• Is it time for you to leave the marketplace?


    Written by: Nikoya

    5760She walks to work on Monday’s, simply to clear her head for the work at hand. She knows that when she steps one foot into the office she will be debriefed on what happened over the weekend, the top priority tasks for the morning, meeting and conferences, and more work demands. She loves her work, but was still mentally occupied with the fellowship of the kingdom work from the weekend.

    More and more her mind has been occupied with the things of God.  She has received a sort of “revival” of His spirit, causing her to deeply thirst and hunger for more revelation. The desire to talk about her renewed relationship with God has taken over her desires. She can’t help to want to share the message of love or even pray with people. This desire is heightened when they mention their current struggles, physical ailments or depression. Her mind is constantly open to the receptivity and voice of God. She has learned who she is and realizes that she has been called to complete the work of the kingdom.

    Her work continues to prosper in the marketplace, but she feels as if she spends so much time doing the work with lesser importance. She knows that the work of the Kingdom is everlasting, and her job in the marketplace only provides for the flesh. She has very little opportunity to minister to co-workers, and is strictly prohibited to mention her faith to clients. She feels that she wants more; that doing more for the Kingdom would be easier if she left the marketplace completely.

    But is that really the case?

    “The people who are well are in no need for a physician, but those who are ill are the ones in need.” –  Jesus

    Our lives can be a sign to those in the world. The Holy Spirit can emanate from our life of holiness and peace. When you have experienced God for real, your life will emanate His spirit.

    People may say that there is, “something different about her.” When non-believers look at your life it can be a life changing example for them to where they say, “Wow! I want that peace!”

    But for those of you who are on the verge of leaving the marketplace and entering into “ministry”, here are a few things to think about before you resign from the world.

    1. “Full time ministry” can be everywhere.

    You do not have to be a paid missionary, pastor or staff at a church to be executing the work of God, on a full time basis. God positions all of us to be in certain places at specific times. When your life is in the heart of His will, everywhere you go you will be an ambassador for Christ. For those in Christ the “clock” is always on. A simple change in perspective can change your overall approach to your work, purpose and mission.

    You may be called to keep your position as a Child Protective Caseworker or a Nurse in order to pray and be a light for those you come in contact, whom would not have normally been ministered to. At least for a season. When you let this perspective really saturate your spirit, you may even be led to encourage people during your trips to the grocery store, gas station, airport, or more.

    2. Obtaining experience in a trade or a occupation can be a sign of your potential in ministry

    Noah was a “man of the garden” (a gardener). Moses was a shepherd of sheep.  Jesus was a carpenter. He worked in this profession for years and didn’t embark in “full time” ministry until he was 30 years old. King David was tending his fathers sheep when he was called. The disciples were a combination of fishermen, accountants and tax collectors. Solomon was a judge even after he had been walking in his God appointed calling.

    All of the lives and examples we have in the bible show that those who were chosen of God had an occupation or a trade in which they worked and had achieved success prior to the call.

    “Therefore if you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous wealth, who will entrust the true riches to you (the things of God’s kingdom)? And if you have not been faithful in the use of that which is another’s, who will give you that which is your own?” – Luke 16:11-12

    3. Will your gifts and talents be utilized and activated at full potential?

    Do you have skills and specific learned abilities that may fall dormant by leaving the marketplace? For an example, a medical doctor can take their education and skill to a charitable organization and provide free medical care. A medical doctor can utilize the same skills they would in the marketplace overseas as a medical missionary as well.

    Are your skills and talents in alignment with your desired transition into ministry? Or will you have to work in a totally different capacity, leaving some of your skills and talents at the secular door? This is a great problem to have if you struggle with finding a way to utilize all that you have learned in the marketplace for the work of the kingdom. With a little creativity, you may create a way to reach a group of individuals that are often not ministered to with your refreshing skills.

    There is never any joy in wasted skill, talent or potential. Do not overlook what you have to bring to help establish the kingdom, but start looking at your ministry where you are right now.

    4. Where can your take marketplace skills and use them for the work of the Kingdom? Where can one embark in full time ministry after leaving the marketplace?

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  • Written by: Nikoya |
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    The voice in your head nagging you to quit your job is real.  It is not your imagination when you have thoughts about how you can do more and receive more out of your time.

    It is not frustration when you realize that your job only utilizes 10% of your skills, while the rest of you atrophies.  You know that you have the talent and ability to create more- it’s the truth.

