• why thinking of yourself as a business is best


    If you look at everything you do as a business you will benefit.  Yes, I have started and flopped on many business ideas, I don’t have a degree in business nor a MBA, I have no management experience (at least in the corporate world, thank God), and I don’t know jack crap about most legal business stuff from taxes to licensing. I am saying that to remind you not to take any business advice from me, unless you want too.  One thing I do know a little something about is the mind and how it works.

    If you think of “yourself” as a business, you are one step ahead all of the thousands of corporate drones this country loves to overwork!  No matter what you are doing: contracting at a major company, working temp jobs, flying jets or serving drinks on them, waiting tables or pouring stiff drinks – you, “Yourself”, are a business.  This thinking really helped me to take full accountability and responsibility in my own finances, planning, spending, and future building.  No matter if you are a house wife, sitting pretty, you should look as your own-self as a business.

    The #Occupy rants sparked these thoughts into my mind.

    Instead of looking for handouts and for someone to pass-out jobs; just because you spent 4 years in an institution that is only designed to take your money (I know this I put in 6 years), does not mean you are due anything.  No one owes you a gig.  Build something, contribute a lot, and you will be the winner in the end.  If you can participate and organize such a thing that went as viral as Occupy, surely, you can build a business to support your community and more.

    Besides that, looking at yourself as business allows you to attract great opportunities and creative ideas to you.  Once we stop thinking with slave mentality great things abound.




    just sayin’…