• The Spiritual Roots of Physical Pain


    Metaphysics have given us a collective insight of data supporting spiritual, emotional and even traumatic roots of physical illnesses. In previous posts years ago, I share some spiritual roots for physical manifestation of pain or illness in the body.

    Everyone has different circumstances that cause physical manifestations of pain and illness. Some roots are karmic based; meaning carried on from a past life (usually trauma) or current life trauma/emotional embedding.

    Please bookmark this page for future updates regarding these conditions listed. I plan to elaborate and grow on as many manifestations as possible and equate them to psychological and/or karmic reasons for the pain.

    Keep in mind these references are for those who have been to a medical professional and they were either told they have nothing wrong with them, yet they have pain- or they’ve been diagnosed with something that can only be “masked” by medication, to where if you do not take the medication the symptoms returns.

    The following is for finding the root of the manifestation of pain- not for medical diagnosis purposes:

    Chronic Neck Pain – neck pain is often the result of a metaphysical blockage that is preventing the person from moving forward and achieving their highest potential. This is manifested in the neck region because the individual may be fixated and thus blinded by only perceiving their circumstances from one viewpoint. When we can address why the individual is unable to see their challenge from a different position we can begin to take the necessary steps to unblock this person and guiding them to see their situation from a different angle.

    Chronic/Persistent Headaches – headache roots are based with issues such as unresolved emotions, karmic trauma, stress, pressure/tension, worry and even energetic blockages. It is believed that by addressing the metaphysical root of the headache, one can effectively resolve the issue and create lasting relief.

    Ear Pain/Hearing Issues – Hearing issues can have a direct connection to soul fragmentation or even comprimization. Work should be done to explore potential trauma’s in one’s energy field, aura and past life regression is a strong tool to discover previous life karma.

    Ear pain can be indicative a person not listening to their inner guidance and needs to be more open to their intuition. Individuals with ear pain have more than activated their intuition at one point, a gift we all have. Ear pain can also be a sign of being blocked from hearing the truth or being too caught up in the external world.

    Chronic Shoulder Pain – metaphysically indicates that a person is carrying a heavy burden and is feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands. It can also be a sign of a person’s refusal to let go of something or someone, or feeling a strong need to take on more responsibility than they feel they can handle. These burdens can be karmic or from a result of a traumatic state in the present life or past.

    Chronic Back Pain – back pain that is persistent and unexplained can indicate a sign of a person carrying around a heavy emotional burden. This can be the result of suppressed emotions, unresolved issues, or a fear of not being able to cope with life’s challenges. Back pain can also be a sign of a lack of emotional support or of feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands. By exploring and addressing the emotional issues behind the physical sensation, it is possible to find relief and a sense of peace.

    Persistent Stomach Ulcers/Issues – stomach ulcers can be a sign of an inability to digest the emotions of life – not literally digesting the food, but figuratively digesting what life throws at you. It can be a sign that one is having difficulty coping with stress and emotional turmoil, and that they need to find a way to process and work through any issues that may be causing them distress.

    Chronic Hip Pain – chronic hip pain is often associated with a past life trauma or events that have happened in the past which has caused a person to feel stuck in a certain situation. No matter how they bend their perspective with the logical mind, they just can’t get over what may have happened. It can also indicate the need for one to take action in their current life in order to move forward, or the inability thereof.

    Chronic Leg Muscle Pain – chronic leg muscle pain is an indicator of an individual’s fear of taking a step forward in life. The pain can be seen as an energetic blockage, preventing the individual from taking action and overcoming obstacles. The right leg is indicative of inability to move forward, and the left is a sign of the root emotional blockage being rooted in the past. It can be a sign of uncertainty and fear of the unknown, or an indication of a lack of self-confidence. It can also represent a need to slow down, take a break and re-evaluate one’s goals and direction.

    The body should not have sickness nor disease

    If we have a sound mind, body and soul, we should never have any manifestation of illness. The root of our existence on the Earth is governed by our subconscious mind. If you think you have an energetic blockage that is manifesting in emotional or physical pain, check for a local hypnotist or healer in your area.

