• Channelled Message From Khonsu (The Chronographer)


    khonsu the chronographer; egyptian deity
    Khonsu – time keeper from ancient Egypt

    {Video transcription]

    Collective what’s going on today we’re going to do something different we are going to see what messages that Khonsu has for us.. (the transmission is transcribed as follows):

    Watch or read the transcription below

    0:09 um during this time I felt led to make

    0:11 this video it is a little different

    0:12f ormat normally when I do channeling

    0:14 I’ll do automatic writing or automatic

    0:17 typing this time I’m gonna just go off

    0:20 of my clear audience and what I hear

    0:23and what is dropped into my spirit by um

    0:27the Divine or kansu

    0:30the deity himself him or herself

    0:36um for those of you not familiar who

    0:38konsu is

    0:40um he or she is a keeper of time in

    0:42traditional Egyptian literature or

    0:45Egyptian mythology

    0:47um the Egyptian scriptures whatever you

    0:48want to call it the Book of the Dead



    0:52he’s a chronographer

    0:54Record Keeper of time

    0:57um the original one that the cometic

    1:00Sciences or the kemetic


    1:04attributed the one that was a keeper of

    1:07time so if you have any other details

    1:09about konsu that you want to add so just

    1:12to give people more context

    1:14um for the sake of for the sake of

    1:16understanding in the sake of time go

    1:18ahead and write a comment about you know

    1:20and what you know about him so I don’t

    1:22have to go into details

    1:25but I’m going to use my clear audience

    1:27Channel and messages and I’m going to

    1:29clarify everything I’m hearing by any

    1:30deck that I’m been called to pull from

    1:33so um spirit is saying now

    1:36um first of all let me go ahead and

    1:38start Divine Cosmic intelligence of the

    1:39universe please protect me while I

    1:41channel the messages from konsu the

    1:43chronographer obviously there’s a

    1:46message in space and time that there

    1:48needs to be delivered regarding this

    1:52I’m not quite sure what and of course

    1:55this message is not going to be for

    1:57everybody but it will be a collective

    1:59message so it will be applied you should

    2:03apply this to the universal energies

    2:04even if it doesn’t make sense to you at

    2:07this time it’s still going to be

    2:08affecting the universal energy so spirit

    2:11is going ahead and telling me they need

    2:13to pull the Cosmic Cards from what I’m

    2:15hearing I’m gonna I haven’t touched this

    2:17deck in a minute so I’m going to shuffle

    2:18them real quick

    2:21um so far what I’m hearing and I think

    2:23this is why I’ve been led to

    2:25channel the messages from kansu this

    2:28particular energy


    2:34um first I’m hearing that when we

    2:37Channel deities especially from a time

    2:39at era

    2:40whether it’s from Sumeria kimet Egypt


    2:46um Romans whatever when you’re

    2:49channeling that particular deity you’re

    2:51not necessarily channeling them per se

    2:54you are but you’re channeling the

    2:56message and the energy of that of what

    2:59they represent so there’s Universal

    3:01archetypes that are in the spirit realm

    3:04from people that have gone on and

    3:07energies that have gone on and um there

    3:10are some deities that had

    3:12fleshly bodies and when they crossed

    3:15over when they transitioned they either

    3:18chose to Incarnate into another form of

    3:21a deity or they took a lower left a

    3:26lesser position within the Earth realm

    3:29or on other planets other celestial

    3:32bodies so

    3:34the energies that are being challenged


    3:38are constant relative to whatever that

    3:41energy represents or whatever that deity

    3:44represents so all the deities have

    3:46different representations



    3:50no matter what energy space is that

    3:53particular name of the deity that you’re

    3:55calling upon is operating under the

    3:58representation is going to remain the


    4:02um if that makes sense

    4:07so um

    4:09let’s go ahead what I’m hearing so far

    4:11now is that

    4:14a lot of us have been left

    4:18in a Time Loop a lot of us have been

    4:20left behind

    4:23time has the reset has already happened

    4:28and time is looping backwards for those

    4:30who are on the catch end of it or the

    4:32teal end of it

    4:34you might be feeling very dense very

    4:36heavy like you feel like something’s

    4:38about to happen

    4:40but it feels like okay

    4:43very uncertain it’s a very uncertain

    4:45energy and what you’re feeling about

    4:47what you’re feeling is is that

    4:51that dense feeling is relating to

    4:54the weighing of the feather you know if

    4:57you know anything about Egyptians Book

    4:59of the Dead

    5:00when you crossed over

    5:03and you went to the seat of judgment or

    5:05you went to get your heart weighed

    5:08your heart had to be lighter than a

    5:09feather for you to cross over into the

    5:11next higher Dimension you had to become

    5:13lighter and so that dense feeling that a

    5:16lot of us are feeling or some of us very

    5:18few of us probably to be honest not

    5:21everybody is intuitive as others

    5:23that dense feeling where is feeling that

    5:26is trying to keep us trapped in this

    5:28Dimension that is trying to keep us

    5:30Trapped In This Plane of existence in

    5:33this realm

    5:34and the issue with this 3D realm right

    5:37now for those type of people who feel

    5:39that density

    5:41um and that’s why they call it the three

    5:43density Matrix