    Technology has done more than provided everyone access to the same amount of information. It has provided everyone with a sea of the same opportunities.  We each have the opportunity to free ourselves from corporate dependency, we no longer have to work for others to make money. If you dream of being your own boss, becoming a successful entrepreneur and never spending another minute in a beige cubicle, this is the time to stop dreaming and start acting on the following mental steps towards success in online business. Below are 3 steps towards reaping the rewards of online success and achieving freedom through your work. The 3 steps work as a guide to help those new to business and need strategic motivation to complete what they aspire to.
    It is very fitting that there are 3 steps towards making your life benefiting dream into fruition; 3 is a number that represents completion, solidity, what is real and what is substantial. Understand the Root Cause of Failure In order to eliminate fear and doubt, you need a strong understanding of what causes online ventures (or any new business) to fail. Most new online entrepreneurs do not fail because of a bad idea, a saturated market, poor branding or an ugly website. Those that fail do so due to a lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge can be detrimental to your new business.  This problem can manifest in almost every aspect of your venture. Failure is looming if you have a lack of knowledge about resources that are applicable to your type of business.  Knowledge eliminates fear.  It removes gaps for error. The foundational aspect of success in anything is knowledge and solid information. Not credentials, a degree or solid recommendations, but knowledge- specialized knowledge towards what you do best.
    Stop waiting for the "best idea" It is true that in this time, ideas are like currency in our digital world. But if you're waiting for a grand idea before getting started as an entrepreneur, then you are simply making an excuse to not work. What is more effective? Waiting around for an epiphany? Or utilizing every minute you have towards working towards freedom? There is no doubt that you are capable of receiving the next grand idea, but you may lose several years of your life waiting for that revelation. Do what is in front of you.  Utilize the ideas and resources you currently have. Clueless about what your passion is?  Don't know how to turn passion into profit?
    What if the passion lies inside an aspect of your business instead of the actual concept? When I started my virtual assistant business I wasn't passionate about administration and other menial tasks that the job entailed. My passion emerged through the ability to create time maximization strategies while reinventing a new mindset towards productivity.  I'm passionate about sharing these strategies with my clients. Once I learned what was a central key to my passion, I began coaching clients with those principles in direct focus, in my life coaching business as well. You can find passion hidden in anything if you give it a try. However, you will never know it if you don't begin. Taking action today can lead you to a hidden goldmine. Resign to your goal Keep doing what you do and polish your craft. It is stated that insanity is shown by those who keep doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results. But you have the solution to what makes those individuals considered insane! That solution is from number 1, which is knowledge. If you have sound information and specialized knowledge on the nature of your business, you know the central tools of your online foundation, and the psychology of your typical customer, then you can polish your craft to perfection.
    Even if you fail longer than you succeed, if you keep at it and implement what you learn along the way, you will create freedom for yourself. The only thing you should have in your mind to quit is your day job, once you start your new life as a online business owner! We often neglect the fact that the only thing keeping us from our dreams of success is us. If we change the way we think, we have done 50% of the job. We all have dreams for a reason, and if yours is one of entrepreneurship, get ready to turn in your resignation.  You already have everything you need to reach your goal inside of your head. Related posts:

  • Don’t get a job, get to work


    Written by: Nikoya

    We, humans,  were not created to get by in life, “barely make it”, or simply maintain.  If you feel like you live in that realm of mediocrity, please consider that it may be that way because you are a particular way.  Having a job vs. going to work are just like being in poverty vs. being wealthy.

    The solution to not having any money or experiencing poverty is not getting a job or borrowing money, the solution  to poverty is creating ideas and finding access to the right information.

    Working a job that is not connected to your purpose will not put you on the path of wealth or relevancy.  You will only experience frustration and cyclic living of mediocrity.

    The differences between work and having a job is this: work is connected to purpose, work is connected to destiny, and work is connected to your authentic self.  A job is not.

    If you are tired of working a job and want to get out, don't feel guilty about it.  Just choose to press towards the mark of your own higher standard.  Start seeking and learning who you are. This will show you how to find peace through living authentically.

    I had a corporate job once (or maybe a few times, I seriously try to forget), and never were they connected to my purpose or authentic self.  They were never a source of sustainable happiness or security.  The interesting thing about my workplace experiences was that the more I resisted change and also resisted the fact that I had to work at a job I didn't like, the further away from my authentic self I became.  By the time I was 7 years out of college, I found myself working in manufacturing, in an oil and gas business, sourcing raw materials which is used for deepwater drilling offshore.

    That does not resonate with who I am.

    As a previous seminarian, and psychology major, if you had asked me what I'd be doing in 7 years, I certainly would not expect it to have anything to do with drilling gas from underwater.  Granted, it is not a bad job, pays decent for some, and could have been worse, but nothing about it resonates with who I am.  I didn't see myself having a long term future there.

    My destination would have been far from who I had worked up to be, on a mental level, if I had continued to give my time, energy and gifts to that realm and industry.

    This is what I call spiritual prostitution.  It happens when you knowingly take 5 days and 40+ hours of your irrevocable time, your talents, your energy, your gifts, and give it to a kingdom or industry that you are not made to support.  You give this industry the best of yourself, and barely have time or energy for your assigned industry or kingdom, which in my case was anything to do with the mind and soul.  This is done for the simple exchange of currency, and that is all.

    I have mentioned on this site before regarding the 5 pillars or institutions of society (family, church, economy, etc.), and how there is the hierarchy of systems which are connected with various industries.  Each of us have assigned industries that we are to provide our life's work into.  We were created to master our assigned industry, and once we have done that we gain access to assigned systems and kingdoms.

    Thomas Edison was assigned to the various industries of science and entrepreneurship, gaining him access to making an impact on the economy even in death.

