there.

    My destination would have been far from who I had worked up to be, on a mental level, if I had continued to give my time, energy and gifts to that realm and industry.

    This is what I call spiritual prostitution.  It happens when you knowingly take 5 days and 40+ hours of your irrevocable time, your talents, your energy, your gifts, and give it to a kingdom or industry that you are not made to support.  You give this industry the best of yourself, and barely have time or energy for your assigned industry or kingdom, which in my case was anything to do with the mind and soul.  This is done for the simple exchange of currency, and that is all.

    I have mentioned on this site before regarding the 5 pillars or institutions of society (family, church, economy, etc.), and how there is the hierarchy of systems which are connected with various industries.  Each of us have assigned industries that we are to provide our life's work into.  We were created to master our assigned industry, and once we have done that we gain access to assigned systems and kingdoms.

    Thomas Edison was assigned to the various industries of science and entrepreneurship, gaining him access to making an impact on the economy even in death.

    Aretha Franklin operated in the realm of her assigned industry, and became the Queen of Soul, and always will be.

    Tiger Woods operates in his realm of assigned industry and is the best golf player around.

    When you operate as your true self from within your assigned industry, mastery is very possible and sustainable.  This is what makes work connected with purpose.  It's the difference between having a job and doing your assigned work. What you were born to do does matter, it is directly related to the level of sustainable success you can posses.

    If you don't know, there are signs

    Jesus said it best, "you will know a tree by it's fruit." This is a universal law whether you like Jesus or not.  It's  unavoidable.  If you feel like after each year you work at a job or towards a goal and feel like you have accomplished next to nothing, that is a sign you are missing something.  If you continue to work and at the end of each month, season, or year, but you have no fruitful savings or anything to show for your toil, you may be missing it.

    After 7 years, if you are still slaving away in the same way, and have no fruit to show for it, no savings, no clarity of purpose of destiny, no goals being met, no vision, and still are dependent on your employer for everything, then you are living in a realm of poverty.

    7 is a number of perfection and completion.  We experience life through time, seasons, and cycles.  7 year cycles are very important, even in the physical world many concepts related to finances operate in this cycle (credit, bankruptcy, etc.)  If you are still doing the same thing at the end of a 7 year cycle, and you are not impressed with your success, then you need to re-establish what and where you spend your time and energy.

    You'll have to do some work with finding your assigned realm of industry, to break free from spiritual prostitution.  You must start with knowing who you are, or else all efforts are lost.  Get to work on your purpose, and never have to get another job again.

    Interested in life & empowerment coaching sessions? Leave your information, and I'll touch base with you shortly.

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  • Are you a spiritual prostitute?


    Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me

    Before I explore the topic at hand, “are you a spiritual prostitute?”, I’d like to reference a disclaimer: this post is not for everybody. This post is specifically for hue-man beings who are on the brink of an awakening. It’s also for those who are evolving into their own open minded education projects and are a regular reader of my work.  One reason why I created 9th Mind was to go deep.  Going deep requires keeping it real. Going deep requires fearlessness.  Going deep requires looking at the facts, history and then projecting it into our future.

    If you do not want to find out if you are a spiritual prostitute, do not continue reading.  What you may learn in the following may be disturbing.  Finding out that you signed up to be pimped by a pimp that knows you in and out, but whom you do not know anything about is mindboggling. You may even go through denial if you are not ready to hear this, because more than likely you are a spiritual prostitute.

    I call it spiritual prostitituion, but ultimately it has nothing to do with a set religion or a particular type of spirituality.  It is about the act of taking your natural gifts, talents and ideas to a system for their benefit (not yours), in exchange for money (selling yourself short).  If you are working for a corporation in exchange of time, energy, talent and ideas, for money, you are receiving half of what you are worth.  The system in which we live is not set up for you to succeed.  This system is not for your benefit, and never will be. Democrat, republican, black, conservative, it does not matter. You are just cattle among the masses, helping to feed a system of greed and death.

