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  • The Spiritual Roots of Physical Pain


    Metaphysics have given us a collective insight of data supporting spiritual, emotional and even traumatic roots of physical illnesses. In previous posts years ago, I share some spiritual roots for physical manifestation of pain or illness in the body.

    Everyone has different circumstances that cause physical manifestations of pain and illness. Some roots are karmic based; meaning carried on from a past life (usually trauma) or current life trauma/emotional embedding.

    Please bookmark this page for future updates regarding these conditions listed. I plan to elaborate and grow on as many manifestations as possible and equate them to psychological and/or karmic reasons for the pain.

    Keep in mind these references are for those who have been to a medical professional and they were either told they have nothing wrong with them, yet they have pain- or they’ve been diagnosed with something that can only be “masked” by medication, to where if you do not take the medication the symptoms returns.

    The following is for finding the root of the manifestation of pain- not for medical diagnosis purposes:

    Chronic Neck Pain – neck pain is often the result of a metaphysical blockage that is preventing the person from moving forward and achieving their highest potential. This is manifested in the neck region because the individual may be fixated and thus blinded by only perceiving their circumstances from one viewpoint. When we can address why the individual is unable to see their challenge from a different position we can begin to take the necessary steps to unblock this person and guiding them to see their situation from a different angle.

    Chronic/Persistent Headaches – headache roots are based with issues such as unresolved emotions, karmic trauma, stress, pressure/tension, worry and even energetic blockages. It is believed that by addressing the metaphysical root of the headache, one can effectively resolve the issue and create lasting relief.

    Ear Pain/Hearing Issues – Hearing issues can have a direct connection to soul fragmentation or even comprimization. Work should be done to explore potential trauma’s in one’s energy field, aura and past life regression is a strong tool to discover previous life karma.

    Ear pain can be indicative a person not listening to their inner guidance and needs to be more open to their intuition. Individuals with ear pain have more than activated their intuition at one point, a gift we all have. Ear pain can also be a sign of being blocked from hearing the truth or being too caught up in the external world.

    Chronic Shoulder Pain – metaphysically indicates that a person is carrying a heavy burden and is feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands. It can also be a sign of a person’s refusal to let go of something or someone, or feeling a strong need to take on more responsibility than they feel they can handle. These burdens can be karmic or from a result of a traumatic state in the present life or past.

    Chronic Back Pain – back pain that is persistent and unexplained can indicate a sign of a person carrying around a heavy emotional burden. This can be the result of suppressed emotions, unresolved issues, or a fear of not being able to cope with life’s challenges. Back pain can also be a sign of a lack of emotional support or of feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands. By exploring and addressing the emotional issues behind the physical sensation, it is possible to find relief and a sense of peace.

    Persistent Stomach Ulcers/Issues – stomach ulcers can be a sign of an inability to digest the emotions of life – not literally digesting the food, but figuratively digesting what life throws at you. It can be a sign that one is having difficulty coping with stress and emotional turmoil, and that they need to find a way to process and work through any issues that may be causing them distress.

    Chronic Hip Pain – chronic hip pain is often associated with a past life trauma or events that have happened in the past which has caused a person to feel stuck in a certain situation. No matter how they bend their perspective with the logical mind, they just can’t get over what may have happened. It can also indicate the need for one to take action in their current life in order to move forward, or the inability thereof.

    Chronic Leg Muscle Pain – chronic leg muscle pain is an indicator of an individual’s fear of taking a step forward in life. The pain can be seen as an energetic blockage, preventing the individual from taking action and overcoming obstacles. The right leg is indicative of inability to move forward, and the left is a sign of the root emotional blockage being rooted in the past. It can be a sign of uncertainty and fear of the unknown, or an indication of a lack of self-confidence. It can also represent a need to slow down, take a break and re-evaluate one’s goals and direction.

    The body should not have sickness nor disease

    If we have a sound mind, body and soul, we should never have any manifestation of illness. The root of our existence on the Earth is governed by our subconscious mind. If you think you have an energetic blockage that is manifesting in emotional or physical pain, check for a local hypnotist or healer in your area.