    5:44you feel that because it’s this three

    5:47density Matrix is currently being sucked


    5:51Wards in time and it’s looping

    5:55and repeating the history of times past

    5:59let’s go ahead and get the Cosmic Cards

    6:02because we don’t want this to just only

    6:03be a message of

    6:06no hope right we don’t want it to be

    6:08negative completely let’s see if the

    6:10Cosmic Cards are saying Mother Earth

    6:12yes the changes are happening on Earth


    6:16just like we talk about new Earth and

    6:20the Earth splitting the Earth changing

    6:23um the energy Shifting the pole shifting

    6:26everything that’s happening here

    6:28the shifts that are taking place upon

    6:30the earth now things are changing the

    6:33poles are changing um the polarities of

    6:35the energies of Earth are changing

    6:37period and that’s Earth is only bound to

    6:41the three density aspect of time

    6:44space and time exist

    6:46as we know it because we’re connected to

    6:50This Mother Earth here

    6:57some of you might be feeling like you’ve

    6:59had certain conversations before


    7:03the energies feel very familiar a lot of

    7:06deja vu is happening to a lot of people

    7:08and then this dense heaviness feeling is

    7:11happening and that’s because the time

    7:14has been looping backwards

    7:17for those who are very heavy and

    7:19connected to this 3D Matrix the time has

    7:22been looping backwards

    7:24and the events are even repeating


    7:27closer behind each other over and over

    7:30again a lot of people have been saying

    7:32that they feel like time has sped up

    7:36and that’s their intuition saying okay

    7:38you know some something has really moved

    7:40forward something has reached a typed

    7:43okay we have the number nine here that’s

    7:45definitely significant nine being the

    7:47highest number

    7:48the number of transitional endings

    7:54that’s your intuition you know telling

    7:56you that

    7:59changes might have to be made if you

    8:01want to go to this new Earth or to this

    8:03higher Dimension first of all with

    8:05Dimensions there’s thousands of

    8:07Dimensions within our realm of existence

    8:10right now there’s multi-levels of

    8:13Dimensions but people always are talking

    8:16about the Third Dimension the fourth

    8:18dimension The Fifth Dimension and I

    8:20think the space and time aspect Keeps Us

    8:24thick that understanding becomes very

    8:26very limited

    8:28and it needs not to be because once you

    8:31get out of that space-time Loop there’s

    8:33thousands of dimensions

    8:36there’s thousands of parallel Energies

    8:41but it really takes someone who’s


    8:44that someone who has their Crown chakra


    8:47major change I’m hearing the scripture

    8:50that says in a blink of an eye we will

    8:54be transformed

    8:56with the renewing of our minds that was

    8:59that that language was being expressive

    9:03and people say oh that’s allegorical

    9:06I think a lot of it had to do with


    9:09physical changes of the physical body

    9:12the physical mind

    9:15the third eye

    9:18the crown chakra the pineal gland even

    9:22I’m also hearing Jacob’s Ladder when he

    9:25when his name was changed to Israel

    9:29he was the angel told him to change the

    9:32name of that place to pineal

    9:35because it said the scripture said

    9:37specifically that was where he fought an

    9:40angel of God or that’s when he saw the

    9:43face of God face to face and he had to

    9:45change his name to Israel because he saw

    9:48what was real at the place of pineal his

    9:51pineal gland which is the biological

    9:54aspect of what we refer to as the third

    9:56eye was illuminated at that point and


    10:00but also to move forward and become

    10:02lighters to further your crown chakra

    10:05the bright white light within you the

    10:09God’s Force within you has to be

    10:12activated as well

    10:15and I think this message from kantu

    10:19is almost like a reassuring it’s a

    10:22warning for some people but it’s also

    10:25something we should be reassured about

    10:27if we do have this Intuition or this

    10:30intuitive idea of being feeling very


    10:34and very tied down and heavy during this

    10:36time within this world in this Matrix

    10:39especially not even with everything

    10:41that’s going on

    10:43but time is looping can’t do is saying


    10:47even from everything that’s happened

    10:48didn’t we just have a shooting every

    10:50year that’s been the shooting in the

    10:52same places

    10:53we had a shooting last night for El Paso

    10:57in a public place

    10:58and there was a shooting the same time

    11:00this year a same time last year

    11:04right down the street at a Walmart

    11:07multiple shootings at these Universities

    11:09at the same time of year like time is

    11:12really repeating itself but it’s

    11:14repeating itself on a very short term


    11:18even with the UAP and the UFO sightings

    11:21if they were telling us that

    11:27there were these weather balloons and

    11:29these balloon crafts and

    11:32um spy balloons in 1947 during Roswell

    11:35they told us that then

    11:38but they’re telling us the same

    11:40storyline today in 2023 that oh these

    11:44aren’t UFOs these are flying water

    11:47balloons and spine balloons and stuff

    11:50time is the same thing but it’s like we

    11:52haven’t evolved and then they say oh

    11:54well our Radars and our equipment hasn’t

    11:57been able to pick up this type of stuff

    11:59because we haven’t upgraded our stuff

    12:01since 1980.