    If you are interested in a virtual session to explore what potentially may be the root of your issues, or interested in a spiritual counsel reading, you can also reach out to me and book a virtual call if you are not in the Houston area.

  • Written by: Nikoya Jones

    Receiving a download from heaven in the spiritual realm is just like receiving one on your computer in the natural realm. You can run your connection on analog, dial up, broadband basic or high speed- but you must contain the right amount of megahertz to support the dimensions of the data. Some revelations that God is longing to reveal to you are held back and it is not because God is not speaking.  Sometimes He is speaking very readily, but yet our internet connection is off, slow or interrupted.

    God always wants to reveal more of His heart in a relationship with us. Building up our faith through His word strengthens the signal of our Wifi connection. He has divine downloads for you which have the instant ability to activate applications you can’t even imagine! Your manifestations in the natural are in proportion to your faith.

    Dimensions of Revelation

    Scrolls are a re-occurring object in the Bible, and are often related to encounters in the supernatural or a divine act in which God conducts. Scrolls also demonstrate God revealing His will and intentions before He does something in the Earth or in the Heavens. God does not do anything on the earth without a witness.

    In the book of Revelations, chapter 5, a scroll is described and was one in which no one was worthy to open on Earth.

    In the book of Psalms, chapter 40 verse 7, the Christ the Redeemer who was to come was talked about in a prophecy, and it was recorded there: “Behold, I come; In the scroll of the book it is written of me.”

    In the book of Isaiah chapter 34 verse 4, we learn that the heavens will be rolled up like a scroll; at the fulfilling of time. Again in Revelations 5 we see  that the sky will recede as a scroll and every mountain and island will be removed.

    Ezekiel was told to eat a scroll by God, before he set out to prophesy.

    There is one element in scripture in the book of Zechariah where God presents Zechariah with a set of questions through a divine download. This Zechariah we are speaking about now is the “minor” prophet, who is recorded to be different from the priest Zachariah, who was the father of John the Baptist. His description of receiving a revelation from God and acknowledging the dimensions are paramount.

    God said: “What do you see?

    Note: When God speaks, He is a gentleman. The Holy Spirit wants you to demonstrate your faith and will not force you into a dimension that you cannot handle.

    The prophet answered: “I see a flying scroll. It’s length is twenty cubits and its width ten cubits.

    Note: There was no right or wrong answer here. You will "see" in the spirit, in proportion to your faith. Zechariah was demonstrating the capacity of his faith and acknowledging the weight of the revelation he was currently downloading. Zechariah's answer is significant because her stated:
    1. What he saw: A flying scroll.
    2. The scroll's exact dimensions.
    Many people use the word "dimension" loosely in church. But dimensions are very relevant in the language of God and not just some fluffy word. When you can recognize the dimensions of a divine revelation from God, you have activated the full capacity to contain, process and deploy that revelation. If I pull out an old computer from 1992 and try to connect is to my high speed Wifi connection, it is not going to have the ability to connect. The megahertz do not contain broad enough dimensions to process that connection. We have to renew our minds just as we need to update our computers. We need to ask God for a clean heart and contrite spirit just as we get new technology over time.

    The Dimension of Time

    If we do not have the right amount of mental and spiritual megahertz we can miss the message of God in the dimension of time. There is a time and season for everything, and all things have their appointed time (Ecclesiastes 3). Something cannot deploy before it's appointed time, and even if it is deployed prematurely it will freeze up, halt and crash the operating system. God is saying to us all to get rid of the sensationalism, get rid of the feel good messages, cast down the entertainment, and eliminate the desire for deep sayings and slogans as shortcuts to a revelation. He is searching the hearts to see who is ready for downloads of revelation in which are assigned to this time and this season. Its time to be proactive in a revelatory capacity. Let's increase our discipline of faith so we can hear what God is saying deeply and simply avoid the pit of feeling ministry is just BAU (business as usual).

  • Written by: Someone Who Loves God

    213a81f6-c334-478c-8de7-b4c4b5418a25In the realm of the spirit there are things, which have not entered into our minds or thoughts, standing inactivated all around us. We all do not realize all of the things that God wants to give us in our lives- all for the purpose of His will.

