The Secret Message Behind Kanye’s Musical Operas – [Mary + Nebuchadnezzar]

  Kanye debuted on the opera scene recently with his first number, Nebuchadnezzar.  Now, after dropping Jesus is King, he has debuted another opera, Mary. Kanye West is trekking territory that he has declared in his first album, College Dropout – but people don’t realize this.

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How Your Past Live(s) Impact Your Life Today

There is a teaching that life is a current cyclical judgment period, a period that we must endure and bear a yoke of for past iniquities.  I am digesting it and need to organize my thoughts by writing this post- which others may benefit from. The book of Ecclesiastes is heavily used to under-gird this […]

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Spiritual Regeneration: Have You Lived On Earth Before As Another Being?

Regeneration is a spiritual concept that has been ruled out in the Christian world. Even though churches do not teach regeneration today; does not mean that regeneration precepts do not appear throughout the Bible. In fact, it does, and it is a heavy concept.  The Hindu’s teach reincarnation- meaning that if we do bad acts […]

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How To Know If You’ve Been Cursed or Hexed

Out of mouth speaks life or death, blessings or cursings. In the Earth realm the inhabitants thereof are subjected to the dynamics of good and evil forces. That pertains to you and every living thing upon the Earth. No matter if you believe in the two forces of good and evil, blessings or cursing, they […]

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Because of your disobedience…

There is no need to arbor your brother, and scripture includes “Esau” as your brother. Because he technically is. If you remember in Genesis 25:25, Esau and Jacob were brothers; twins if you will, in the womb. Don’t return hate towards the Edomite nation because of your enslavement or captivity. Instead, hate the fact that […]

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Media & Entertainment Industry Works Hard To Pacify Melaniated People

  When you have your eyes opened to the truth, you can spot pacification and lies at a first glance.

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