    12:03well how is that the case when you were

    12:05given everybody the same storyline in

    12:081947 that you are in 2023 how is that

    12:12the case how is it the same story

    12:16and those Roswell documents are have

    12:19been Declassified by the way anybody can

    12:21go online and look at the report

    12:25they got autopsy reports and everything

    12:28about the species that they found from

    12:31those crashes but

    12:33um that’s just a psycho but let’s go

    12:35ahead and confirm let’s go into the

    12:36tarot to confirm what is being channeled

    12:39from consume about this time looping

    12:42and people that might be feeling very

    12:44dense very heavy how is this going to

    12:46affect the universal Collective

    12:49spirit thank you for the messages how is

    12:51this going to affect the universal

    12:53collective in this present moment in

    12:55time what can we do about this how is it

    12:57going to continue to affect us and our


    13:01future the heroicent is here okay

    13:05so any obligations you have

    13:09any spiritual illegal okay this is

    13:13talking about Cosmic contracts this is

    13:15talking about any agreements that you

    13:17made before you incarnated into the

    13:19Earth Realm

    13:20The Herald friend the Pope

    13:23this card speaks about Cosmic contracts

    13:27formal contracts

    13:30traditional religion traditional

    13:32relationships marriage

    13:34going through the process of doing

    13:36things correct and in order

    13:39this is what this card represents but

    13:41this is confirming what I was hearing

    13:44some of us are also going to be bound to

    13:46this space and time because we have

    13:47unfulfilled Karma contracts that we made

    13:51before we entered into this Earth realm

    13:53and into this innate existence that

    13:57until we complete our obligations

    14:00or work through whatever contracts we

    14:02made in the spirit realm whatever we

    14:04came here to learn we will have to

    14:06continue to come back

    14:08over and over and over again until these

    14:10contracts are either

    14:12fulfilled or canceled

    14:16um spirit is saying you can cancel the

    14:18contract if you want to because you

    14:20signed up to Incarnate here

    14:22and you made those agreements in the

    14:24spirit realm before you came but that’s

    14:26going to keep you bound if you don’t

    14:29cancel these soul ties these contracts

    14:31if you don’t want to keep coming back

    14:32and doing the same thing with the same

    14:34people over and over and over again yes

    14:37bottom of the deck it’s taxing for a lot

    14:40of you some of you are like okay I don’t

    14:42want to do this anymore I don’t want to

    14:44keep coming back with the same people

    14:45reincarnating with the same people

    14:47trying to do the same thing over and

    14:49over again in my life

    14:51what’s different Okay so one one

    14:54lifetime I’m the husband and he’s the

    14:56wife and we switch it and we do over or

    14:59one lifetime I’m the brother and they’re

    15:02the sister you know

    15:04you can choose to cancel the contract if

    15:06you didn’t learn anything from what

    15:08you’ve made you can cancel the contracts

    15:10we’re just saying because that those

    15:12Cosmic contracts that we make


    15:16before we come here

    15:18can also keep us bound if we don’t if we

    15:21don’t settle Our obligation if we don’t

    15:24settle the debt

    15:25that’s made

    15:28so that sounds like a lot of people are

    15:30going to be stuck behind in this time

    15:32Loop being

    15:34Software System existence that we’re in

    15:38simply because of a technicality

    15:43so you have to

    15:45unless you can figure out exactly the

    15:47purpose behind the contract and the

    15:49agreement that you’ve made

    15:51before you entered in here and that’s

    15:54going to help you understand if you want

    15:56to keep it or not if you want to

    15:57continue to hold on to the agreement

    16:01are you holding on because there’s an

    16:03actual lesson to be late made

    16:06are you being hopeful that it’s going to

    16:08get better you have to know your aim you

    16:10have to know your purpose

    16:14four of Pentacles here is there solid

    16:16substance here are you just trying to

    16:18hold on

    16:21because of what might be perceived as

    16:23valuable a valuable lesson or maybe you

    16:27really know that it is something very

    16:28valuable and you don’t want to give up

    16:31that’s something that you have to figure


    16:33the King of Swords

    16:36that’s truth that you’re going to have

    16:38to excavate the King of Swords is all

    16:40about truth and understanding and taking

    16:43up one’s power of a decision here

    16:47some of you have multiple contracts

    16:49these these could also be two

    16:51individuals of high Authority that you

    16:54might have some serious karmic debt with

    16:59page of Pentacles

    17:03could very well be a family Dynamic here

    17:06some of you have specifically incarnated

    17:09before you came in here and said you

    17:11didn’t want families because you knew

    17:13that that was going to help you be bound

    17:15to this earth

    17:17wherever your heart is there you will be

    17:19also so if you have a lot of people that

    17:22you really care about and a big family

    17:24on Earth that can help that can really

    17:26bring you an attachment to this realm

    17:29and make you very attached to what goes

    17:32on down here in this earth

    17:35it also has a lot to do with

    17:37creating more karma for oneself too

    17:43Okay so

    17:46this this to me is you know it’s

    17:49confirming you know if we want to make

    17:51it out of the cycle of reincarnation and

    17:54not have to always Circle back and be

    17:56reincarnated back here this is what this

    17:59looks like to me that we gotta have

    18:01settle either our karmic contracts

    18:03fulfill our lessons of Destiny and what

    18:06we sign up to do when we before we came

    18:08here uh make sure we’re not holding on

    18:10to anything that’s unnecessary and not

    18:12as profitable

    18:14because you don’t want to continue the

    18:16cycle of reincarnation only to come back

    18:18and do it again and not really have any

    18:20truth and clarity about what the lessons

    18:22are because that’ll keep you in that

    18:24same cycle

    18:27so let’s see what else is going on here


    18:33what else is a factor here

    18:36messages from conso regarding time space

    18:39and time and this time page of Pinnacles

    18:43I mean I’m sorry not the Knight of


    18:48so slow it might be a slow process it

    18:51might be you might be slow to understand

    18:52your aim your goal but it will be


    18:57the Knight of Pentacles is a slow moving

    18:59night but it’s definitely something

    19:01profitable you got the tin of Swords

    19:03with the Ten of cups at the bottom of

    19:05the deck here

    19:09so some of you are bound here because of

    19:11some family top ties some wish

    19:14fulfillment as well karmic lessons tied

    19:17into building a family having a family

    19:20maintaining a family or karmic debt due

    19:23to a betrayal

    19:28some people might not have a choice they

    19:30might have to fulfill their Cosmic


    19:34until they’re able to become light as a

    19:37feather so they can go into the next

    19:38Dimension or move on to the next school

    19:41because Earth is just a school right

    19:43five of Pentacles

    19:47people that might choose to

    19:50not reincarnate in a certain season

    19:54that could be a um if you’re you know a

    19:57lot of us

    19:58do feel empty

    20:01we fell left

    20:03um we might feel unfulfilled we might

    20:05feel like we don’t have anybody

    20:07so some people who are who might chop

    20:09might have already been in this position

    20:11to where they’re like hey I don’t want

    20:12to come back here anymore I don’t want

    20:14to do this again

    20:17and maybe in the next Incarnation or

    20:19maybe currently some people can be

    20:21feeling down and out out in the cold

    20:23like they have no one

    20:26partially that’s because somebody didn’t

    20:28want to fulfill their Cosmic contract

    20:29they chose not to Incarnate or they

    20:33severed one two of cups

    20:40there’s some twin flames that chose not

    20:42to Incarnate at every time in their

    20:43lifetime because of some type of Truth

    20:45or an healing option or this could be

    20:48future I believe this is future tense

    20:53there’s a lot of twin flames when one

    20:55person or one half fulfills their Cosmic

    20:58contracts and they’re at that level

    21:00where they’re healed and they’re able to

    21:01be open with their twin flame and so the

    21:04other twin flame might not have their

    21:06obligation fulfilled so they have to