    Aretha Franklin operated in the realm of her assigned industry, and became the Queen of Soul, and always will be.

    Tiger Woods operates in his realm of assigned industry and is the best golf player around.

    When you operate as your true self from within your assigned industry, mastery is very possible and sustainable.  This is what makes work connected with purpose.  It's the difference between having a job and doing your assigned work. What you were born to do does matter, it is directly related to the level of sustainable success you can posses.

    If you don't know, there are signs

    Jesus said it best, "you will know a tree by it's fruit." This is a universal law whether you like Jesus or not.  It's  unavoidable.  If you feel like after each year you work at a job or towards a goal and feel like you have accomplished next to nothing, that is a sign you are missing something.  If you continue to work and at the end of each month, season, or year, but you have no fruitful savings or anything to show for your toil, you may be missing it.

    After 7 years, if you are still slaving away in the same way, and have no fruit to show for it, no savings, no clarity of purpose of destiny, no goals being met, no vision, and still are dependent on your employer for everything, then you are living in a realm of poverty.

    7 is a number of perfection and completion.  We experience life through time, seasons, and cycles.  7 year cycles are very important, even in the physical world many concepts related to finances operate in this cycle (credit, bankruptcy, etc.)  If you are still doing the same thing at the end of a 7 year cycle, and you are not impressed with your success, then you need to re-establish what and where you spend your time and energy.

    You'll have to do some work with finding your assigned realm of industry, to break free from spiritual prostitution.  You must start with knowing who you are, or else all efforts are lost.  Get to work on your purpose, and never have to get another job again.

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  • Finding a career that fits you


    Written by: Nikoya

    “Go to school!” they scream once you graduate high school, and maybe even undergraduate school these days.

    Get a job!” they tell you as soon as you get a chance to breathe as an adult.

    I can’t help but ask, to the person that endures this talk and does not know what they want to do as a career in life- how does this affect you psychologically?  If you have family as hard as a lot of people, the kind where everything you do has to be justified, I’m sure it effects you in some kind of negative light.

    I know very few people who have deeply fulfilling careers.  Most people I know simply complain about their jobs and their seemingly limited variations of opportunities. Those are the people that I just want to shake and say, “do you realize how powerful you are? You are an intelligent, creative human being, just choose to live that way!”

    Yes, we have a choice.  We have a choice to live in the dark about our true purpose and life.  We have a choice of committing to a career we hate or creating one that we’ll love.  We have a choice to listen to the people outside of ourselves versus our own voice on the inside.

    Quitters are smarter

    If you do not know what fits you for a long term career, there is nothing wrong with actively trying different roles until you learn something about yourself.  Trying and quitting is more about choosing to learn more about you versus passively chilling in the corner cubicle rotting away from fear.  Why live that life? Stop being afraid to quit; it is best to quit something you don’t like and find something that you can give your best to.

    Until you know who you are, it will be hard to find a career that fits you the most.  Knowing who we are and choosing to live authentically makes a huge different in our happiness.

    Sometimes change means growth. Just because you found one opportunity in your life, doesn’t mean you have to stay in that same opportunity forever.  If Steve Jobs had chosen to accept that he was a “bum living in his parents basement” or a “college dropout who could not even afford a stick of deodorant” we would not have so many of the luxuries that we have now.  The iPhone changed how the world works and thinks.  If he had not quit college and continued down the “expected” path for a privileged 20-something, would he have still made such a huge economical and social impact on the world? Probably not.  The cute little apple symbol wouldn’t exist at all, because he felt a diet on nothing but apples made him smell better, giving him the idea that he didn’t need to buy deodorant.

    "Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy. For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man's hunger. And if you grudge the crushing of the grapes, your grudge distils a poison in the wine. And if you sing though as angels, and love not the singing, you muffle man's ears to the voices of the day and the voices of the night." - Khalil Gibran

    Live with others in mind

    Instead of living your life purely for self, live for others.  Ask, "what can I contribute to society?", "how can I give and create value, without looking for anything in return?" and "how can I make social impact?"

    What would you do for free?  What are you doing right now that helps others and is valuable to people that also applies as a solution to a common problem?

    If you can find the overlap of value creation and what you would do for free because you love it, then you are getting closer to finding a career that truly fits you.

    Success comes when you can complete your innate purpose in life.  It starts when you can find a problem and solve it.  It requires self-mastery.

    "But I say to you that when you work you fulfill a part of earth's furthest dream, assigned to you when that dream was born, And in keeping yourself with labor you are in truth loving life, And to love life through labor is to be intimate with life's inmost secret." - Khalil Gibran

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  • Obtaining success


    Written by: Nikoya

    Everyone has a natural drive and desire to become successful.  Are you a success in your life right now? What do you consider to be a success?  What makes one successful at something and another not? Why do certain people climb to great levels of success, by hardly ever working, and those that work very hard never seem to really accomplish much of anything significant?