    Once, there was a older couple who lived many years ago. They lived complete and holy lives; in addition to their righteousness, the husband served as a priest and the wife came from a long generation of ordained priests. They never had any children, but that changed, when the wife was very old in age.

    There was a life changing encounter pending in the spirit realm for this couple, and the day finally arrived when the announcement would be given. One day while the husband was giving an offering in the temple, he was approached by a tall, beautiful, celestial being. It was God’s intention for this visitation to occur. The priests eyes were opened to physically see the angel. In the presence of this angel the man was  terrified!

    Do not be afraid Zacharias, for your prayer has been heard…” Gabriel said to him, knowing that the priest was fearful.

    Gabriel is one of the highest ranking angels that God has revealed to us as a created being. You’d think that if you saw him and he gave you a specific message, that you would be able to believe what was said. However, this story took an interesting turn:

    And Zacharias said unto the angel, Whereby shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years.

    And the angel answering said unto him, “I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto you, and to show you these glad tidings. And, behold, you shall be dumb, and not able to speak, until the day that these things shall be performed, because you believe not my words, which shall be fulfilled in their season.” – Luke 1:18-20

    Why, in the midst of an angel that stands before the face of God, would you proceed to ask for a “sign” on the truth of the message given?

    It may be hard to believe, but we do this all the time.

    Zacharias was a man who followed God and he had been praying for a son by faith; but he still needed a “sign” despite receiving this word from Gabriel.

    Why would God give Gabriel the permission to make him dumb and mute? Because words that we speak in the atmosphere are powerful energy to complete what they are (Proverbs 18:21).  We hold the power to call things into existence and into transpiration. A righteous man’s words contain life: in order for God’s word to stay true, God had no choice but to intervene.  The protocol that God has established would have ensured that Zacharias’ words came to fruition.

    If God had allowed Zacharias to speak unbelief for the following 10 months, it would have had a negative affect on the conception and birth of his son. We can guarantee that if he did not believe the message from a being who sits among the face of God day in and day out, that he was full of unbelief.

    John the Baptist, the one who prepared the way for his cousin and Savior Jesus Christ, was the result of that old woman’s pregnancy.

    In the realm of the spirit, there are things, lives, miracles, healings and more, that lie there just in our access, awaiting our faith to call them into the natural realm. Just as a womb is designed to carry a baby full term to delivery, conception still requires the seed of a man to call that baby into the physical womb of a woman.

    When we receive a word from God we should select to trust in Him and believe. The spirit realm is pregnant with many gifts and miracles for us all. Let’s not be a dummies! Let’s instead choose to be the believers who give birth to those spiritual works with faith as our trust, without the constant need for a “confirming” sign.

  • Written by: Nikoya


    When people talk about the “age of information” what do they mean? In essence, no matter if they are aware of it or not, they are speaking of a concept beyond the dawn of the internet, the time of ever evolving technology or the influence of Google. The age of information refers to a specific dimensional realm of our time in which we live in, at a corporal level. This means that the “age of information” speaks of where we are as a whole within humanity – the level of our understanding and processes.

    From the beginning of time, Man was created to live in a multidimensional realm of manifestation.  This is the highest realm that we know Men have encountered upon the earth.  Adam and Eve lived in this dimension.  Access to God was directly available in that realm. Natural dominion over the earth and of the living creatures were possible in that realm. Adam had the full dimension of manifestation inside of his mind. The created animals were called out and named that of what they were, as the very realization of their essence was downloaded into Adam’s spirit. If Adam could think of a “thing”, that “thing” had a place and purpose in existence.

    When the fall occurred, what was first prompted and presented as a temptation? Knowledge. Because knowledge was used as a temptation device, it really leaves us with this: the tainted state of truth and the differentiation of both accurate and inaccurate information.  The truth: wisdom is more purposeful than knowledge.  Adam and Eve already possessed wisdom, but knowledge was presented as a counterfeit of their true Godly wisdom.  Satan said it like this,”Your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

    The “fall” that occurred was a fall from one dimension to the next. Humanity fell from one dimension of wisdom and manifestation to one of a lesser dimension.  It was a fall from understanding and revelation to knowledge and information. In the natural state of humanity, we all reside in the realm of information. Unless we make the decision to get wisdom and understanding, we will only operate from the realm of information, which is a dimension that does not have the capacity to take us into our full created purpose or potential. Even the Apostle Paul said, “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.” – 1 Corinthians 13:12.

