Life Purpose and Work

I’ve written a whole lot about life purpose and how it relates to working for a living; just check out the archives. Or for a quick inquiry, simply skim through here: (Don’t Get A Job, Get To Work, Why You Should Never Get A Job, Finding A Career That Fits You, & Making A Living […]

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Why I don’t buy a whole bunch of stuff

I may be one of the “Joneses“, but I certainly don’t keep up with the Joneses. I’ve never been a big consumer, shopper or trend follower.  That is not to say that I do not or have not had any luxury items, because I have.  I’m not a big consumer type. It’s just not me. […]

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Mastering your assigned industry and creating multiple streams of income

Written by: Nikoya We each have assigned industries that we are gifted to share in. Each of these particular industries have their own realm of power and influence. Thinking more about this, on top of the many questions that I have received in email from others, I decided to elaborate. Once we have discovered what […]

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Increasing Income Series I

Written by: Nikoya | Hire Me Towards the end of writing my previous post about creating extra income, I got the idea to start a “increasing income series”.  I will write about my specific journey towards a certain financial goal. I plan to closely write about my plans, goals, experiences, financial reports and monetary figures […]

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Creating Extra Income

Written by: Nikoya  |    Inquire about Paradigm 9 Those that are regular readers of this website know that I talk a lot about not depending on employment in corporate America, avoiding  dreadful 9-5’s at all costs, and using your gifts or talents to make money.  I have received several emails asking to elaborate on actually […]

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Mentally increase your income

Written by: Nikoya Many of us are not happy with the return of income or profit that we currently receive for exchanging our time and energy.  There are two popular and practical ways we all generate a living: exchanging time or exchanging energy. How you choose to do the trade is your choice, but either […]

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Don’t get a job, get to work

Written by: Nikoya We, humans,  were not created to get by in life, “barely make it”, or simply maintain.  If you feel like you live in that realm of mediocrity, please consider that it may be that way because you are a particular way.  Having a job vs. going to work are just like being […]

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Are you a spiritual prostitute?

Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me Before I explore the topic at hand, “are you a spiritual prostitute?”, I’d like to reference a disclaimer: this post is not for everybody. This post is specifically for hue-man beings who are on the brink of an awakening. It’s also for those who are evolving into their own open minded education projects and are […]

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Why you are not a success

Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me There are a lot of subjects in the world, that perplex the human mind. The mind itself is still somewhat of a mystery, and not fully understood. We do not know all about how the mind works, but we do know that we have the power to create ideas, […]

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“resurrect the purpose” – book launch

  I have finished writing and editing my first tablet (digital book), entitled, Resurrect the Purpose. The publishing method is a little different for this, especially since I do not write much non-fiction.  I try only to write about things that I believe to have something new to say on the topic.  I have a […]

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