    You know you are a spiritual prostitute if:

    + You have new and organic ideas, but instead demonstrate your insanity

    You have great ideas for ways that you can excersize your talents.  They pop up out of the blue all the time.  You write them down as they come.  You think about it.  You keep the ideas in the back of your mind.  But you do nothing.  You continue to go to work everyday.  You keep getting up in the morning simply to spend the day in a box.  You stay unhappy, expecting different results, making no changes, ever.  You find comfort from thoughts like, "I'm getting money!..." or "Thank God it is friday!...."  You complain about your miserable job with your miserable co-workers over lunch.  You repeat this month after month, expecting things to get better.  You make no changes, and as a result: you demonstrate your insanity to the world because you do the same crap daily and have the nerve to expect different results.

    +You have credit cards and other debt

    When you borrow money from a corporate system that is built where the rich are the only getting richer and the poor are the only getting their life sucked out from them - you are feeding into a cycle to keep it all going.  Credit cards are a manifestation of "human" worth in this corrupt society.  Using credit cards birth debt, scarcity and a continuation of a loss of power.  Debt ensures life long servant hood to your borrower.  Debt ensures that you will only go X far in the world. As long as you owe the master something, you are obligated to give him your life. Credit cards are the plastic version of a old metal noose.

    Think about it.  It reminds me of a time when a friend and I went to get cars from Enterprise's rent-to-buy system.  We both could not qualify for cars because we had no credit. The exact words from the representative was: "You do not qualify because you are considered a ghost in the federal banking system.  None of our banks will qualify you because you have no credit history. We deal with many and each one has said no."

    Shocked I replied, "A ghost? How is that possible?  I'm right here, and you're looking at me in the flesh.  I have a well-paying corporate job, working full-time.  I'm certainly not a ghost and I need a car to get to work."

    Days afterward, I was still thinking about that conversation.  I realized that I was working for two corporate entities (America and my employer) and was being punished for not having any history of monetary borrowing.  It was as if I was being reprimanded for just now coming to borrow money.  They denied giving me the "privilege" to give them my hard earned money, for something I needed to continue to keep working for them!

    When we were born, the corporate entity (called America) signed an agreement with a federal reserve banking system that estimated your worth.  You were given a number, and as you evolve that number changes accordingly.  When you work a particular job your income is fixed to a certain amount.  More than likely it is not a true reflection of what you're actually worth, nor worth the value of the work you may do - but is based on how much the federal reserve will actually make off  of what it is you do. 

    This is why basketball players get rich by tossing a plastic ball around, and state agency social workers who save children from death, live off ramen noodles in comparison. If the federal bank can't profit from what you are doing, you won't get paid what you deserve. 

    If you have debt, you signed up to borrow money.  No one cares if it was for school or a loan to get a car.  The fact remains that you are indebted to that debt, and this ensures your working contribution to a corporate society that doesn't care if you live or die. If you are a true hue-man you should work for 2-4 years tops (if you must), save some and start your own business immediately.

    + You have no problem with working for someone else

    If you are one of those people who claim to love your job, love what you do and love to get up and go to work in the morning, congratulations! You've received your reward.  Sadly, people like this may never get delivered from prostitution, because they can not recognize the bondage nor chains they're in.  More than likely, you will never be saved.

    As long as you are still taking your gifts, knowledge, talent, ideas and skills to benefit someone else and their "corporation", who care nothing about you, you are committing spiritual prostitution.  Your talents should be used among your own people, in your own collective community, for the advancement of a new society that places true worth of all.  Not some invisible elite.

    + You are black and think you are free

    Hue-mans (whom I am speaking to directly because they are my primary concern) must know that some of you were here in America before Columbus.  Even those few that arrived from Africa, were on the Earth before everyone else. This means you existed before any of the "corporations", "federal banking systems", "the consititution", "citizenship laws" and anything else.  Naturally, you should first be left to live by the natural laws, and only secondly by man's law.

    Right before the 13 corporations were formed and the constitution was signed in America, a treaty was signed in-between the indigenous people and the European.  This treaty designated that the black indigenous retained the right to live by the natural laws of god, continue to trade among the nations of the world and to live in peace among the newly settled Europeans.  This is why the 2 dollar bill is gone.  It showed the black dude that was  representing your tribe, signing the agreement.