    If you are interested in a virtual session to explore what potentially may be the root of your issues, or interested in a spiritual counsel reading, you can also reach out to me and book a virtual call if you are not in the Houston area.

  • eating electricity – electric & alkaline foods


    Written by: Nikoya | Download the Book With Meal Plans

    What is electric food? How does eating electric foods benefit the body?

    An electric food is food that is completely natural, completely ingenious of the Earth and 100% living.  Our bodies are alive, which make human beings dependent on a living life force.  Energy makes us move. Electrical food animates our electric bodies.  Sadly, about 80% of the common foods that are the norm in the American diet is not electric.  To top it off, almost 93% of the food that makes up the normal American diet is not even real.

    Most of us are overweight because we are starving on a cellular level.  Why? It’s because we are not receiving the proper vitamins & nutrients that we need.  When this happens we continue to eat, because our biological system is still in need and this causes us to become overweight.

    The nutrients we need are not in the proper form from most of the foods we eat.  When these nutrients are listed on the nutritional labels, typically on “organic” labeled foods – these vitamins & minerals most likely are not in the proper state for which our bodies can assimilate (meaning we are not absorbing the nutrients we eat)!

    93% of the vegetables and fruits in a typical American diet are hybrids.  This means they were created or engineered by Man.  Hybrid foods do not produce seeds to naturally recreate.  Hybrids are sterile. Erectile dysfunction central. Flaccid.

    These foods are not indigenous of the Earth.  Hybrid foods are also highly acidic.  High acidity, which is the opposite of alkalinity, causes a block in the absorption of nutrients on a cellular level.  Imagine a gas tank full of debris.  Hard, calcified debris. This is your body on the average American diet.

    This is not a educational-how-to post.  I am very upset and very hurt of the realization of this.  America has created a whole system that sets up the people for dis-ease, stress & bad health.  It makes me sick.

    However, removing ignorance from the mind solves all.

    It saddens me because the Vegan – even though beyond their pure effort & honest discipline, still inhales things that are no good for them.  More than likely, they may even consume more hybrid and pseudo-foods than the typical meat eater. That’s depressing.

    What are some examples of hybrid food? The carrot, the grapefruit, seedless grapes, the orange orange, the pale potato, almost 80% 90% of the worlds corn & rice, almost 95% of the large tomato (except the small cherry tomato), the non-whole-grain wheat, the soybean... and the list continues. Find yourself allergic to certain fruits? Allergic to soy? Allergic to wheat? Allergic to gluten? Allergic to the orange orange (like myself)?  You are not weird. It's just your body's way of rejecting what is not natural.  It signifies that something is not right. Learn more about all of this in the complete guide. Many Vegans chow down on tofu, which is made from the genetically engineered soybean.  They believe they need it because of "Protein".  However, what they do not realize is that the essential amino acids that make up the cellular strand of "protein" is not in the proper state for the body to assimilate in tofu, nor the soybean.  Same with the black bean, due to the acidity (anything above the pH level of 7 is alkaline).
    Studies have shown what happens to the body when cooked foods are consumed.  The number of white blood cells dramatically increase when you eat anything that is cooked.  White blood cells attack anything foreign in the body.  They grow in number when something new is introduced into the body to protect the body.  So if this happens simply when you eat cooked food, imagine what happens when you consume a diet of synthetic, processed and non-natural foods. Think about it. There is plenty of iron in a rock, right? But if you ate it, the iron inside is oxidized.  The body can not assimilate the iron in that state at all. The damage that capitalistic civilization has placed on the people of the world is disturbing.  And it is only getting worse.  If we do not have access to real food, we will starve.  We will not grow properly.  We won't have enough mental megahertz to really understand what is happening in the world. My Teacher has opened my eyes and I owe much to his dedicated service to the world.  His contribution has renewed my mind. "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." That passage in the New Testament was not a fairytale.  If we are open to renew our minds, we can make a sudden change in our lives, "in a twinkling of an eye... they will be caught up & transformed."  I believe knowledge was what that passage was referring to. So how do you begin the path to wellness and start an electric diet? Many readers of this site have inquired about more details regarding this life changing way of eating.  Most of the information you need is in the following on-going series, starting from a deeper explanation of what the diet entails, how to start it, and what exactly to do:
    1. What is the Electric Diet?
    2. How to start the Electric Diet
    3. The purpose of fasting - an essential step when starting the Electric Diet
    4. Identifying Electric Foods
    5. Fasting to cleanse the body and remove toxins
    6. Starter list of Electric Foods
    7. Electric Food Diet - Meals & Recipe's For Beginners *New*
    8. Electric Foods for healthy hair
    9. The root cause of sickness and disease