    Information lacks depth. Information lacks substance. Have you ever been overloaded with a bunch facts or information about a concept and say, “Ok. Now how do I apply this in my life? How can this information be of practical use in my life?” At that point, we do not need more information because we have access to anything we can ask about. What’s needed for manifestation and progression is revelation. Revelation helps us move on the next stage in our lives.  A new dimension with broader dimensions is released when we have a revelation of wisdom! If we choose to follow the corporal standard, we will continue to stay within the realm of information with no understanding, without progression to the next dimension. Of course this breeds complacency, frustration, conformity and lack of growth.

    Remember we are told in Proverbs 4v7: “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding.”

    In emphasized words this means get understanding in which is practical. Get revelational understanding. Did you know that the one of the definitions of revelation is to make known a previously unknown fact regarding human existence? Revelation and information are two different realms of mental capacity. Many people keep doing the same things and see no progress. A simple revelation can be what you need to take you to one dimension to the next dimension.






  • Written by: Nikoya

    Ask me how to get your first, quick $100K online.

    We each have assigned industries that we are gifted to share in.

    Each of these particular industries have their own realm of power and influence.

    Thinking more about this, on top of the many questions that I have received in email from others, I decided to elaborate.

    Once we have discovered what our gifts are, who we are and where we are going; we have become 80% developmentally ahead of the rest of the populations mindset.

    Most of the world is suffering from an identity crisis.

    We are a world of people who do not know who we are, where were going or what we are supposed to do when it comes to purpose.

    Some of us are caught up on trying to become the next hot ______, when we should be shooting to be ______ because it’s in our DNA.

    We are chasing the wrong thing.

    Because our minds are lost.

    The works: What to do

    This post is an exploration for those who want practical, step by step information on how you can free up more time to pursue a life of purpose, have influence in your line of work and not have to worry about physical needs such as income.


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    Creating systems and activating scalability is key when it comes to creating multiple streams of income.

    This is what is going to maximize your time exponentially, and change your internal exchange rate of energy to (=) money.

    This is what we want.

    Having an internal exchange solely based on our time to money (hourly jobs) are not scalable.

    Energy = (to) money converts better.

    In a previous post about manifesting income through the power of your mind: are you an Oprah? Can you become an Oprah in your assigned industry?

    I’m not referring to popularity. I’m talking about your internal exchange rate.

    Oprah exchanges every move and energy she outputs for $300 million dollars a year.  She receives income when she is not actively doing anything at all.

    Magic Johnson can sign a $10 basketball and it suddenly increases massively in value.

    But If I sign it (a non basketball star) it’s value will not change.

    When you master an industry, you can create exponential streams and methods for income.

    Worrying about money will be a thing of the past.

    You don’t have to be a Magic or an Oprah.  You can start now, as who you are, and build.

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  • How to stop manifesting what you don’t want


    Written by: Nikoya | Tweet your success story

    create-your-own-realityWhen I stopped wondering when my ex was going to propose to me, and why he didn’t, I finally got the revelation  to leave him alone.

    When I stopped reading about leaving corporate America for good, I finally was able to leave the dependent relationship we had.

    When I stopped worrying about what I was going to do with my life, and worrying about what I was created to do, I fell in line with life purpose and destiny.

    As long as you are placing energy into what you do not want- you will create exactly what you fear or condone continuation of what you don’t want.

    The universe is wise, but it takes everything that is put into it for what it is.  If you are signaling vibes of negative flow, you will attract just that.  Like attracts like, and the universe confirms that fact.

    It is said that in 5 different African languages there are no words for the english words, “could, would, and should”.  It’s all about whether you did or didn’t.  The “have-nots” are not talked about.  Wasting time on what didn’t happen is not necessary in their thought and language process.

    It should be the same with manifestation.  Wasting time thinking on what you don’t like or fear, should not be your thought process if you intend to create a positive goal.

    The universe doesn’t waste time reading your mind about what you truly desire if what you direct your energy towards is the opposite.  The universe doesn’t decipher code.  If you are always channeling energy on why something is the way it is, then you are fueling it to continue to be that way.