    When I think of success, a saying comes to mind that sums up the starting point of where success comes from: “If it is for me, then it is up to me!” One of the reasons many individuals have never obtained success in life, is because they don’t know who they are.  Success comes from inside of you.  You do not have to look anywhere outside of yourself for something to help make you successful.  What you were born to be successful in was determined upon your conception. It is encrypted into your DNA. Just like you are to be the change you wish to see in the world, you are to be your success. Self-Mastery Knowing who you are and staying true to yourself is self-mastery.  Staying true to ourselves is the initial starting point of finding out what it is we are to find success within.  The true root of what success is, is this: living out a purpose filled life; executing your life around why you are here on the Earth; fulfilling the reason as to why you are here.  There are many great things that people accomplish in their day to day lives.  Many people set and meet lofty goals throughout their lives.  However, if it not directly related to the reason as to why they exist on Earth, then it is not part of their purpose.  And if it is not a part of the purpose as to why they are here, then it is just an accomplishment.  It is not success. Self-mastery takes a lot of discipline and determination to obtain.  It may seem simple to some people, “Oh, I just have to know myself” and then when you really think about yourself you say, “well, I know a lot about what I don’t like and don’t want, but what about what I do want?”  Those are very reasonable questions!  I found myself in the same place for a really long time, and it was one of the driving forces that funneled me into a cyclic series of circumstances that seemed never-ending.  Getting out of the initial period of what may be holding you back from finding success is part of the same reason some people find themselves dealing with a struggle against poverty.  They lack something that is not apparent. Self-mastery requires you to be able to master your time.  You have to know how to spend your time right.  How you spend your time is an indicator of your true priorities.  The way you spend your time shows your intentions on what you decided to live for.  Time is one of our most precious commodities.  You cannot get back time that is lost, nor can you add time to your life.  Make a decision to be able to account for the time you spend in your life for one week, put it in writing, keep notes, etc., and I promise it will show you a lot about yourself.
    Social conditioning has programmed us to believe that by a certain age, we should go out, get a decent job and earn a living.  Also, if you are particularly talented, you are to choose a career that can pay a livable wage plus make a contribution to society somehow.  The problem with that is that most of the time jobs stop at simply providing a paycheck. They do not always enrich our lives, our communities, and almost never are connected with what we were truly created to do with our time here on Earth.  When we submit to that way of living we simply are trading our time for money.  Why do that? Is money more powerful than you? Is a bank account balance more intelligent than a living breathing, thinking being? If working a job is how you choose to spend your time and spend your life, are you able to reach true success while working it? Are you fulfilling your life purpose at that job or have time to fulfill it on the side?  Are you receiving the hourly wage of what you are truly worth in exchange for how you are spending your time at the workplace?? Could you be doing something that could provide more value to people by using your natural gifts, knowledge and talents, than working at a job that probably won’t even exist in the next 20 years? You are a unique being.  Only you can do what you were created to do in life. The cliché’s Two of the most coined phrases about happiness and success: “find your passion” and “do what you love.”  There is not necessarily anything wrong with those statements, if they make you feel warm inside, but they are also misleading.  Not everyone is going to make a living, complete their life purpose and become a success by simply living their “passion”.  It’s just not realistic. I find it more sensible to say that your passion is an indicator of your purpose, which can lead you into success, yes, but your passion will also have to be related to a general problem and then be able to solve it. Your passion will also consist of things that are not so pleasant as much as it will consist of things that are full of joy for you.  There are two sides to everything worth something  🙂 .  If you can manage to find a problem and solve it using your passion in life, you’ve got a great shot at becoming successful. Do you think that Thomas Edison enjoyed being an older gentleman struggling to invent something year after year?  He obviously knew that his passion was revolved around playing with gadgets, creating ideas, etc. but he eventually became a success when he was able to put his logical mind to his passion, and say, “what can I create that will be of use to people? What can I do that will solve a problem/or make things easier on people?” That is when he had his light bulb moment, and became a true success. Do you think Jesus was thrilled about being hung up on a cross?  No, but his passions lead him to that purpose.  He loved to travel and spread his message of truth, heal the sick and raise the dead.  Everyone who was on a path to success had an experience that incorporated something that was not very pleasant.  It did not mean they were on the wrong path; it is just a part of living a successful life. Relationships can influence success Cultivating the right relationships is important.  It is imperative to not have negative Nancy’s constantly putting words of doubt into your head!  One thing you’ll find when you are determined to live your life purpose and find success, is that people will begin to have very strong opinions! Opinions of outsiders mean nothing much.  Remember your success points are encrypted in your DNA.  You don’t really need to take on the negative doubt talk into your own reality.  Create your own reality by framing your mind. Questions that lead you to success Remember that success is obtained when you are living with the knowledge of what your purpose is.  When you can answer the following questions, you have already come to the path of who were created to be: 1)      Who am I? Have I mastered knowledge of self? 2)      Why am I here? 3)      Where am I going?

  • Why you should never get a JOB


    By: Nikoya

    I dove into the abyss of conventional employment again last year.  This was an act of pure insanity.  For most people getting a job is not such a bad idea, especially if you are working in corporate America. Why? The response is usually because you get medical benefits, a prestigious job title (if your lucky), a steady paycheck, etc.  Maybe even some discounts at various consumer stores and brands.