    Download the complete guide with meal plans now


  • Your Diet Has A Low Vibration If You’re Eating This


    Written by:

    Most animated things in the earth realm have needs in which the physical world supplies. Grass, flowers and trees have water, sun rays and oxygen in order to thrive, and animals have food provided to them in which they were created to live off of as well.

    Every species alive on the earth is designed to thrive by consuming what they need in order to survive.  Natural beings are attracted to what is beneficial for survival; it is natural reaction for the cow to eat grass or the fish to live in water.

    Animated beings are truly electrical beings.

    Electricity animates the body and keeps it alive.

    In fact, animals adhere to this natural law a lot better than humans do. If something is contaminated, impure or not designed to them for food, most animals will not touch it.

    Place certain “foods” in front of certain animals and see how often they actually eat it.  Not too often.

    So why is it that human beings, as the most intelligent species on the planet… eat 80% of foods that were never designed for themselves?  You know, those yummy fake and non-naturally occurring substances that man create upon the earth?

    If we are the most intelligent species, why do we have the worst diet and sit back and wonder why we all are sick?

    We have created trains, automobiles, planes, etc., designing them all to run primarily from gasoline. We know that a car will not run properly without gas, but yet we don’t even know what our own bodily composition needs to run properly.  Often times we do not know this because we have never cared to read the directions from our Manufacturer and instead have put up an industry of “advisers” who we pay to tell us what to do (in lieu of keeping our bad habits) if we have issues.

    If no one ever gets sick, the medical industry will never make any money.

    Our Manufacturer has told us exactly what to eat.

    When we eat outside of the guidelines we were given, we are simply aligning ourselves with a low vibration, low mega-hertz data wave length. Concurrently, we are depriving ourselves from the proper nutrients we need to help us function at our highest capacity.  We are multi-dimensional species and we require more than food to thrive.

    But when the physical input (food) is off, everything else is at risk to follow suit.  When you eat low vibration foods, your life process is slower, off course and at a less than optimal state.  You will be more likely to experience sickness, viruses and diseases.

    We are no different than a computer.

    A diet full of blood, starch and dairy is the heart of low vibrational foods.  Living from a diet like that… is like still dialing up using an AOL connection for internet.

    It’s slow, it’s taxing on your device; just like those foods are taxing on your digestive system.

    You cannot receive any of the larger, more denser downloads you need when your internet connection is poor.

    Increasing your mental megahertz begins by changing your diet.

    Ever wonder why the super spiritual people you know from church or school always have lots of problems with finances, relationships or are always in a crisis? Or maybe you have noticed the strong leader who is always in a scandal or has to work very hard to hide their “secrets”?

    If you are following someone who is supposed to give advice or guidance and they are sick or overweight, you have to question if they are receiving high vibrational information.  People who operate on a low vibration will often fail and not even thrive in their own lives, so why are you following them?

    What the MAN-u-facturer wrote

    We can raise our vibration by studying the MAN-ual.  The human manual states that we were created to eat plants.

    Is it surprising that the first book of the Bible, the most clearly misunderstood; firstly addresses what we as a species would and need to eat before anything else?