    Blacks were never supposed to live under the american constitutional law.  You are natural born citizens, not citizens of America.  We should have never fallen for a fight of civil rights or joined that movement, because we could not have been given any rights.  Even though we gave over our power and were fighting for "equal rights", it was not the Eurpoean man's responsibility to give it to us.  We should have stayed true to our natural law.  We should have never been reaching out to Man, giving away our power to foreign belief systems and laws of folly.

    This is what Booker T. Washington, founder of my alma-mater tried to teach us.  When you lift the veil of ignorance, you are breaking the chains of slavery- which is simply mental.  We had our own laws. You can still live by them now. You don't need America's corporation, and they don't want you anyway.  The gatekeepers don't look like you and they don't care. If you are black and do not know this, thank God this realization.  It's black and white.  Even white people know this fact now.  It's not just older, white men in corporate, high profile "jobs" that know this either; but young, blonde, clueless workers that happen to get platforms and avenues of influence.  They get their opportunities based off what they know about this.  They write things like this proving that point.

    If you are a "minority" of a darker color working for a minority elite corporation of greed, you are a spiritual prosititute.


    How do you break free from prostitution?  Start by taking your gifts and talents back for the benefit of yourself and those around you. Release the slave mind by reading and educating yourself.  Stop allowing others to profit from your ignorance.  The solution to prosititution is this: continue to work if you must, for no more than 4 years and save your butt off.  Quit, purchase land and start your business. Plant a garden.

  • Why you are not a success


    Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me

    There are a lot of subjects in the world, that perplex the human mind. The mind itself is still somewhat of a mystery, and not fully understood. We do not know all about how the mind works, but we do know that we have the power to create ideas, when we apply our minds.

    Everything we experience in the physical world started with an idea. You exist because someone had an idea. Civilization began because someone had an idea, believed in it and never doubted it. Nothing in the world is tangible unless someone took the time to create it. Everything we see began first as a thought in someone else’s mind.

    We wonder why certain people grow rich and others remain in poverty. We question the validity of people’s wealth when they grow from rags to riches. We believe that we have to work ourselves to the ground before we become worthy of any success or a reward. Others wonder what the great mystery is in-between those who are a success and why other people are complete failures.

    Everyone who has experienced success in life can say that it required more than time-consuming, hard work. They’ll say that it required centered thought. They’ll say that they occupied their mind with the direct desire to achieve a particular goal of success. They’ll mention that they wrote down their ultimate goal every single day and read it outloud. They’ll say something like, “The 1st thing I said to myself every morning before I achieved my goal was X, Y, Z.” They’ll say that they envisioned and dreamed of themselves achieving what they desired on a regular basis. They’ll say they specifically thought about whatever it is they desired to experience in life, everyday.

    “The reason why some people fail, is because they simply… don’t think.” – Dr. Malachi Z. York.

    We have to think about what it is we want to achieve in life. We have to meditate on the specific goal daily. Human beings are creative by nature. We give birth to everything through the canal of the cerebellum. Certain people work all their lives, very, very hard, and manage to never achieve anything in particular. However, other people that appear to not do much of anything, achieve success seemingly by nature. Why is this? What causes this to happen? No one can say it does not happen, we all see it all the time.

    The difference between those two types of people are what they think about. We become what we think about. If you do not think about this, it is not a mystery on why you too, are a failure.