    You get gifts such as company pens and T-shirts too.

    You can grow a 401K.  You get to use relatively new technological devices. Most of which are loaded with ancient and worthless software for the purpose of staying connected constantly, to make it look like you are actually working on something important.  Hell, you might even get a quarterly bonus.  Or maybe one day you may get lucky… and receive a raise.

    You may also get up to two weeks paid vacation per year! Yep, that's right... 14 free days out of the 365 days of the year, to attempt to do some real living. Oh, and let us not forget the store boxed cake you get to share with your lovely co-workers once you retire after 30 years! This is the American dream.

    Getting a job is outdated, jaded and overrated.  The world needs more people to create and not conform.  Getting a job is for scared, timid losers.  You've been sold short if you have a j.o.b.

    Submitting to an employee-ism is poison

    You commit a soul-crushing, spiritual suicide when you become a corporate drone.  I am not trying to add to the noise online about why you should quit your job, but I feel very strongly about this sort of thing. Simply being the realist I am, the truth comes out plain.  If it makes you cringe, consider the possibility that what is plain might be true.

    It is toxic to neglect ones true purpose only  to live comfortably.  It is toxic to sign up for an existence where you are operating lower than 50% of your mental capacity and potential.  It is toxic and deadly to know that you are doing this to your heart everyday and continue to do it.

    Selling yourself short on the money

    There is a benefit between being comfortable and taking calculated risks.  The entrepreneur takes risks that can ultimately create freedom and generate an un-capped amount of revenue.  Being a corporate drone does not give you that option.  All you have when you walk among the drones is company branded coffee mugs with horrible coffee.

    Creating real value that adds to society equals unlimited income potential (for the entrepreneur). Creating repeat crap value, like redundant work in excel and other archaic "software", gets you to the 'burbs and back, day after freaking day.  What a life.

    You should never get a job

    Chances are you are very smart, creative and unique.  So why not live a unique life? Is it worth living a life that has been lived before, day after day? What does it mean to sit and watch the clock Monday through Friday, week after week?

    What good is it to live for the weekend? What does that mean anyway? Do you magically come alive during the weekend?  Do you somehow manage to have a lobotomy between Friday at 5pm and 11AM Sunday morning? Or are your weekends simply a drunken blur of bars with fleeting friends and brief moments of entertainment?

    Never get a job.

    If you have not entered the workforce yet or are thinking about returning to the workforce after a break, think long and hard about it. You will never really have such thriving feelings inside of you about any of your current passions, ideas, desires or dreams for a long while, once you submit to a droned existence. Keep nourishing your gifts and talents.  Take your gifts and talents to your community and provide value, not a corporation.  Keep attaining the correct information on who you are.  This will lead you to success, and not dependability.

    Once I entered the workforce I felt drained. It even took too much energy to simply apply to other jobs while employed. Writing a resume was painfully tedious. Filling out an online application was like pulling teeth. Even attending networking events to meet contacts for other opportunities was less than a desired task, plus not productive. Don't underestimate misery and neglecting your true purpose.  It's power can take a true toll on your energy levels.

    Some people are great at working jobs. They love it. They love the false sense of security, the fluffy job titles, the B.S. job duties. Deep down they may have other things that they say they'd rather be doing than at work, but regardless, they continue to get up in the morning and go to work.

    When you ask them why they continue to get up and go to work in the morning, most of them do not have an answer. When you ask them about their dreams and passions, most can't say shit.

    It is like talking to a shell of the person who used to inhabit their body before.

    Don't lose touch in your true potential. This is reason enough to never get a job. See what you can really offer the world.  Don't sign-up to be a failure; everybody is doing that. Do the opposite.

    Try to not live the lie. Be better.

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  • what failure looks like


    Written by: Nikoya

    When I started this site, I did not know exactly what I was thinking.

    When I started 9thMind I had two things going before: a business.  an idea.

    So what the hell happened? I did not have a clear purpose or goal when I began.  Then when all of my writing content, including laptop and iPad got stolen, I clearly lost touch of what I thought I was doing.

    Anything in life can always change very quickly, in a blink of an eye.  Things can change so drastically, so fast, and you will never be able to predict it.

    Many people may look at me and say, “how the hell are you working at a corporate job, living a cookie cutter life, eating TV dinners for lunch (and sometimes dinner), living the 9-5 grind, gorging at bars on the weekends, re-joining the pathetic Facebook, etc., etc… when you were so anti that just 3 months earlier??”

    Well, I will tell you this: change.

    No matter how “anti” or “pro” we are against things, that view or feeling can always change; it can change by force or surrender.  In my situation I belive that I was split in-between the two.  I was split because I did not see the rescue team from the struggle, within the life that I dreamed of and was creating for myself slowly. I might have been carrying dead weight, but I never saw the rescue boat.

    After awhile, when your life is steadily passing you by, you begin to wonder if you have made the right decision.  You begin to question if you really have what it takes to do whatever you are thriving to really do.  That part, that gray area.. that questioning dilemma is the bitch.