    Even if you did not get past the middle of chapter one in the book of Genesis (the first book in the Bible) you will read that when man first came on the scene he was told by the Creator what he intended for Man to eat:

    Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; – Gen. 1:29

    Every plant that has a seed was created by God to be for food for the human being. This is important because it helps us distinguish GMO crops and plants/foods in our day. The nature of the simplicity is this: if the plant does not bear a seed then it has been genetically modified in some way or is a hybrid plant.  Don’t eat it.

    Low vibrational foods lead to a lower functioning, self-actualizing preventing life. Change your life by changing your mind and giving it the aligned fuel you deserve.

    More on Electric Foods:

    1. Electric Foods List
    2. Identifying Electric Foods
    3. Eating Electricity – Life On the Electric Diet
    4. The Purpose of Fasting – Before Going Electric/Alkaline
    5. What is the Electric Diet?
    6. Starting the Electric Diet
    7. The Truth About Hybrid Food
    8. Identifying Hybrid Foods
    9. Electric Food Recipes & Meals
    10. Root Causes of Sicknesses and Diseases – A Mini Directory
  • Electric Food Diet – Beginners Meals & Recipe’s


    The electric diet is a lifestyle that requires a lifestyle change. Here is the thing- this change can be fun and exciting! Eating electric versions of Mac n cheese, tacos, lasaugna, pizza and tuna salad is rewarding and guiltless! How does one eat electric versions of Americas classic favorite foods? I give several recipes in my beginner meal guide.

    Changing your eating habits and taste buds can be a lot easier when you have specific examples on what to prepare. When I completed my initial fast prior to embracing the electric food lifestyle, I found that meal preparation was a challenge and I had a slight difficulty on creating complete and satisfying meals.

    Eventually I realized that if I mastered a small number of complete meals that I would have created a solid foundation for other meals over time. I have created a guide that is best used after reading the Electric Food Diet book completely.

    It has beginner meals that are similar to classic comfort foods such as Philly cheese steaks, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tuna, fajitas and cheeseburgers. I highly recommend purchasing this guide in order to show yourself how tasty and creative healthy eating can be.


    Download Now – Electric Food Beginners Meals & Recipe’s





  • Natural hair growth: 7 Years Of No Heat


    Why I vowed to eliminate heat on my natural hair for 7 years.

  • The truth about hybrid food


    People get upset when you mention seemingly natural foods as “hybrid”.

    I don’t know if this is partially due to conditioning, or the fact that it is just comfortable to continue to view hybrid foods, that may be fruits and vegetables as “natural”.

    I hate to tell people that next to the dangers of blood and starch, the next major thing to avoid is hybrids.

    Especially when they are fruits and vegetables!

    There are several reasons why hybrid foods are illegitimate. This article serves the purpose to illustrate how, simply.  Of course for a portable understanding you can download the eBook: Electric Food Life, Living By the Electric Diet.  It has a chapter that dedicates itself to this topic.


    Hybrid foods inhibit absorption of proper nutrients

    First to understand this we must clarify.  When I refer to a food being “hybrid” I mean that it is a UN-natural, non-naturally recurring food on the Earth.  Classifying that as such means the following:

    • It doesn’t produce seed independently to reproduce itself
    • It’s molecular structure is not complete
    • Depends on Man to reproduce

    With this criteria, we eliminate foods that have been solely produced by certain methods.  I find that there is a lot of classification of a food being “hybrid” simply because it is genetically modified. That is not the only criteria for the classification of “hybrid” food.  If that was the case, almost all plants, fruits and veggies would be hybrids because over time humans have mated different species together to create different plants, vegetables and fruits.  When we do this, if the food does not create its own seed to be reproduced, it’s molecular structure is not complete.  It cannot “be fruitful and multiply” on its own.  This is a hybrid.

