• The Spiritual Roots of Physical Pain


    Metaphysics have given us a collective insight of data supporting spiritual, emotional and even traumatic roots of physical illnesses. In previous posts years ago, I share some spiritual roots for physical manifestation of pain or illness in the body.

    Everyone has different circumstances that cause physical manifestations of pain and illness. Some roots are karmic based; meaning carried on from a past life (usually trauma) or current life trauma/emotional embedding.

    Please bookmark this page for future updates regarding these conditions listed. I plan to elaborate and grow on as many manifestations as possible and equate them to psychological and/or karmic reasons for the pain.

    Keep in mind these references are for those who have been to a medical professional and they were either told they have nothing wrong with them, yet they have pain- or they’ve been diagnosed with something that can only be “masked” by medication, to where if you do not take the medication the symptoms returns.

    The following is for finding the root of the manifestation of pain- not for medical diagnosis purposes:

    Chronic Neck Pain – neck pain is often the result of a metaphysical blockage that is preventing the person from moving forward and achieving their highest potential. This is manifested in the neck region because the individual may be fixated and thus blinded by only perceiving their circumstances from one viewpoint. When we can address why the individual is unable to see their challenge from a different position we can begin to take the necessary steps to unblock this person and guiding them to see their situation from a different angle.

    Chronic/Persistent Headaches – headache roots are based with issues such as unresolved emotions, karmic trauma, stress, pressure/tension, worry and even energetic blockages. It is believed that by addressing the metaphysical root of the headache, one can effectively resolve the issue and create lasting relief.

    Ear Pain/Hearing Issues – Hearing issues can have a direct connection to soul fragmentation or even comprimization. Work should be done to explore potential trauma’s in one’s energy field, aura and past life regression is a strong tool to discover previous life karma.

    Ear pain can be indicative a person not listening to their inner guidance and needs to be more open to their intuition. Individuals with ear pain have more than activated their intuition at one point, a gift we all have. Ear pain can also be a sign of being blocked from hearing the truth or being too caught up in the external world.

    Chronic Shoulder Pain – metaphysically indicates that a person is carrying a heavy burden and is feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands. It can also be a sign of a person’s refusal to let go of something or someone, or feeling a strong need to take on more responsibility than they feel they can handle. These burdens can be karmic or from a result of a traumatic state in the present life or past.

    Chronic Back Pain – back pain that is persistent and unexplained can indicate a sign of a person carrying around a heavy emotional burden. This can be the result of suppressed emotions, unresolved issues, or a fear of not being able to cope with life’s challenges. Back pain can also be a sign of a lack of emotional support or of feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands. By exploring and addressing the emotional issues behind the physical sensation, it is possible to find relief and a sense of peace.

    Persistent Stomach Ulcers/Issues – stomach ulcers can be a sign of an inability to digest the emotions of life – not literally digesting the food, but figuratively digesting what life throws at you. It can be a sign that one is having difficulty coping with stress and emotional turmoil, and that they need to find a way to process and work through any issues that may be causing them distress.

    Chronic Hip Pain – chronic hip pain is often associated with a past life trauma or events that have happened in the past which has caused a person to feel stuck in a certain situation. No matter how they bend their perspective with the logical mind, they just can’t get over what may have happened. It can also indicate the need for one to take action in their current life in order to move forward, or the inability thereof.

    Chronic Leg Muscle Pain – chronic leg muscle pain is an indicator of an individual’s fear of taking a step forward in life. The pain can be seen as an energetic blockage, preventing the individual from taking action and overcoming obstacles. The right leg is indicative of inability to move forward, and the left is a sign of the root emotional blockage being rooted in the past. It can be a sign of uncertainty and fear of the unknown, or an indication of a lack of self-confidence. It can also represent a need to slow down, take a break and re-evaluate one’s goals and direction.

    The body should not have sickness nor disease

    If we have a sound mind, body and soul, we should never have any manifestation of illness. The root of our existence on the Earth is governed by our subconscious mind. If you think you have an energetic blockage that is manifesting in emotional or physical pain, check for a local hypnotist or healer in your area.

    If you are interested in a virtual session to explore what potentially may be the root of your issues, or interested in a spiritual counsel reading, you can also reach out to me and book a virtual call if you are not in the Houston area.