    Stop reinforcing contrary thoughts

    I got rid of my iPhone a while back.  For me, it was the greatest thing I could have done, and should have done it much sooner.  Why was it a problem?  Because the internet turned into an addiction.  It reinforced my negative thought patterns.  I googled everything.  I read websites constantly.  I was always on the quest for information, and the information was almost never geared towards concepts that were a result of a positive thought.

    Hair not growing? Google why.  Pain in right side? Google it.  Wondering why I can’t find a job? Read forums and blogs by other losers who can’t land a job.  Dreaming about marriage and a perfect wedding?  Log onto F*ckbook and surf your recently married friends profiles, while wondering how the hell they got married before you. Dreaming about becoming a small business owner?  Google how to, read article after article, repeat, but never actually do anything.

    Not only does this absorb huge amounts of time, but it reinforces negative thinking.  Even when a tool is supposed to provide a solution- when you see that it prevents action, it can be preventing you from manifesting what you want.

    Being smartphone free, I see more of how the world is dominated by people probably doing the same thing.  We stare at screens all day, instead of enjoying the present moment in which we keep letting pass us by.

    In other words, one main way to stop manifesting what you don’t want is this: stop reinforcing negative thoughts with a passive action.

    Poor energy into your intended outcome

    Intent to be happy?  You will be happy.  Intend to be successful? You will be a success.

    Put the intention out there and that is it.  Act like it is already true.  The universe will simply align up to your vision- that is what it’s here to do.

    You and I write each verse in our book in this u-n-i-verse.

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  • Negotiating in the Realm of the Spirit


    Written by: Nikoya | Schedule a life coaching session


    When it comes to manifestation, the hard work is mental. In order to manifest something into the Earth realm, you do not need much physical force to make it so.

    You do not need physical action to make a change in your vibration, atmosphere or even your reality.

    Our minds are the soil and foundation of what manifests in the physical reality we live in.

    You may ask, “what is the mind?

    The mind is the house of your spirit.  It’s the compartment of the heart.  “Ruach” (ru-ack), the Hebrew word for spirit/mind/breath, is the root of who you are.

    Knowing that what is in the mind/heart/spirit is what is going to come out in your physical world, leaves no excuses for why things are the way they are in your life- the good or the bad.  Things are the way they are in your life because you designed it that way.  If you want to change something in your reality, start by changing what’s in your mind, one thing at a time.

    You need a physical body to physically change something tangible in the Earthly atmosphere.  This is how God created it to be, and everything that He has created operates under that law.  Disembodied spirits, angels and demons, cannot do anything in the Earth without a physical body.

    Man has the advantage.  We have the physical body, and we also have the ruach.  This gives us power to establish change in both Earthly atmospheres and the Heavenly atmosphere.

    If you are one of the celestial beings, you have even more power to negotiate transactions, make change and obtain manifestation than a terrestrial being.  You have a direct line to the realm of the spirit.

    We have the ability to negotiate in the realm of the spirit in order to obtain manifestation in Earth’s atmosphere.  You can call it meditation, prayer, intercession or a form of declaration within the “law of attraction”.  It doesn’t matter what it is called, but the knowledge and awareness of what you are doing has to be there.  Applying energy towards a specific intention, with access to the spirit realm is very powerful.

    That means you do not have to physically be anywhere to create change.  If you are interceding for someone in Dubai, you do not have to physically be with them to manifest change.

    If something around you is not aligning up with your vision, negotiate in the realm of the spirit.  This is the most powerful skill we can implement into our lives as spiritual beings.

    In the beginning of the book of Job, we read an account of how Satan was negotiating with God.  He wanted to test and kill Job.  They went back and forth about what was allowed to be done to him.  Ultimately, God compromised and said that Satan could do what he wanted, but could not take his life.  If Satan has free access to God to negotiate business, how much more power and ability do we?

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  • Mentally increase your income


    Written by: Nikoya

    Many of us are not happy with the return of income or profit that we currently receive for exchanging our time and energy.  There are two popular and practical ways we all generate a living: exchanging time or exchanging energy.