    When the molecular structure of a food is not complete your body cannot absorb the necessary nutrients.  Perfect example is bananas. A banana would not exist today if it were not for the preservation and scientific engineering of Man.  85% of the nutrients of a banana cannot be properly assimilated by the body.  Does it contain relevant electrical nutrients that the body needs to animate the body?  Yes. But most of that energy is carbohydrates.  Starch. The banana is starchy. It contains a load of inorganic nutrients (inorganic insoluble fiber, sugars, etc.) that we cannot absorb, hence causing molecular weight gain.  Molecular weight gain proceeds physical weight gain.  I'm not saying banana's are making you fat, but I'm saying if you eat a diet of blood, starch and hybrid foods... how can you expect not to be?    Related: Identifying Electric Foods Electric Food List & Book The Purpose Of Fasting - Living By the Electric Diet Starting the Electric Diet Electric Food Diet Meals & Recipe's Guide Why Are You A Failure In Life?

  • Identifying hybrid food


    Written by: Nikoya

    White rice is hybridWhen living the electric food life, by the electric diet, it helps to know how to identify foods that are hybrids.

    First, what is a hybrid?

    A hybrid food is a food that exists but was not created by God.  Hybrids are not original nor a product of the Earth’s genius.  Hybrid food is created by man.

    Hybrid food is created by cultivating and mating different plants together.  The majority of the hybrid foods that are in abundance were made in a lab through genetic modification.

    Genetic modification, coined "GMO", is were scientists have permanently re-constructured a foods DNA.  The entire molecular structure of the new breed that they create is altered and broken.

    This means that our ancestors did not eat half of the food that we eat.  They did not eat corn or have "high fructose corn syrup" in everything like our grocery stores do. Why? Because corn as we know it today did not exist.

    They did not eat white or brown rice. It did not exist.  They also did not eat wheat, because wheat was not created until the 1800's.

    The sad truth

    The majority of the worlds food is not real food.  It's artificial.  Most of it is genetically modified or made in a laboratory. Let's find simple ways to avoid eating a diet of hybrid food.

    There is one way to identify a hybrid by simple observation:

    • The plant/vegetable/fruit does not produce seeds
    If a food does not produce its own seed it cannot naturally reproduce. Seedless grapes, large tomatoes, carrots- are all prime examples of this. When you become a vegetarian, or a raw foodist, don't think that you are doing good by eating carrots! You are not receiving any nutritional value from them that can be assimilated and useful to the body. You are not receiving the popular "vitamin E" that is needed for clear eyesight. What is vitamin E anyway? God did not create the carrot.  As a hybrid, the molecular structure is incomplete.  It's DNA has been altered. When the molecular structure is broken it can not function with purpose.  This makes it not electrical because it does not animate the body with any intended purpose. Classification requirements to identify hybrid food:
    • Does not produce a natural seed
    • Molecular structure broken
    • Genetically modified and cultivated
    Common hybrids:
    • 93% of the worlds rice (via * EFSA Journal 2009; 7(10):1351, « Scientific Opinion of Arsenic in Food »)
    • Corn
    • Non whole grain wheat
    • The cow
    • Large Tomato
    • Soybean
    Educating oneself is the key to health. Never stop learning more information. Related posts:  

  • Electric foods for healthy hair


    Written by: Nikoya | Tweet me

    There is so much that is beneficial for living a lifestyle that consists of the electric diet, including long, lustrous and healthy hair!

    A diet rich of amino acids (the building blocks of protein), balanced nutrients, and hydration, creates a firm foundation for healthy hair to prosper.  I learned late in my journey of healthy living of specific foods that encourage hair growth.  Eating an electric diet revealed what encourages growth and what followed was doing more research on what I could do to enhance the progress that I began to experience.

    The benefit of using electric foods to promote hair growth is that they can be used both inside and out.  An electric diet internally enhances whatever you put directly onto your hair. Many things that are great for our hair are in the kitchen.


    Using kombucha is an ancient remedy for neutralizing pH levels in the body.  It is favorable to lower the pH when combating sickness and disease and this was a primary reason why it was used to combat illness.  Kombucha is a naturally acidic root, but digestion synergy transforms it into an alkaline forming food.

    The original form of kombucha is a mushroom.  Using the extract for your hair increases favorable benefits such as shine, strength and a boost in hair growth. Any form of kombucha you can get at your local Whole Foods or Co-op, take advantage!  Kombucha tops the list for  healthy hair remedies.