    21:07continue to come back and back and back

    21:09and learn their lessons alone without

    21:11this Incarnation without their twin

    21:13flame incarnating and then once this

    21:15person reads a certain level of

    21:17Ascension then that’s when they can come

    21:19back if they choose to in a lifetime and

    21:21be reunited in the 3D reality in the

    21:24three density world

    21:28okay we got the queen of sticks which is

    21:32the Queen of Wands and then King Of

    21:34Wands here

    21:35Divine counterparts equals so this is

    21:37probably specific to someone’s situation


    21:42it might be a twin flame situation where

    21:45somebody has uneven Karma where somebody

    21:47has learned their lesson and they’re

    21:49like oh I’m not getting stuck back in

    21:51that 3D time Loop

    21:53I’m gonna sit back a couple lifetimes

    21:55while you go through the cycle and you


    21:58you learn the lessons that you signed up


    22:01because I’m not coming back to this

    22:02realm I’m hearing that now

    22:07there’s many chapters to this reading

    22:09taking how it resonates

    22:11let’s get one last one for this

    22:14um in relation to this page of Pinnacles


    22:17but yeah there’s definitely

    22:21um a family Dynamic here a twin flame

    22:24energy too we have the seven of Wands

    22:26defending one’s position

    22:29picking one’s battles too I’m hearing

    22:33not everything is for everybody right

    22:38why if you already know you’re in a

    22:41higher position in a Higher Ground you

    22:42see how he’s standing up higher than all

    22:44these other threats so-called threats


    22:50but at the same time he’s like

    22:52why you know this is burdensome to me

    22:54this is taxing that the Ten of Wands

    22:59at the bottom of the deck here

    23:05so the main takeaway here is that you

    23:07know time has been looped we are in a

    23:10major time Loop and stuff is really

    23:11recurring rapidly over and over and over

    23:14again history is only going to continue

    23:16to repeat itself heavily

    23:18until we can get out of this time Loop

    23:24um things will continue to be similar

    23:26and a lot of us just need to change our


    23:30change our perspective

    23:33but anybody who’s feeling that dense

    23:35heaviness this is where it’s coming from

    23:40kanzu is giving us a message saying hey


    23:45things have been reset and it’s being

    23:47re-looped just like the infinity symbol

    23:49is being re-pulled back pulling back

    23:51pull it back looping back looping back

    23:57so once you get to a certain point in

    23:59the three density Matrix

    24:01this this density this Dimension is only

    24:04silver a soul of asked it’s only so

    24:06large I can see why I would have to pull

    24:09back and repeat the same cycle again

    24:11there’s nothing new Under the Sun

    24:13nothing so let’s get one more takeaway

    24:16for this

    24:18for the solution and any confirmation of

    24:21messages I’m just going to clarify the

    24:23overall solution

    24:25um for this message with another deck


    24:31nine of Swords yeah

    24:33a big major Loop a repeating of Cycles

    24:38feeling like you’re in the Twilight Zone

    24:39going through things over and over and

    24:41over your cat and your head or coming

    24:43here for many many lifetimes

    24:46over and over and over again and having

    24:48the same experiences

    24:50over and over and over again because

    24:52maybe you’re not learning that lesson of

    24:54whatever there is to learn

    24:59we’ve got two nines we started off the

    25:01reading with nines we’ve got the nine of

    25:03Wands two with the emperor

    25:06so it’s like


    25:10the moon card with the six of Wands at

    25:12the bottom of the deck

    25:14Moon card being like okay this is a

    25:16Celestial body saying hey

    25:20the aspects of time are shifted with the

    25:23oracle card in the beginning we saw the

    25:25Earth Mother Earth here we have the

    25:27other Celestial body kind of talking

    25:28about the moon

    25:33things repeating the same cycle the

    25:36phases of the Moon

    25:37is constant you can’t change its

    25:40assignment it has to go out for what

    25:42it’s set for

    25:49so if time is still being governed with

    25:52the celestial bodies to the Sun and the

    25:54Moon everything under on Earth

    25:56has to be subjected to that space of


    26:01let’s get one clarifier for this twin

    26:02flame story here

    26:05just one

    26:06the soul mate twin flame energy here

    26:08with the two of cups

    26:10the five of cups

    26:15yeah two of cups to the five of cups

    26:23heartbreak regret

    26:30cloak of heaviness

    26:35the traditional Five of Cups card is

    26:38like the minor Arcana hermit card he’s

    26:40cloaked with a black cloak of heaviness

    26:44of remorse of regret

    26:48so I think this message is all just

    26:51about helping us realize what the times


    26:55why it’s it’s late you know you know

    26:58because it’s not just as simple as

    26:59saying okay you need to know what time

    27:01it is it’s the end of the world Lord

    27:03judgment is coming or Christ is coming

    27:05back it’s not always that simple we have

    27:07to understand why it’s like that

    27:09because they’ve been saying it even from

    27:11Biblical times that the end of the world

    27:13was coming and Christ was coming back

    27:15they’ve been saying that for centuries


    27:18why is it any different now

    27:20it’s not going to necessarily look like

    27:22what we think it’s going to I don’t


    27:24this is about changing our mindset

    27:27changing our Paradigm changing our Crown

    27:30chakras and our third eye using our

    27:32intuition to see what’s really going on

    27:34this is about spiritual Ascension

    27:37even the scriptures tell us the Earth

    27:39will always remain

    27:41the Earth will never be destroyed

    27:43what’s going to change what’s going to

    27:45ascend what’s going to allow us to go to

    27:47the next Dimension into the kingdom or

    27:49whatever Planet we’re trying to get to

    27:51is going to be a shifting of our minds

    27:54that’s it

    27:57so thank you kantu for the message

    28:00um thank you spirit for protecting me

    28:01while I channel the messages please take

    28:04this message how it resonates

    28:06um this is a universal message that’s

    28:08going to be affecting the universal

    28:10spirit and soul of the collective


    28:14um if you did find Value in this video

    28:16please like and share and subscribe it

    28:18really helps the channel and I will see

    28:20you in the next one okay shalom

    English (auto-generated)

  • eating electricity – electric & alkaline foods


    Written by: Nikoya | Download the Book With Meal Plans

    What is electric food? How does eating electric foods benefit the body?

    An electric food is food that is completely natural, completely ingenious of the Earth and 100% living.  Our bodies are alive, which make human beings dependent on a living life force.  Energy makes us move. Electrical food animates our electric bodies.  Sadly, about 80% of the common foods that are the norm in the American diet is not electric.  To top it off, almost 93% of the food that makes up the normal American diet is not even real.

    Most of us are overweight because we are starving on a cellular level.  Why? It’s because we are not receiving the proper vitamins & nutrients that we need.  When this happens we continue to eat, because our biological system is still in need and this causes us to become overweight.

    The nutrients we need are not in the proper form from most of the foods we eat.  When these nutrients are listed on the nutritional labels, typically on “organic” labeled foods – these vitamins & minerals most likely are not in the proper state for which our bodies can assimilate (meaning we are not absorbing the nutrients we eat)!

    93% of the vegetables and fruits in a typical American diet are hybrids.  This means they were created or engineered by Man.  Hybrid foods do not produce seeds to naturally recreate.  Hybrids are sterile. Erectile dysfunction central. Flaccid.

    These foods are not indigenous of the Earth.  Hybrid foods are also highly acidic.  High acidity, which is the opposite of alkalinity, causes a block in the absorption of nutrients on a cellular level.  Imagine a gas tank full of debris.  Hard, calcified debris. This is your body on the average American diet.

    This is not a educational-how-to post.  I am very upset and very hurt of the realization of this.  America has created a whole system that sets up the people for dis-ease, stress & bad health.  It makes me sick.

    However, removing ignorance from the mind solves all.

    It saddens me because the Vegan – even though beyond their pure effort & honest discipline, still inhales things that are no good for them.  More than likely, they may even consume more hybrid and pseudo-foods than the typical meat eater. That’s depressing.