  • Are you a spiritual prostitute?


    Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me

    Before I explore the topic at hand, “are you a spiritual prostitute?”, I’d like to reference a disclaimer: this post is not for everybody. This post is specifically for hue-man beings who are on the brink of an awakening. It’s also for those who are evolving into their own open minded education projects and are a regular reader of my work.  One reason why I created 9th Mind was to go deep.  Going deep requires keeping it real. Going deep requires fearlessness.  Going deep requires looking at the facts, history and then projecting it into our future.

    If you do not want to find out if you are a spiritual prostitute, do not continue reading.  What you may learn in the following may be disturbing.  Finding out that you signed up to be pimped by a pimp that knows you in and out, but whom you do not know anything about is mindboggling. You may even go through denial if you are not ready to hear this, because more than likely you are a spiritual prostitute.

    I call it spiritual prostitituion, but ultimately it has nothing to do with a set religion or a particular type of spirituality.  It is about the act of taking your natural gifts, talents and ideas to a system for their benefit (not yours), in exchange for money (selling yourself short).  If you are working for a corporation in exchange of time, energy, talent and ideas, for money, you are receiving half of what you are worth.  The system in which we live is not set up for you to succeed.  This system is not for your benefit, and never will be. Democrat, republican, black, conservative, it does not matter. You are just cattle among the masses, helping to feed a system of greed and death.

    You know you are a spiritual prostitute if:

    + You have new and organic ideas, but instead demonstrate your insanity

    You have great ideas for ways that you can excersize your talents.  They pop up out of the blue all the time.  You write them down as they come.  You think about it.  You keep the ideas in the back of your mind.  But you do nothing.  You continue to go to work everyday.  You keep getting up in the morning simply to spend the day in a box.  You stay unhappy, expecting different results, making no changes, ever.  You find comfort from thoughts like, "I'm getting money!..." or "Thank God it is friday!...."  You complain about your miserable job with your miserable co-workers over lunch.  You repeat this month after month, expecting things to get better.  You make no changes, and as a result: you demonstrate your insanity to the world because you do the same crap daily and have the nerve to expect different results.

    +You have credit cards and other debt

    When you borrow money from a corporate system that is built where the rich are the only getting richer and the poor are the only getting their life sucked out from them - you are feeding into a cycle to keep it all going.  Credit cards are a manifestation of "human" worth in this corrupt society.  Using credit cards birth debt, scarcity and a continuation of a loss of power.  Debt ensures life long servant hood to your borrower.  Debt ensures that you will only go X far in the world. As long as you owe the master something, you are obligated to give him your life. Credit cards are the plastic version of a old metal noose.

    Think about it.  It reminds me of a time when a friend and I went to get cars from Enterprise's rent-to-buy system.  We both could not qualify for cars because we had no credit. The exact words from the representative was: "You do not qualify because you are considered a ghost in the federal banking system.  None of our banks will qualify you because you have no credit history. We deal with many and each one has said no."

    Shocked I replied, "A ghost? How is that possible?  I'm right here, and you're looking at me in the flesh.  I have a well-paying corporate job, working full-time.  I'm certainly not a ghost and I need a car to get to work."

    Days afterward, I was still thinking about that conversation.  I realized that I was working for two corporate entities (America and my employer) and was being punished for not having any history of monetary borrowing.  It was as if I was being reprimanded for just now coming to borrow money.  They denied giving me the "privilege" to give them my hard earned money, for something I needed to continue to keep working for them!

    When we were born, the corporate entity (called America) signed an agreement with a federal reserve banking system that estimated your worth.  You were given a number, and as you evolve that number changes accordingly.  When you work a particular job your income is fixed to a certain amount.  More than likely it is not a true reflection of what you're actually worth, nor worth the value of the work you may do - but is based on how much the federal reserve will actually make off  of what it is you do. 

    This is why basketball players get rich by tossing a plastic ball around, and state agency social workers who save children from death, live off ramen noodles in comparison. If the federal bank can't profit from what you are doing, you won't get paid what you deserve. 

    If you have debt, you signed up to borrow money.  No one cares if it was for school or a loan to get a car.  The fact remains that you are indebted to that debt, and this ensures your working contribution to a corporate society that doesn't care if you live or die. If you are a true hue-man you should work for 2-4 years tops (if you must), save some and start your own business immediately.

    + You have no problem with working for someone else

    If you are one of those people who claim to love your job, love what you do and love to get up and go to work in the morning, congratulations! You've received your reward.  Sadly, people like this may never get delivered from prostitution, because they can not recognize the bondage nor chains they're in.  More than likely, you will never be saved.

    As long as you are still taking your gifts, knowledge, talent, ideas and skills to benefit someone else and their "corporation", who care nothing about you, you are committing spiritual prostitution.  Your talents should be used among your own people, in your own collective community, for the advancement of a new society that places true worth of all.  Not some invisible elite.