    From direct experience it helps the most with growth. I obtained three inches of growth in a six month period, despite using heat and doing other harsh things to my hair at the time. However, do your research- this mushroom has a very interesting ancient history!

    Best way to use?  Drink the tea, drink the fermented juice, buy the extract and apply it to your conditioning treatment. I believe I benefited the most from ingesting kombucha.  Kombucha helped with dandruff, made my hair softer and my energy levels were great.  It is also full of the B vitamins (including B12- which vegetarians are told they don't receive).

    If you can't find kombucha near you, order an effective and highly recommended kombucha extract.

    Liquid Amino Acids

    Amino acid liquid is great to use for a natural deep conditioning treatment or fusion. Take a base (water based, cream) conditioner and mix two tbsp's of the amino acid liquid. Condition your hair as normal, leaving it on for a minimum of five minutes.  This works great for me but you will learn how your hair absorbs it best.

    Productive deep conditioning time frame is 10-30 minutes.  Studies have shown that the ability to absorb more moisture past 30 minutes is almost zero to none.  Deep conditioning overnight can result in over-conditioning, thus making your hair weaker and more prone to breakage.

    Great carrier conditioners and aids for liquid amino acids:

    Mizani's Thermosmooth Conditioner - Smoothes the cuticle layer after locking in protein and/or amino acids

    Garnier Pure Clean Conditioner - No silicones or other enemies that promote overloading the cuticle which blocks absorption of moisture and protein

    aminoacids-healthyhairLiquid amino acid is excellent for your hair because it provides a mild protein building treatment to the cuticle layer.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and applying it this way provides protein on a cellular level with less processing, which other protein containing foods have.

    Instead of applying an egg, mayonnaise or any other raw food into your hair, liquid amino's provides cellular building blocks of growth support.

    If you have read the electric food diet series, you know that what makes a food "electric" is primarily based on alkalinity.  Amino acids are an acid, so they are not alkaline. That is one reason why using a base conditioner is the best carrier for it.  The base conditioner provides alkalinity, which balances the pH level and allows the amino's to be readily absorbed.

    Ingesting amino acid is also an essential internal remedy.  I enjoy it on steamed vegetables and salads.  Even though the popular brand of Briggs Amino's are marketed to provide amino acids from non genetically modified soybeans and vegetables, it does not contain all of the amino acids that our bodies benefit from.  This is not an adequate, sole source of amino's.

    Amino acids is essential to life and the body.  They are not only the building blocks of protein, they are the supporting make up of our body tissue, organs and muscles.

    Almond-avacado conditioner

    Almonds and avocados each have a neutral pH.  Almond oil promotes thick, healthy hair by providing rich omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamin A and E, and also a little magnesium.

    Avocado's are a great masque for the hair.  Masking the hair with an avocado and sealing it with almond oil is a heathy treat for the hair and scalp.  Be sure to thoroughly rinse or co-wash your hair afterwards, to be sure you removed the raw avocado completely out.

    I love this natural mask, because I have very low porosity (learn your hair porosity), dry hair that loves thick, masking conditioners.  The popular mask conditioners tend to be a little more pricey than I like to spend on a frequent basis, so this is a cheap alternative that yields the same results.

    The Total Wellness Cleanse

    It is very important to remove all the toxins that your body can accumulate over time.  Toxic internal build up can prevent hair growth, and in some cases even stop the growing phases of hair to progress.

    We can put whatever we want on our hair, deep condition it twice a week, protect it from external elements, etc., but if our internal body is compromised it will not have the proper amount of electricity to operate the way it should. In extreme cases this is demonstrated by those who have cancer and are receiving very toxic treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  In those cases, one of the first external changes that is made is hair loss, to the point of baldness. When those toxins are removed, the opposite is achieved, which is hair growth.

    The healthier and less toxic your body is, the better it can achieve its maximum hair growth.  I have shared a lot about the electric diet and the lifestyle of wellness that it brings. It is very important to rid the body of toxins prior to the electric diet.  Even if you are going to return to your normal way of eating after cleansing your body it is better than taking no action at all.