    What are some examples of hybrid food? The carrot, the grapefruit, seedless grapes, the orange orange, the pale potato, almost 80% 90% of the worlds corn & rice, almost 95% of the large tomato (except the small cherry tomato), the non-whole-grain wheat, the soybean... and the list continues. Find yourself allergic to certain fruits? Allergic to soy? Allergic to wheat? Allergic to gluten? Allergic to the orange orange (like myself)?  You are not weird. It's just your body's way of rejecting what is not natural.  It signifies that something is not right. Learn more about all of this in the complete guide. Many Vegans chow down on tofu, which is made from the genetically engineered soybean.  They believe they need it because of "Protein".  However, what they do not realize is that the essential amino acids that make up the cellular strand of "protein" is not in the proper state for the body to assimilate in tofu, nor the soybean.  Same with the black bean, due to the acidity (anything above the pH level of 7 is alkaline).
    Studies have shown what happens to the body when cooked foods are consumed.  The number of white blood cells dramatically increase when you eat anything that is cooked.  White blood cells attack anything foreign in the body.  They grow in number when something new is introduced into the body to protect the body.  So if this happens simply when you eat cooked food, imagine what happens when you consume a diet of synthetic, processed and non-natural foods. Think about it. There is plenty of iron in a rock, right? But if you ate it, the iron inside is oxidized.  The body can not assimilate the iron in that state at all. The damage that capitalistic civilization has placed on the people of the world is disturbing.  And it is only getting worse.  If we do not have access to real food, we will starve.  We will not grow properly.  We won't have enough mental megahertz to really understand what is happening in the world. My Teacher has opened my eyes and I owe much to his dedicated service to the world.  His contribution has renewed my mind. "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." That passage in the New Testament was not a fairytale.  If we are open to renew our minds, we can make a sudden change in our lives, "in a twinkling of an eye... they will be caught up & transformed."  I believe knowledge was what that passage was referring to. So how do you begin the path to wellness and start an electric diet? Many readers of this site have inquired about more details regarding this life changing way of eating.  Most of the information you need is in the following on-going series, starting from a deeper explanation of what the diet entails, how to start it, and what exactly to do:
    1. What is the Electric Diet?
    2. How to start the Electric Diet
    3. The purpose of fasting - an essential step when starting the Electric Diet
    4. Identifying Electric Foods
    5. Fasting to cleanse the body and remove toxins
    6. Starter list of Electric Foods
    7. Electric Food Diet - Meals & Recipe's For Beginners *New*
    8. Electric Foods for healthy hair
    9. The root cause of sickness and disease

    Download the complete guide with meal plans now



    When you have your eyes opened to the truth, you can spot pacification and lies at a first glance.

  • Written by: Nikoya

    politician-holding-united-states-flag-series-anonymous-african-american-front-variety-concepts-props-45043734When we are in our first years of life, the simplest activities captivate our minds and keep us engaged for long periods of time. Toddlers have devices and toys that they play with. Elementary age kids have their toys and games. Teenagers have age appropriate activities that keep them stimulated and occupied.

    When adults reach adulthood, those same games, activities and toys are not that fun anymore. Adults at times can even marvel when looking back, in amazement that those simple things kept them actually entertained as a child.

    This methodology of life is not something that human beings just “made up”. This is an example of a natural law- a law of human development. This law does not stop effecting you once you reach adulthood, however many adults abort their process of further advancement in all categories of life.  They absorb and submit to systematic ideologies and default to the “conditioned” thought patterns within all areas. Instead of becoming independent, self-actualized, well-rounded individuals, they submit to conformity and normalcy. They drown themselves in a abyss of pointless routine, “jobs”, weekend wishing, and bills; while collecting excessive habitual acts of pacification. Basic pacification consists of consumerism, American dream chasing, eating, drinking, and seeking joy from primitive forms of entertainment and pleasure, such as watching “professional” football, basketball and any other glorified, conditioning system of “entertainment”.

    There is one group of people that have fell for believing the systematic lies the most, and that is my brothers of the hue-man origin (men of color). These systematic methods of conformity were created to keep you from occupying your highest level of self-actualization. It is not here for you to occupy your time, make money from, aim to participate in, or use as a “platform”.

    You would be surprised to know that this entire system, particularly the American system of conformity, was created to keep you a dead man walking. It is not here for your success and never was. This post is for you.

    Bare with me, I am going somewhere with this. If you can force yourself to continue to read this post despite the pain, then there is hope for you as a man.

    In this series I want to discuss 4 types of black men.

    4 types of “Negros”.

    4 types of living corpses.

    4 types of kings who don’t know who they are.

    4 types of mentalities that are the root which block the full potentials of an entire nation.

    The Comatose Uncle Tom

    There was a recent act by a professional spandex wearing, pig skin catching, biracial man who initiated a frenzy of discussion among black men. Many see his act of not standing in allegiance as a statement of bravery and even a stance against un-equality. Some feel he was simply exercising his 4th amendment right (which is absolutely absurd – FYI black people: you have no “American rights”. The constitution and its amendments were not written for you; you’d know this if you read it in it’s entirety. You are a natural citizen of the land, not a citizen of America! Stop exercising your ignorance and parading your lack of wisdom.)

    A perfect example of the Comatose Uncle Tom is Allen West. He recently wrote the perfect and most exemplary post entitled, A Message From A Non-Oppressed Man to Colin Kapernick…”.  His post not only demonstrated the deficiencies in West’s development in multiple categories, but perfectly shows the mentality of the typical Uncle Tom.

    West is a Veteran, a proud US militarian, a football lover and a proud “citizen” of America. His conditioning is so deeply embedded into his cognitive language and paradigm, that he has willingly joined hands with his enemy so long that he bleeds red, blue and white. I will also note: for a man who uses phrases as “enjoying a thrilling game… a college game..” three times in an opening paragrapgh, there is obviously not much substance here in his mind, within the category of knowledge, wisdom and awareness. Yes, I am saying that if you can find the primitive game of college football “thrilling” you obviously aborted your human development many years back, hence my opening analogy.

    First, for West to be a man around 50 years old plus, he comes from a generation which has more oppression related scars than myself. For him to refer to himself as a “non-oppressed” man in the title of his article, is deeply disturbing. Are you not a black man living in this land where innocent men who look like you were lynched, castrated and denied opportunity for years? Are you not from the same neighborhood where MLK preached and delivered his messages of freedom? Or do you believe that since you live in America and have served this countries forces, that you have made some positive contribution to the advancement of the nation of your people?

    You are the Comatose Uncle Tom because you cannot even see your oppression. You may never self-actualize because you are so joined with your systematic enemy, that you call someone attempting to make a statement of justice (despite how lacking) ignorant? The Comatose Uncle Tom will often use scripture out of context and imply his meaning of the text versus executing sound exegesis. Uncle West attempts to quote King Solomon, Proverbs 17:28 (NIV): “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues;” implying that Kapernick is stupid, should have kept quiet and has let everyone know he is a fool.

    What an ironic choice of scripture, because it actually is talking about one with a mind like his own.