    The reason why certain people fail in life, is simply because: they just don’t think. I can certainly agree to that.
    I've tried the excersize in my life once, and occupied my mind with a specific goal. I believe that success is when you are moving towards a specific self-chosen goal, applying daily action towards that goal. I did everything I thought was neccessary to move towards my specific goal. At the time, I had just moved into my parents house, after an embarrassing failure in my work endeavors. I had not money, no assets, no tools. I had to pawn everything of value that I owned. I had moved from New Jersey to Florida, in a desperate attempt to hold on to a life that I was failing to create, taking a job with an architect who was 10 times more unstable as I was. I attracted that opportunity into my life at the worst of times, because instability was what was occupying my mind daily. I had manifested the worst scenario for the situation I was in, as possible. This sequence of events, of hard times required me to have to give up and return home; living at my parents houses. Once I hit rock bottom, I made the decision to change my thinking. I completely revised the mindset I had negatively created in my mind. I realized that I had severe issues with the perception of money, work, success and independence. It took 8 months for me to completely zap these horrid thinking habits. After they were killed, I had a complete idea of what I wanted to set for my goals, and how I was going to take daily action to achieve them each day. My ultimate goal and idea of success was to become a wealthy author and entreprenuer. I want to help people, create jobs and inspire people to do creative work. But the first practical goal I aimed to set, was to get out of my parents house. I accomplished that, after much focus and energy by applying my thoughts. I fell into a job opportunity and as it manifested out of the clear blue, my ticket out of Texas was set in stone. Somewhere down the line I did not collapse my mind to continue to revise my negative thinking patterns as they related to jobs, work and money. When I arrived at my destination, eventually I realized that I had manifested a place in real life that was a direct reflection of my mindset towards work and money. I was more concerned with leaving home and getting a decent job, as oppose to healing my negative thought patterns with wealth and poverty. I ended up working at a legendary company, in a completely "new position" that was created out of thin air, but still could not afford to live in the decent area near my workplace. The city in which I had to live, was the epitome of poverty, isolation, individuals with a poor mentality and lack of direction. Schenectady, New York. I had managed to manifest a city that I had never heard of in my life, but was actually a direct physical manifestation of what my thoughts were. Schenectady is a town full of but slum lords, bums, ex-convicts from New York City, mentally ill people, drug addicts, alcholics, unemployed workers and theives. It is the direct manifestation of where my mind was centered around, as it relates to money and work. It was based from thoughts of lack and failure. I've always been the type to constantly travel to town to town upon desire, for new opportunities. But when I became stuck in a town that was a direct manifestation of my negative thinking, I realized I was in-turn changing to match my environment. After I realized that all I could think about was what negativity was surrounding me, the more negativity and failure I drew towards myself. I became stuck physically, in the actual town and in my apartment. It was as if because I was stuck in my way of thinking, I could not find a way out of town either. I had not re-newed my mind to think on what I actually wanted and what I had came to work towards. When I learned that the actual name, "Schenectady", meant "the end of the road and no road out"(a native american name); it hit me. I realized that my physical manifestation of my surroundings had actualized. I realized that I had created the experience of being stuck physically, through my subconcious thoughts which influenced my daily actions. I found it ironic that the place that embodied what I was feeling was in itself named "Schenectady = the end of the road, and no road out." I decided to change my thoughts. I am slowly finding my way home. It's just like the movie, The Wizard of Oz (Frank Baum - the writer also is from right around the corner in Schenectady), when we have a period in our lives where what we were seeking was inside of us the whole time. I've had that moment. I'm living that moment now, even after I thought I knew and understood the power of the mind. It's like how each character; the tin man, the lion, the scarecrow and Dorothy, were each trying to get to Oz to obtain something they wanted and had the whole time. They were applying daily action. They were seeking. They were moving daily, from place to place, trying to reach their destination. However, once they got to Oz they were dissapointed because it was not what they had expected. When they finally met the Wizard they realized that his game was all a mental act of illusion. They each learned that everything they were seeking was inside of them the whole time. It's that simple, a child's story like this sums it up; making us all stop and laugh. It can be the same way for finding success. We each have the ability to manifest success, inside mentally. We just have to actually think, and think wisely. It's not always about taking physical action to me now. Sometimes that sends us on a journey that may have been unneccesary. It's not that we didn't learn anything by taking the road, but maybe we're just giving ourselves a hard lesson on a fact that we already know of. If you are not a success, what are you thinking about? If you are not thinking, then this is why you have failed. But if you have, keep knowing that the power to create success and keep it, comes from your mind.

  • “resurrect the purpose” – book launch



    I have finished writing and editing my first tablet (digital book), entitled, Resurrect the Purpose.

    The publishing method is a little different for this, especially since I do not write much non-fiction.  I try only to write about things that I believe to have something new to say on the topic.  I have a lot to say about purpose and I believe that this writing will be much help to you as an individual.

    I will keep the details on what else is discussed inside a mystery.  For now I invite you to read an overview, and take action.

    The first 100 email subscribers that sign up for the weekly notes from the Ether, will receive the download completely free.