    + You are black and think you are free

    Hue-mans (whom I am speaking to directly because they are my primary concern) must know that some of you were here in America before Columbus.  Even those few that arrived from Africa, were on the Earth before everyone else. This means you existed before any of the "corporations", "federal banking systems", "the consititution", "citizenship laws" and anything else.  Naturally, you should first be left to live by the natural laws, and only secondly by man's law.

    Right before the 13 corporations were formed and the constitution was signed in America, a treaty was signed in-between the indigenous people and the European.  This treaty designated that the black indigenous retained the right to live by the natural laws of god, continue to trade among the nations of the world and to live in peace among the newly settled Europeans.  This is why the 2 dollar bill is gone.  It showed the black dude that was  representing your tribe, signing the agreement.

    Blacks were never supposed to live under the american constitutional law.  You are natural born citizens, not citizens of America.  We should have never fallen for a fight of civil rights or joined that movement, because we could not have been given any rights.  Even though we gave over our power and were fighting for "equal rights", it was not the Eurpoean man's responsibility to give it to us.  We should have stayed true to our natural law.  We should have never been reaching out to Man, giving away our power to foreign belief systems and laws of folly.

    This is what Booker T. Washington, founder of my alma-mater tried to teach us.  When you lift the veil of ignorance, you are breaking the chains of slavery- which is simply mental.  We had our own laws. You can still live by them now. You don't need America's corporation, and they don't want you anyway.  The gatekeepers don't look like you and they don't care. If you are black and do not know this, thank God this realization.  It's black and white.  Even white people know this fact now.  It's not just older, white men in corporate, high profile "jobs" that know this either; but young, blonde, clueless workers that happen to get platforms and avenues of influence.  They get their opportunities based off what they know about this.  They write things like this proving that point.

    If you are a "minority" of a darker color working for a minority elite corporation of greed, you are a spiritual prosititute.


    How do you break free from prostitution?  Start by taking your gifts and talents back for the benefit of yourself and those around you. Release the slave mind by reading and educating yourself.  Stop allowing others to profit from your ignorance.  The solution to prosititution is this: continue to work if you must, for no more than 4 years and save your butt off.  Quit, purchase land and start your business. Plant a garden.

  • Why you are not a success


    Written by: Nikoya | Tweet Me

    There are a lot of subjects in the world, that perplex the human mind. The mind itself is still somewhat of a mystery, and not fully understood. We do not know all about how the mind works, but we do know that we have the power to create ideas, when we apply our minds.

    Everything we experience in the physical world started with an idea. You exist because someone had an idea. Civilization began because someone had an idea, believed in it and never doubted it. Nothing in the world is tangible unless someone took the time to create it. Everything we see began first as a thought in someone else’s mind.

    We wonder why certain people grow rich and others remain in poverty. We question the validity of people’s wealth when they grow from rags to riches. We believe that we have to work ourselves to the ground before we become worthy of any success or a reward. Others wonder what the great mystery is in-between those who are a success and why other people are complete failures.

    Everyone who has experienced success in life can say that it required more than time-consuming, hard work. They’ll say that it required centered thought. They’ll say that they occupied their mind with the direct desire to achieve a particular goal of success. They’ll mention that they wrote down their ultimate goal every single day and read it outloud. They’ll say something like, “The 1st thing I said to myself every morning before I achieved my goal was X, Y, Z.” They’ll say that they envisioned and dreamed of themselves achieving what they desired on a regular basis. They’ll say they specifically thought about whatever it is they desired to experience in life, everyday.

    “The reason why some people fail, is because they simply… don’t think.” – Dr. Malachi Z. York.

    We have to think about what it is we want to achieve in life. We have to meditate on the specific goal daily. Human beings are creative by nature. We give birth to everything through the canal of the cerebellum. Certain people work all their lives, very, very hard, and manage to never achieve anything in particular. However, other people that appear to not do much of anything, achieve success seemingly by nature. Why is this? What causes this to happen? No one can say it does not happen, we all see it all the time.

    The difference between those two types of people are what they think about. We become what we think about. If you do not think about this, it is not a mystery on why you too, are a failure.