    You sir may certainly have the right to sit upon your “fourth point of contact” when the National Anthem is played but never forget, you live in a nation that has provided you the privilege to have that right. – Allen West

    There is a right and privilege, as a black individual, to stand in allegiance with their systematic oppressor? This is a memo that I must have missed! I had no idea that it was a privilege for us to endure discrimination, peace of mind to walk outside, denial of loans, denial to serve the corporation which is America (corporate jobs), be taken from our own land to serve and build another man’s, watch my fellow mothers morn over their deceased sons, watch over 56% of my brothers get incarcerated, and tolerate the penetrating ignorance that is a cloud over my peoples head by day and the thick darkness at night. What a glorious privilege!

    Perhaps you should stop trying to make victims and admonish people, black people, to be victors — try it, and you may find that more satisfying than your insidious action and word vomiting.  – Allen West

    And how would you recommend a professional spandex model to make victors of his fellow black people, West? By joining the US army and becoming the “first black X, Y, Z”?

    By taking the hand of the oppressor and deny the fact that they are the true child of God living under the control of an enemy?

    In your mind  you believe he should have stayed quiet because to you, he doesn’t know oppression as a 1% millionaire, and could be walking on all fours in an African jungle somewhere instead?

    Right. Because it is a privilege to be a servant in your masters kingdom. It is a privilege to be a mule grazing the pasture for the masters glory.

    If you want to know about oppression of blacks in America, past and present, how about you ask Rep. Nancy Pelosi of the San Fran Bay Area about the policies that decimated the black family? Maybe you can cross the Bay over to Oakland and ask Rep. Barbara Lee about the 13 to15 million black babies killed since 1973, and ask her who is Margaret Sanger? – A. West

    What do you expect, Dear Uncle West, when you are referencing negroes that are members of the American senate? Do expect those women to be joined hands with the other members singing Kumbayah? Do expect them to walk out victorious with mandated and enforced laws or a rule of actual judgment?

    When you join hands with the enemy you cannot expect justice. A house divided cannot stand. You think that because a person of color holds an office they will be enabled to provide systematic wide justice?

    Satan can’t cast out Satan. So how the hell would a black representative, black judge or a black president render system wide justice in America?

    You should look at who’s been controlling the communities and cities where blacks live. This isn’t not about what America has done; it’s about what a certain group, a political party has done. And your somewhat backhanded comment towards our law enforcement officers — well, wonder how many times San Francisco PD has protected you?

    Dude, if you can’t recognize the homogeneity between America as a country and it’s political parties, then you have a serious case of delusion. America is the macrocasom and the political parties are simply a microcosm. The same is true for the fraternal order of police. The police don’t care about Kapernick or any other negro as an individual, they are designed to protect assets and value. You don’t get support with police power if you hold no assets of value in the eyes of this systematic corporation of America.

    Here is the deal young man. My recommendation is that you apologize. Be a stand up fella and admit you made a very stupid comment. Humbly state that you do realize how very special this country is and the opportunities it has afforded you — and many others. You should take that stand and apologize to all of those who are currently serving in our Armed Forces and those veterans who’ve been willing to make that last full measure of devotion. You see, when the National Anthem is played, it has a very special meaning to us — maybe you should take a hiatus and go over to Helmand Province in Afghanistan and spend a week and understand why. Go over and throw a football with the men and women who enable you to earn those millions of dollars. – Allen Comatose West

    You wouldn’t have any war or harsh environments in Afghanistan if it weren’t for America.  You went to war because America is a global oppressor. This did not earn you any rights or privileges to live in this land.  If only you knew what life was intended to be for you, you would never say this.  This is why you are in a coma. You are a classic Tommy boy. The truth of who you are and what you are created to be would not even penetrate your mind.  The sad thing is your systematic oppressor knows who you are, but you do not.

    The American flag has a very touching meaning for those of us for whom it will drape our coffin — as it was for my Dad…and it will be for me. That song defines who we are as a proud and exceptional people. This is a land where so many dream of coming to and earning the title of American. Your actions were shameful, disgusting, despicable and disrespectful.  – Allen West

    The American flag means nothing but destruction. My grandfather is a Veteran resting in peace right now and when I saw the flag on his coffin, it represented a man that endured pain, demonstrated obedience and portrayed dedication. Not to a country, but to a family.

    When the National Anthem is played, I salute because I am a black man born and raised in the inner city afforded the opportunity for greatness in my own right. – A. West

    The Comatose Uncle Tom typically thinks for none other than himself. Collective thinking abilities do not exist in this type of mind. It’s his reality and his experiences and that’s it.

    This is chronic case of a black man who halted his human development in the categories of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and collective community. For one to quote scripture so out of context, I’d include spirituality as well.  He must have over consumed his allotted intake of college and professional football, finding solace in this form of pacification, leaving him blind to the realties of the world around him and others in his generation.

    The other 3 sleeping negro types will be discussed in the next post. I need a break.


  • Written by: Nikoya Jones

    Receiving a download from heaven in the spiritual realm is just like receiving one on your computer in the natural realm. You can run your connection on analog, dial up, broadband basic or high speed- but you must contain the right amount of megahertz to support the dimensions of the data. Some revelations that God is longing to reveal to you are held back and it is not because God is not speaking.  Sometimes He is speaking very readily, but yet our internet connection is off, slow or interrupted.

    God always wants to reveal more of His heart in a relationship with us. Building up our faith through His word strengthens the signal of our Wifi connection. He has divine downloads for you which have the instant ability to activate applications you can’t even imagine! Your manifestations in the natural are in proportion to your faith.

    Dimensions of Revelation

    Scrolls are a re-occurring object in the Bible, and are often related to encounters in the supernatural or a divine act in which God conducts. Scrolls also demonstrate God revealing His will and intentions before He does something in the Earth or in the Heavens. God does not do anything on the earth without a witness.

    In the book of Revelations, chapter 5, a scroll is described and was one in which no one was worthy to open on Earth.

    In the book of Psalms, chapter 40 verse 7, the Christ the Redeemer who was to come was talked about in a prophecy, and it was recorded there: “Behold, I come; In the scroll of the book it is written of me.”

    In the book of Isaiah chapter 34 verse 4, we learn that the heavens will be rolled up like a scroll; at the fulfilling of time. Again in Revelations 5 we see  that the sky will recede as a scroll and every mountain and island will be removed.

    Ezekiel was told to eat a scroll by God, before he set out to prophesy.

    There is one element in scripture in the book of Zechariah where God presents Zechariah with a set of questions through a divine download. This Zechariah we are speaking about now is the “minor” prophet, who is recorded to be different from the priest Zachariah, who was the father of John the Baptist. His description of receiving a revelation from God and acknowledging the dimensions are paramount.