    How you choose to do the trade is your choice, but either way you have a responsibility in increasing your income.  Responsibility is a great word to meditate on when talking about increasing your income. It is your responsibility and only yours, to accept, create change or increase your income and financial situation.

    It’s not your bosses job to do this.  Statements like, “I wish my boss would give me a promotion so I can make more money,” or “If only my company could see what I am really worth and pay me more, I’d be happy,” are pointless to make because you are passing the responsibility of your income to someone else.  This is a passive approach and will get you nowhere.

    It’s not your spouses job either.  Even if you are 100% relying your husband’s/wife’s salary at the current moment, and have no income at all, it is your responsibility if you want more income.  How you choose to create that for yourself has to be taken into your hands if it is your desire.

    A major step for me was realizing my sole responsibility.  I chose to take the revelation that my income was the way it was because I had created it to be that way.  If my salary was low, it was because I had agreed to give my personal power away for scraps.  If it was on the higher end, it was because I had decided to create that opportunity to come into my life.

    Exchanging time for income

    Exchanging time for income is where you find yourself providing little value to people, and as a result you are essentially exchanging your time for money.

    You have to actively create opportunities for yourself to increase your income by increasing the value you provide to society.  You can raise your hourly rate by actively making the decision to provide high value to others and agree to the terms of that exchange.  Contractors, freelancers and even people in corporate America are still responsible for what they work for.

    Many people feel that if they are working a corporate job that they cannot negotiate their salaries and hourly rate.  This is not true.  When most corpse-orations (my nickname for corporations who are filled with the walking dead, drone type workers) give you an offer letter, they expect you to counter offer.  They may not agree with you, but even if they don't their offer will still stand.  Then it is up to you to accept.

    The best approach to raising your hourly rate is to be clear on what you desire.  Have an exact number in mind.  Know why you're worth that amount.  Believe that you deserve to receive it.  Never doubt or degrade yourself or your ability to produce your targeted income goal.

    Remember that when you are operating in an industry that you are assigned to, and you resign yourself to provide your best work, your income potential is unlimited.  Everything you need to be worth what you declare is already inside of you.

    The creator has encrypted the code to your talents and gift's into your DNA.  All you must do is locate the software and upload it into your conscious mind.  Once this divine ability of yours is successfully installed into your mind, and you have made the decision to do the work, everything in your environment will change to accommodate your goal.

    Exchanging energy for income

    Oprah exchanges her energy for $300 million per year.

    She is a perfect example of how once you master time, you can simply exchange energy for income.  A book from a no-name author can be put in the hands and mouth of Oprah, and it is a automatically a bestseller.  A product can be put in the hands of mouth of Oprah- a product which may or may not be particularly special, and it will become huge.

    Anything recommended by Oprah is suddenly a miraculous success. Why? Because that is how Oprah exchanges her energy.  She lives in a realm of wealth and influence, and when her energy is directed towards a particular idea it becomes a success.

    Oprah has mastered her assigned industry and realm of work and influence.

    If I sign a basketball and try to sell it, I would be lucky to scrape up $1 from it.  But if we put the same basketball in the hands of Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson, the value of that basketball increases drastically.

    This is because they have mastered a particular industry, which in their case would be sports and entertainment. They operate in a realm of wealth and influence in that industry.

    Anyone can do this and achieve a profitable level of income.  But why do some people do and others don't? And why when some people try they succeed and others try and never can make it work?

    Knowing who you are is the foundation for exchanging energy for income.  If you do not start there, you could end up building a ladder to nowhere, and never achieving your true desired goal.

    What are you currently exchanging your energy for?  Are you in your assigned industry? Are you operating in the realm in which your purpose was created to serve?

    Why income is important

    Income levels can be a manifestation of if you are operating within your assigned industry.

    Your destiny requires resources, and resources are needed to assist in executing your assignment.  Your assignment is what you are supposed to do once you reach your destination.  Your assignment is the active part of your destiny.

    If I don't have money to eat and have access to the internet, I'm not of much use, for example.  I can do a lot more if I have resources to get things done.

    Operate within your internal potential

    Everything each of us needs is encrypted into our genetic make-up.  Our DNA reads like a book, it is filled with chromosomes which hold specific data about who we are.  Only you can be you.