    The reason why certain people fail in life, is simply because: they just don’t think. I can certainly agree to that.
    I've tried the excersize in my life once, and occupied my mind with a specific goal. I believe that success is when you are moving towards a specific self-chosen goal, applying daily action towards that goal. I did everything I thought was neccessary to move towards my specific goal. At the time, I had just moved into my parents house, after an embarrassing failure in my work endeavors. I had not money, no assets, no tools. I had to pawn everything of value that I owned. I had moved from New Jersey to Florida, in a desperate attempt to hold on to a life that I was failing to create, taking a job with an architect who was 10 times more unstable as I was. I attracted that opportunity into my life at the worst of times, because instability was what was occupying my mind daily. I had manifested the worst scenario for the situation I was in, as possible. This sequence of events, of hard times required me to have to give up and return home; living at my parents houses. Once I hit rock bottom, I made the decision to change my thinking. I completely revised the mindset I had negatively created in my mind. I realized that I had severe issues with the perception of money, work, success and independence. It took 8 months for me to completely zap these horrid thinking habits. After they were killed, I had a complete idea of what I wanted to set for my goals, and how I was going to take daily action to achieve them each day. My ultimate goal and idea of success was to become a wealthy author and entreprenuer. I want to help people, create jobs and inspire people to do creative work. But the first practical goal I aimed to set, was to get out of my parents house. I accomplished that, after much focus and energy by applying my thoughts. I fell into a job opportunity and as it manifested out of the clear blue, my ticket out of Texas was set in stone. Somewhere down the line I did not collapse my mind to continue to revise my negative thinking patterns as they related to jobs, work and money. When I arrived at my destination, eventually I realized that I had manifested a place in real life that was a direct reflection of my mindset towards work and money. I was more concerned with leaving home and getting a decent job, as oppose to healing my negative thought patterns with wealth and poverty. I ended up working at a legendary company, in a completely "new position" that was created out of thin air, but still could not afford to live in the decent area near my workplace. The city in which I had to live, was the epitome of poverty, isolation, individuals with a poor mentality and lack of direction. Schenectady, New York. I had managed to manifest a city that I had never heard of in my life, but was actually a direct physical manifestation of what my thoughts were. Schenectady is a town full of but slum lords, bums, ex-convicts from New York City, mentally ill people, drug addicts, alcholics, unemployed workers and theives. It is the direct manifestation of where my mind was centered around, as it relates to money and work. It was based from thoughts of lack and failure. I've always been the type to constantly travel to town to town upon desire, for new opportunities. But when I became stuck in a town that was a direct manifestation of my negative thinking, I realized I was in-turn changing to match my environment. After I realized that all I could think about was what negativity was surrounding me, the more negativity and failure I drew towards myself. I became stuck physically, in the actual town and in my apartment. It was as if because I was stuck in my way of thinking, I could not find a way out of town either. I had not re-newed my mind to think on what I actually wanted and what I had came to work towards. When I learned that the actual name, "Schenectady", meant "the end of the road and no road out"(a native american name); it hit me. I realized that my physical manifestation of my surroundings had actualized. I realized that I had created the experience of being stuck physically, through my subconcious thoughts which influenced my daily actions. I found it ironic that the place that embodied what I was feeling was in itself named "Schenectady = the end of the road, and no road out." I decided to change my thoughts. I am slowly finding my way home. It's just like the movie, The Wizard of Oz (Frank Baum - the writer also is from right around the corner in Schenectady), when we have a period in our lives where what we were seeking was inside of us the whole time. I've had that moment. I'm living that moment now, even after I thought I knew and understood the power of the mind. It's like how each character; the tin man, the lion, the scarecrow and Dorothy, were each trying to get to Oz to obtain something they wanted and had the whole time. They were applying daily action. They were seeking. They were moving daily, from place to place, trying to reach their destination. However, once they got to Oz they were dissapointed because it was not what they had expected. When they finally met the Wizard they realized that his game was all a mental act of illusion. They each learned that everything they were seeking was inside of them the whole time. It's that simple, a child's story like this sums it up; making us all stop and laugh. It can be the same way for finding success. We each have the ability to manifest success, inside mentally. We just have to actually think, and think wisely. It's not always about taking physical action to me now. Sometimes that sends us on a journey that may have been unneccesary. It's not that we didn't learn anything by taking the road, but maybe we're just giving ourselves a hard lesson on a fact that we already know of. If you are not a success, what are you thinking about? If you are not thinking, then this is why you have failed. But if you have, keep knowing that the power to create success and keep it, comes from your mind.

  • 1 thing black people need to work on in 2012 – ASAP


    Through out the century, every 30-40 years there is an outcry from people about “needing jobs”.

    When will that question ever change to, “how can we create jobs?” by “minorities”?

    Obama has served his 4 years – 16% of “black” Americans are unemployed. Those that are employed make 20% less than their white counterparts, even at the same job. Has much changed?

    The question for black people is: What date, time and place can we all meet to combine our skills, talents, resources and ideas together?  Why can’t we create jobs for ourselves and for other Americans?

    We built the great cities of America, brick by brick, but now we act helpless. We want unemployment checks, we pour our money into large corporations not owned by just people, we devour food stamps.

    We built Wall St., but we can’t build a smarter banking system. We built America but we do not want to protect our mother country – Africa – from her devastation.  We want to stay safe in our bubbles here in America, and turn the cheek to our families in Africa & Haiti.  We sign up to become assassins in the US Armed forces, risking our lives for a people who don’t even care about us, and watch our fellow soldiers rape and kill our own blood.

    There is no such thing as the Middle East. Look at a map. A real one. It is in Northeastern Africa. Using the name “Middle East” – is just another way to differentiate and impose separation. We are all a part of each other.

    Who are you? What talents do you have? What skills have you mastered?

    If we can not stand for what is right and be willing to act for the future of our country and the next generation; what will the future be like?

    Did you just go to college, graduate, get a comfortable but shitty job simply to get out of the hood and move out of your parents basement? Is what yours is yours?

    We can actually lead a life changing life for the good of everyone.  Let me know the date & time, I’ll be there when y’all are ready.