    God said: “What do you see?

    Note: When God speaks, He is a gentleman. The Holy Spirit wants you to demonstrate your faith and will not force you into a dimension that you cannot handle.

    The prophet answered: “I see a flying scroll. It’s length is twenty cubits and its width ten cubits.

    Note: There was no right or wrong answer here. You will "see" in the spirit, in proportion to your faith. Zechariah was demonstrating the capacity of his faith and acknowledging the weight of the revelation he was currently downloading. Zechariah's answer is significant because her stated:
    1. What he saw: A flying scroll.
    2. The scroll's exact dimensions.
    Many people use the word "dimension" loosely in church. But dimensions are very relevant in the language of God and not just some fluffy word. When you can recognize the dimensions of a divine revelation from God, you have activated the full capacity to contain, process and deploy that revelation. If I pull out an old computer from 1992 and try to connect is to my high speed Wifi connection, it is not going to have the ability to connect. The megahertz do not contain broad enough dimensions to process that connection. We have to renew our minds just as we need to update our computers. We need to ask God for a clean heart and contrite spirit just as we get new technology over time.

    The Dimension of Time

    If we do not have the right amount of mental and spiritual megahertz we can miss the message of God in the dimension of time. There is a time and season for everything, and all things have their appointed time (Ecclesiastes 3). Something cannot deploy before it's appointed time, and even if it is deployed prematurely it will freeze up, halt and crash the operating system. God is saying to us all to get rid of the sensationalism, get rid of the feel good messages, cast down the entertainment, and eliminate the desire for deep sayings and slogans as shortcuts to a revelation. He is searching the hearts to see who is ready for downloads of revelation in which are assigned to this time and this season. Its time to be proactive in a revelatory capacity. Let's increase our discipline of faith so we can hear what God is saying deeply and simply avoid the pit of feeling ministry is just BAU (business as usual).

  • Written by: Nikoya


    When people talk about the “age of information” what do they mean? In essence, no matter if they are aware of it or not, they are speaking of a concept beyond the dawn of the internet, the time of ever evolving technology or the influence of Google. The age of information refers to a specific dimensional realm of our time in which we live in, at a corporal level. This means that the “age of information” speaks of where we are as a whole within humanity – the level of our understanding and processes.

    From the beginning of time, Man was created to live in a multidimensional realm of manifestation.  This is the highest realm that we know Men have encountered upon the earth.  Adam and Eve lived in this dimension.  Access to God was directly available in that realm. Natural dominion over the earth and of the living creatures were possible in that realm. Adam had the full dimension of manifestation inside of his mind. The created animals were called out and named that of what they were, as the very realization of their essence was downloaded into Adam’s spirit. If Adam could think of a “thing”, that “thing” had a place and purpose in existence.

    When the fall occurred, what was first prompted and presented as a temptation? Knowledge. Because knowledge was used as a temptation device, it really leaves us with this: the tainted state of truth and the differentiation of both accurate and inaccurate information.  The truth: wisdom is more purposeful than knowledge.  Adam and Eve already possessed wisdom, but knowledge was presented as a counterfeit of their true Godly wisdom.  Satan said it like this,”Your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

    The “fall” that occurred was a fall from one dimension to the next. Humanity fell from one dimension of wisdom and manifestation to one of a lesser dimension.  It was a fall from understanding and revelation to knowledge and information. In the natural state of humanity, we all reside in the realm of information. Unless we make the decision to get wisdom and understanding, we will only operate from the realm of information, which is a dimension that does not have the capacity to take us into our full created purpose or potential. Even the Apostle Paul said, “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.” – 1 Corinthians 13:12.

    Information lacks depth. Information lacks substance. Have you ever been overloaded with a bunch facts or information about a concept and say, “Ok. Now how do I apply this in my life? How can this information be of practical use in my life?” At that point, we do not need more information because we have access to anything we can ask about. What’s needed for manifestation and progression is revelation. Revelation helps us move on the next stage in our lives.  A new dimension with broader dimensions is released when we have a revelation of wisdom! If we choose to follow the corporal standard, we will continue to stay within the realm of information with no understanding, without progression to the next dimension. Of course this breeds complacency, frustration, conformity and lack of growth.

    Remember we are told in Proverbs 4v7: “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding.”

    In emphasized words this means get understanding in which is practical. Get revelational understanding. Did you know that the one of the definitions of revelation is to make known a previously unknown fact regarding human existence? Revelation and information are two different realms of mental capacity. Many people keep doing the same things and see no progress. A simple revelation can be what you need to take you to one dimension to the next dimension.






  • The Power of Melanin


    Written by: Nikoya

    More research has been conducted at the University of Pittsburgh that expound on the functionality of melanin in humans. The study began around the co-relation of eye color and pain tolerance but led to more data showing that “a higher concentration of melanin in the brain, the quicker the brain works”.

    This is dark matter in space. Looks just like melanin. Coincidence? Not if you’re a celestial being.

    The study has also added supported evidence to the relationship of melanin and neurological disorders. Lower amounts of melanin equals higher amounts of cases pertaining to neurological diseases and addictions (such as drugs).

    Does this automatically put those with higher amounts of melanin overall in a place of human superiority? No.

    The modern research of today has not proven anything new. This is simply a “re-discovery”  (re-search) of a fact shared with those keen on ancient knowledge. Once molecular research has been thoroughly executed on the human genome and DNA variations among the different humane species– that will be news too, and it will be exciting!

    However, it will not be a shock for those who already know the truth.

    There is no need to play a superiority game when you realize that as “they” dig deeper and deeper, they will have no choice but to acknowledge truth. Researcher’s have been searching for the gods of the Earth (original people) and did not even know that they happen to be highly melaninated – the embodiment of dark matter!

    There is no need for psuedo-scientific theories on melanin’s signifigance any longer

    You do not have to consider your theory or ideology of the power of melanin a theory or ideology any longer.  If the mainstream paradigm labels your belief on melanin as psuedo-science, or simply “pro-black” dialogue, you now have a factual response.

    Tell them to read a scientific journal and learn the facts! There is hardly any debate needed when you have scientific evidence of what you believe. Supporting article - Pain Tolerance as it relates to eye color and melanin in the brain Scientific Journal - Genetic Structures and History of Africans and "African Americans" Science is the saving grace of the sleeping gods. And true knowledge helps us to discern and "know"- the - "ledge" (real "knowledge") of truth versus lies. Related Posts:

  • Race as an Illusion


    Written by: Nikoya

    I will share with everyone in one very short post how race is simply an illusion. It is nothing but a distraction tactic used to confuse the unity of humanity as a species.