    Jesus said in the book of Hebrews, "I come in the volume of the book that is written of me, to do your will, O God."

    Not only was he talking of the previous books of the prophets and what they had written regarding His life, but of DNA.  Jesus was making it clear that He was coming operating under the full power of what was written in his internal, genetic code.  He made it clear that it was His purpose for doing what He was doing because He was simply walking out what was alive within Him.

    Do the inner work and awaken any hidden talents or gift you have inside of you.  Make sure that you are operating from the full volume of the book that is written within you in your daily life.  Life is entirely too fleeting to not activate every ounce of hidden potential and purpose that you incarnated on Earth to share.

    Discover your assigned industry.  Master self-knowledge. Move up in the realms of influence.

    Operating under your full, created purpose is the best way to live.  The income and everything else you need to complete your assignment will follow.

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  • The work of a life coach


    Written by: Nikoya

    orion.jpgA life coach is a person who specializes in empowering individuals.

    For me it was strong and simple, one day I just had a overwhelming conviction that I was a life coach. I knew that it was part of my life’s assignment that contributes to my overall life purpose. I’d spent time learning who I was, I did the work of exploring where I was going and I learned very much over the years.

    Then suddenly, I just knew what it was I was made to do.

    As a life coach, the work is about turning the lights on. When you turn the light on in a room it doesn’t change the contents inside, it simply reveals what was sitting in the dark. Life coaches can help you turn the lights on. I help to expose what is already there, the good or the bad. The work is rooted in honesty, transparency and authenticity.

    Empowering others in a strategic manner is a liberating experience. When I help people realize that they weren’t sent here to be fearful, timid or weak, I’m reminding myself of the same too. The human species was created to rule and govern the things of the Earth.

    Adam was given this amazing power before one of his very first atom's was established in the physical realm. We have dominion and jurisdiction over every living kingdom on the Earth. What is there for us to fear? I've learned that manifestation is preceded in revelation. Seeing sustainable change requires knowledge. It requires information. We may miss a small bit of information that is imperative to our growth as an individual. Finding that key of missing information can activate a flow of hidden potential inside of us. There are different types of life coaches for different industries. Some are business coaches, specializing in business owners, leaders and executives. Others are health coaches, coaching others in diet, weight loss and wellness. I'm a life empowerment specialist. I implement strategic coach principles that help you activate the divine potential inside of you. I help others realize who they are, their purpose, their gifts and help light up a directed path. I'm here to remind others that we can have life, and have it as abundant as we desire. Spiritual dimensions and peak levels of success can be reached by anyone who makes the decision to get there. When we realize that success is simply the ability to operate in your assigned realm of industry, executing divine potential and purpose on the Earth, we can start living a successful, purposeful life today. We don't have to play the waiting game anymore. You have a destiny that is waiting on your decisions. Choose wisely by selecting to do the inner work. Select to use all the tools and resources available to make your dreams possible. A life coach is one of those resources, and is here to help.

  • Root causes of sicknesses and diseases


    Written by: Nikoya

    996d_1There are physical reasons of sickness and disease, but sometimes that physical or biological manifestation is evidence of something going wild spiritually in your life.

    To a person who is not used to hearing spiritual or “metaphysical” explanations for things that happen to us in life, what I am about to talk about may seem like a stretch.  It may be a little hard for you to believe what I am about to explain.  Just remember, in order for something to be true it does not require your belief.  Things can exist with out your knowledge and support.

    Hopefully you will take into account the truth that is the underlying root of a sickness and diseases.  If not, we’ll wait for you to come around, patiently 🙂

    It’s for your own good.

    If you find yourself dealing with certain health labels, sicknesses, or diseases, it is not always simply because of genetics, environment, diet, or other outside factors.  There are three root causes of sicknesses and diseases:

    • Your mindset (this includes the words you speak out loud).
    • Karmic retribution.
    • Your ignorance.