    For a gentle way to remove internal toxic waste that is blocking your system from operating at full force, consider a simple program called The Total Wellness Cleanse.  It does not require fasting, and gently removes toxins in 14 days.  This program details what to do step by step and is well worth the investment. I highly recommend it to those who feel that their hair is not growing at all and want to completely have a fresh start, not just a fresh start with an external "big chop".


    There aren't enough words to express how important water is for our hair. Water is the most important electric food there is to promote healthy hair, and ultimately a healthy body.

    Get The Guidebook

    To the root of unhealthy hair - the cure!

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  • What is the electric diet?


    Written by: Nikoya | Ask me a question

    The electric diet is the last diet you'll ever need.

    But first we must understand this:

    What we put into our bodies causes two possible outcomes.

    Food is either nourishing our body or harming our body. If you are reading this post you may have stopped to evaluate your health and what you eat and realize that you may be causing your body more harm than good.

    Or maybe you recently watched VH1's Last Days of Left Eye, and was introduced to the man known as Dr. Sebi - the natural healer that is known for curing aids and all other "incurable" diseases.  Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes spent her last days filming at his resort while on an herbal fast/cleanse. He is one of the leaders that have talked about the electric diet being the root foundation of living a disease-free, non-obese, and addiction free life. The information that you'll receive here can change your life. Forever. You can kill those "fat" cells for good. You can live disease free. You can never feel sick another day in your entire life... after implementing this lifestyle diet. The electric diet is a lifestyle.  It is not a traditional diet, something that is done temporarily or whenever you pack on a few pounds.  People who have an electric diet lifestyle are free from many of the health hardships that are so common in America today.  It is so easy that anyone can do it, afford it and apply it into their life.
    There is no excuse to not be successful at disease free living, as long as you make the decision to live at the level of consciousness  that is high above the masses.  Because historically, the masses are always wrong.  Whatever the majority is doing, it is best to do the exact opposite in order to be a success.

    Most folks say this:

    "I have to eat raw foods?... Oh word? Nah, I'm good on that." "Stick to organic and natural? You're kidding me... I can barely afford food at Walmart." "So you're saying I should fast once a month?  As in, like, totally not eating, like, food for a day or more? I'll pass..." "Take herbal teas and herbal supplements? What the hell does that mean?" "Who the hell cares about the difference between acidity and alkalinity? I hate chemistry, I like what tastes good." This is why so many are overweight or swamped with health complaints.  They have chosen to put energy into excuses instead of putting energy into an action plan that works. The primary foundation of the electric diet lifestyle is education and information.  With a lack of knowledge we die.  We do not thrive from not knowing, we thrive from knowing the truth, the facts and the options. When we have the proper information we are free to make a decision.  That is really what is standing in between the healthy you and the diseased you.  A decision is standing between the fat you and the skinny you.  A simple decision is all there is blocking you from the liberated you and the addicted you.
    A common phrase you hear people say when they are a success in life is, "I decided..." If you make a decision to change your lifestyle based off of sound information, you can change the trajectory of your health and essentially your life. Begin learning about the electric diet lifestyle here, and see what small changes you can implement into your life right now. This information is free, but the value that it has in life changing currency is priceless:


    Finished reading the free articles?

    Ready to get started?

    The only thing needed to get prepared for your new healthy lifestyle is to fast and cleanse your internal system.  

    Get the book


    f78ce2be578011e28dc722000a1fbcbc_7   Nikoya Jones is an entrepreneur, holistic life coach and writer.  She lives and represents the Electric Diet whenever she can. The Electric Diet saved her from a life of hypoglycemia, hypertension, alcohol behavioral addiction, diabetes and chronic anemia. She is the writer of Electric Food Life. Her virtual home with more free information is at 9th Contact her with any questions regarding this article.