    The Tower of Babel – Genesis 11:1-7

    11 Now the whole world had one language and a common speech. As people moved eastward,[a] they found a plain in Shinar[b] and settled there.

    They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar. Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”

    5 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

    Just as multiple languages were given in this story, variation of species and race was created in another time for the same intent and purpose.


    There are variations of humim beings and the human species, that happened on an experimentation basis. However, race as we know it in our modern era was created to keep us sidetracked, un-unified and distracted so we will continue to be preoccupied of the original intent and purpose of the human species– to conduct Earthly work for the “creator gods” and for that primary primitive plan.

    Related Posts:

    The First Mother

    Who Are You?

    Life Purpose and Work

    America’s Searching For Something


  • Written by: Nikoya

    A conversation with a close friend of mine, who works in law enforcement:

    Me: “Do you ever ask yourself where we come from, like, the origin of man as a species?”

    Friend: “No.”

    Me: “Why not? You’ve never been curious, ever?”

    Friend: “Why? What difference is it going to make in my life to know where the origin of Man is or how we came about?

    Me: “What difference would it not make? Maybe in your life you wouldn’t see why it would make a difference, but it can shed light on a lot of problems and solutions we face today. Sometimes when we know why things are and who we are we can make wiser decisions.”

    Of course everyone is not going to be into the same concepts and subjects as you are, this I know, but for some reason his response intrigued me. You’ve never wondered why we are here and where we come from, ever? If not even for a second, how can you possibly be living a conscious life?  What is your life about?  Working a job, paying bills and then death?

    The root of police “brutality”

    usa-california-shootingWhen you have a Mac or an Apple device, you never get a virus, malware attack or a Trojan. The Macintosh is the original computer, made to function in a superior manner better than any other device. Mac’s don’t need Norton Anti-virus or AVG Security. A PC is an imitation.

    When a PC attains a virus it can compromise your personal information and also block you from executing the most basic  functions. The computer will simply act crazy.

    When you have a computer virus or a cyber attack, all you see is the manifestations of a crazy acting PC, when in actuality your computer was probably exposed to a corrupt file or a Trojan much earlier.

    When you have a broken system, manifestations of that broken system will trickle down to the bottom level of functionality.

    When your PC has a virus, eventually you will not even be able to use your mouse on your computer in the right manner.

    Police officers and fraternal order of police are the lowest functionality of our justice system. Our justice system and “government” has been corrupt, saturated with viruses and “Trojans” for quite some time.

    We cannot expect proper functionality from any level under a broken system of justice. That would be against the natural laws of order.

    The history of this national regime was built on blood, death and a fake systematic protocol of fictitious wealth. We can never be Mac’s under this constitution.

    The importance of education for inner liberation

    We need to stop looking outward for a solution. There rarely is a solution for what is not right to being with.  With all of the “fall’s” we read about since the origin of man (use Genesis if you must, Egypt, Roman Empire, etc) we seem to believe that our current system is exempt from a “fall”. Child, please.

    We need to start with ourselves as individuals, educating and renewing our minds with right information.

    Regurgitated, factory education that we learn in public and private schools is not what I am talking about. I’m talking about authentic, solid information from sources more advanced and older than ours.

    Police-confront-a-protest-012When you know who you are, you then know who can help you access right information. For black people, get on the Kemetic learning journey. Learn your root history- Nope, not MLK and Amistad. Not the his-story another man of this same era has written for you. Start in Sumeria, Egypt, so-called “Africa”.  Find your root source and expound.

    I started theologically and expounded out. A foundational knowledge of Ancient texts (bible, Koran, Sumerian tablets) is imperative to overstanding everything else.

    If we can’t even decide on our name, what to call ourselves (am I black? African American? Negro?) how do we expect to be treated by others? How do we expect to be factored in properly in American statistics?

    We need to have some self identity in order to move past the so called injustices we experience. Knowing who you are instead of allowing another culture or society to label you, will steadily stir others from their sleep around you.  Wake up one man at a time, so we can collectively move past this tragedy of corruption in this era.  Reboot your hard drive and upgrade your informational sources to accrue more mental megahertz for overstanding.



  • Celestial Origin of Man: The First Mother (pt. 2)


    Written by: Nikoya

    The Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

    The books of the old testament bible emerged around 2nd century BCE. They were canonized in the years following. Clearly, logic, sound, right reasoning and basic math shines light on the fact that the bible is a young work of literature. It’s not a solid ancient comprehensive text.

    Science, archaeology and geology serve confirmation of raw facts and steadily eliminate the need for faith. The concept of faith- as it is referred as the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen”, is slowly becoming old news as we move towards the end of the information age. We now have evidence, tangible evidence, of what used to be unknown.

    In vitro & Genetic breeding was common practice as recorded in ancient writings.
    In vitro & Genetic breeding was common practice as recorded in ancient writings.

    Only 50 years ago did humans achieve the ability to create technologies and procedures that the Sumerian ancients were already practicing. Their work was demonstrated by carvings on tablets, on clay, on the walls in Kemit (Egypt) and stone. Cloning and invitro fertilization was a common practice to them.

    Truth emerges from piles of physical evidence regarding the origin of the human species: It was through the genetic manipulation of DNA that the origin of Man evolved.

    We call research “research” because we surely are re-searching and rediscovering who we really are.

    We were the perfect creation by the gods. The Elohim. The Annunaki. The supreme “beings”. Made in their image and their likeness was stamped into the human genome.

    The Elohim were now delivered from the work!

    We were better than robots because we could procreate on our own!

    In part one, we explored the ideology that the Elohim, the Annunaki or the “gods” created human being for the purpose to mine the resources of the Earth to supply their needs.

    Isis sharing 400They were very successful in their work, as we see, but what happened after they actually implanted the mixed cells into the birth mother? Who was the birth mother?

    Who was she, this “Ninti“? Was she the Kemetic queen Isis?

    Was this who the bible calls Eve?

    Science has shown us that we all carry mDNA (mitrochondrial DNA) and we stem from one mother- from Africa around 150,000 years ago. was this Eve? Was this the birth goddess Ninti from the Sumerian tablets?

    Possibly, yes.

    After the creation of the first “lulu” or man, we procreated among ourselves after we were removed from the land were the creator gods were. Woman may have been fashioned out of the “rib” of the man, but not in the graphic sense.

    The Chief Scientist put man in a deep sleep with anesthesia, removed bone marrow from his side and fashioned woman. Bone marrow contains the cells suitable to extract rDNA and he must have needed this element to create the woman’s genome. This is ribosomal DNA in genetics.

    Pun intended?


    Celestial Origins of Man pt. 1

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