    The mind is the number one root cause of all sickness and diseases.  How we perceive our world of circumstances effects the words we speak out of our mouth.  Our world is then reflected back to us by what we have created with the release of our words. Karmic retribution is the second root cause of sickness and disease.  Karmic retribution can be generational, it is what medical practitioners would call "hereditary" or "genetic".  Contrary health conditions and diseases that cause hereditary and genetic manifestations, are simply the evidence of a karmic disease. The origin of a karmic disease can stem from a "curse" or some form of disobedience that is still being redeemed.  There is nothing hookey-pokey about curses.  A curse is simply a natural consequence of an act of disobedience. The act of disobedience was intentionally made. Many karmic sicknesses and diseases would be those such as downs syndrome, severe autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy- all of these diseases are very serious and almost non-reversible. Ignorance is the 3rd root cause of all sickness and disease.  Ignorance can include not knowing the power we as human beings have when we profess certain words out of our mouths.  Ignorance is anything related to having a lack of knowledge.  The spiritual text tells us that "my people perish from a lack of knowledge." If God the creator took the time to make that point, it certainly means much.
    Even Oprah has told us that "when you know better, you do better".  Polluting your body with junk food or exposing yourself to unnatural substances, sometimes without knowing, can simply be the root of your sickness and disease as well.  

    You have the power

    You aren't a helpless, victimized being. Unless you choose to be! Things just don't "happen" to any of us. Most of the things that happen in our lives are created by us.  We have the power and ability to create what we want, and sometimes we end up attracting what we fear the most too. We live in the Earth realm, and in this realm human beings have dominion.  We have dominion over the animals and all of the other earthly kingdoms.  We might not exorcize our power that much, but we do have it.  It was given to us clearly in the spiritual text of Genesis. Its similar to what the Law of Attraction and other "New Age" concepts teach.  However the idea is not new, they just re-branded it, picked and chose what they wanted to include and not include. This power that humans were given, was not taken away with the fall of Adam (or the fall of Man).  We see several examples where men and women used their dominion over the different kingdoms of the Earth realm, in the following books of spiritual text. Daniel was one, when he used his power over the animal kingdom to shut the lions mouth's from destroying him while he was in the lion's den. Moses was another when he changed the molecular structure of water into blood and the adjusted the density of the waters for the children of Israel, causing them to part and make a straight path. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego were three others that were not touched by the heat elements of fire. Jesus and Peter walked on water.  They expressed their dominion as human beings and changed the waters' molecular structure, making the water dense enough to support their bodies. (More on this concept in my book: I Need A Body) Everything in the Earth realm as it relates to your life is the way it is because you decided for it to be that way.  When we look at things in the most simplest light possible, we learn that we don't need hocus pocus, we aren't victimized by demons or devils, God is not "punishing us", etc., etc.  Most things are happening to you or are waiting to happen to you because the universe is waiting on you to make a decision. Our destinies are determined by our decisions.  "If it is for you, it is up to you."

    Examples of spiritual root causes of sickness and diseases

    Overall we can call the 3 root causes of sickness and diseases; the mind, karmic retribution, and ignorance, "spiritual root" causes.
    • Anemia is a manifestation of entertaining the spirit of abortion.  This relates to aborting progress and aborting growth, it is not referring to a physical abortion. Denying the joys, changes and progression of life.
    • Allergies are a manifestation of a rejection of people or energy around you.  Can also be rooted in rejection of self.
    • Diabetes is a manifestation of not knowing how to experience the joy and sweetness of life.
    • Depression is a manifestation of allowing your psyche to be seduced by the spirit of compromise.  Lack of self-knowledge and "sense of self".
    • Down Syndrome is a manifestation of a karmic debt; or a generational act of disobedience.
    • Cancer is a manifestation of un-forgiveness, bitterness and strife.  Allowing things to permeate and eat away at you from the inside out.
    • Infections (general) are a manifestation of emotional disturbances stemming from anger and hostility.  Particularly if in the reproductive organs, it is from emotional anger and negative soul-ties.
    • High blood pressure is a manifestation of past or current anger, hatred, rage.  Medicine will only regulate it, it won't cure it unless you address the real underlying cause.
    These few examples demonstrate the basic roots of illnesses.  Almost all of them stem from an element of fear, which is not a positive origin.  That is how we know that we are not made to endure sickness and disease.  We have a choice, and it is up to our decisions to make life how we desire it to be. To explore more, download The Electric Food Life. Related posts:

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