  • 30 day trial: Hypnobirthing, day 15


    Written by: Nikoya

    It’s day 15 of the crunch and countdown of my 30 day practice of hypnobirthing.  It has been an interesting experience so far, and has helped me on a daily basis to not have so much anxiety about birth.  I am honestly at the point now where I have no anxiety about the birthing experience, only anxiety about going into the hospital.

    What I love about hynobirthing is the reminder that pregnancy is not an illness, and giving birth does not have the need to be a medical event.  It is simply a natural function of the female body (giving birth) and should be achieved in the most natural state desired.  I love hearing this information on a daily basis.

    With hypnobirth, I believe that knowing that there is nothing medically necessary needed to achieve birth, is the foundation of the practice.  Knowing that it does not have to be be a pain filled event is next.

    Guarding my mind has not been hard either.  I find it important to protect the skills and foundational paradigm of the concepts taught through hypnobirthing.  For example, if someone starts talking about a negative birth experience that they had or witnessed, I'll simply leave the room, or ask them not to share it.  If some dramatic scene on TV or youtube of a pregnant woman screaming in pain comes on, I tend to change the channel or leave the room.  I have made the decision to have nothing but positive thoughts and visions towards birth being a peaceful event.

    Paradigms of hypnobirth

    I enjoy all of the affirmations and concepts that I have learned so far, but here are my favorites, and possibly the most powerful:

    • Your body wants to give birth. No need to push or strain, let the body do it's job.
    • The contractions are nothing to fear.  They are surges and waves from the muscles that will bring your baby closer to you.
    • I can rest during the birthing experience, because I am so relaxed and at peace.
    • I experience sensations and not pain during surges, because I am so relaxed.
    • My body relaxes during surges, because it knows that fighting the sensations makes tension, causing pain.
    There are so many that I can share here, because all of the affirmations are really powerful.  Hypnobirthing so far has really demonstrated to me what I already knew, that the mind is more powerful than matter.  Our physiology does follow our psychology.
    Hypnobirthing daily practice: recent experiences I have not had my practice time yet today (hypnobirthing instructors encourage you to practice on a daily basis, conditioning the mind up to and during birth), but yesterday's experience was quite interesting.
    I listened to 2 hypnobirthing affirmation mp3's, each 30 minutes long and was very relaxed, but still aware during and after.  I had a great session filled with positive visualization, and I found that it did not take long to achieve a deeply relaxed state. After I finished the affirmations, I turned on the spa music station on iTunes radio, which plays a lot of the meditation music that is in the background of the affirmation tapes.  The music played in both is really great for stimulating the chakras and the right regions of the body to promote relaxation.  The next thing I knew, a solid 2 hours had passed but it only felt like 5 minutes. That shows me that I can be confident when the time to birth comes! I can be confident that I can command my body to be completely relaxed and let it do the work. Hypnobirth in hospital? The only downside to my birthing experience so far is knowing that I will be birthing in hospital.  I am more leery of hospitals and conventional medicine than I am of childbirth! The practice of hypnobirthing is really intensifying my desire to have a waterbirth at home.  I find it very hard to visualize a positive birthing experience in a beige, medical equipment stacked, smelly hospital room, with people in uniform coming in and out constantly interrupting my meditation. My key for avoiding hospital confusion is of course the birth plan, but also to labor at home for as long as possible.  I know that the less time I'm there, the  lower the chances of interventions, being rushed, tensing up because of too much stimulation, etc. If you are thinking about using hypnobirthing for your birth experience, make sure you have your ideal environment set up already! The daily practice of hypnobirthing really intensifies your true, instinctual desires for where and how you want to give birth.  I blame the visualization for this.  From the start of my pregnancy I wanted to give birth in a birthing center or at home, but was strongly discouraged not to, so that is why I am stuck going to the hospital.  Next time, I'm standing my ground.
    If I have another child, I won't choose hospital unless it is the last resort.  You have the right to have the birthing environment you want; it could be at home with a nurse midwife, in a women's hospital, in a birthing center with big tubs for waterbirthing or even outside. Next time, I will certainly plan for a home hypno-waterbirth.  Especially if all goes well this time.  It better 🙂 Related Posts: