The Secret Message Behind Kanye’s Musical Operas – [Mary + Nebuchadnezzar]

  Kanye debuted on the opera scene recently with his first number, Nebuchadnezzar.  Now, after dropping Jesus is King, he has debuted another opera, Mary. Kanye West is trekking territory that he has declared in his first album, College Dropout – but people don’t realize this.

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Before You Consult a Psychic or A Medium, Consider This Factual Truth

  Written by: Nikoya The first king of Israel was a man by the name of Saul. The story tells us that he was very handsome and taller than all of the other men in the land. He was hand picked by God through the prophet Samuel, to be the first ever king of the […]

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Mental Megahertz for Divine Data – Understanding God’s Revelations

Written by: Nikoya Jones Receiving a download from heaven in the spiritual realm is just like receiving one on your computer in the natural realm. You can run your connection on analog, dial up, broadband basic or high speed- but you must contain the right amount of megahertz to support the dimensions of the data. […]

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Dummies In the Realm of the Spirit: Are You Asking For A Sign?

Written by: Someone Who Loves God In the realm of the spirit there are things, which have not entered into our minds or thoughts, standing inactivated all around us. We all do not realize all of the things that God wants to give us in our lives- all for the purpose of His will. Once, […]

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The Mystery of the “Age of Information” – What is it?

Written by: Nikoya   When people talk about the “age of information” what do they mean? In essence, no matter if they are aware of it or not, they are speaking of a concept beyond the dawn of the internet, the time of ever evolving technology or the influence of Google. The age of information […]

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Mastering your assigned industry and creating multiple streams of income

Written by: Nikoya We each have assigned industries that we are gifted to share in. Each of these particular industries have their own realm of power and influence. Thinking more about this, on top of the many questions that I have received in email from others, I decided to elaborate. Once we have discovered what […]

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How to stop manifesting what you don’t want

Written by: Nikoya | Tweet your success story When I stopped wondering when my ex was going to propose to me, and why he didn’t, I finally got the revelation  to leave him alone. When I stopped reading about leaving corporate America for good, I finally was able to leave the dependent relationship we had. When […]

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Negotiating in the Realm of the Spirit

Written by: Nikoya | Schedule a life coaching session When it comes to manifestation, the hard work is mental. In order to manifest something into the Earth realm, you do not need much physical force to make it so. You do not need physical action to make a change in your vibration, atmosphere or even […]

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Mentally increase your income

Written by: Nikoya Many of us are not happy with the return of income or profit that we currently receive for exchanging our time and energy.  There are two popular and practical ways we all generate a living: exchanging time or exchanging energy. How you choose to do the trade is your choice, but either […]

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The work of a life coach

Written by: Nikoya A life coach is a person who specializes in empowering individuals. For me it was strong and simple, one day I just had a overwhelming conviction that I was a life coach. I knew that it was part of my life’s assignment that contributes to my overall life purpose. I’d spent time […]

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