• This blog launched with several posts on how to follow your purpose, make a living on your own terms, and how to break the dependency of having a “job”.

    I wrote about the spiritual aspects of working in corporate America in Are You A Spiritual Prostitute? and it stirred a lot of questions from the audience to be explored.  We expounded on how to live your vocational purpose, why it is important to live your assignment versus having a job, how to Create Income, How to Master Your Assigned Industry and Create Income, How to do the mental work of creating an income and more in the archives.

    There are so many dimensions on this topic that more can be explored and written as time goes on. I have learned so much over the course of time, hence receiving revelation on what works and what does not.

    There is never a more important time to release dependency on any masters that exist when it comes to taking care of the basic needs of your life.  a “master” would be any form of: a invisible employer, prostituting bosses, or any entity where you are working to achieve their goals and at the cost of neglecting your own.

    Time and freedom may be the only goals you have – these are just as important as anything else.

    Your assignment in life should never be neglected to work somewhere where the needs of the body are the only needs being met.

    Your job and your purpose are not synonymous. Your purpose and your assignments are not necessarily being animated at your current job just because you are there.

    Creating financial independence promotes purpose development and life assignment fulfillment.  As long as you have to spend your time and energy working for a master, you will not be able to fully explore the non-limitations of life purpose and potential.

    Breaking free from the master’s box is not always easy, and sometimes in exploration of financial freedom we can find ourselves in even more bondage-like scenarios.

    Beware of the Image of Freedom

    I recently experienced this in my most recent business endeavor working for  a small consultancy.  The opportunity appeared to promote flexibility, freedom and a solid learning platform.  I took it on with high hopes. I was functioning as a consultant, as an independent agent, for a large corporation who was just establishing a global procurement department in order to increase the functionality and profitability of their organization.

    As time went on, I was emerged more and more into this primary clients corporate culture and in-the-box strategies.  In my bosses efforts to please the client, we went along with most of the standard work- with me doing the heart of it all, both high level and detailed-analytical aspects, with my boss presenting it as his own. I was then required to be in office daily, at set times, while he lived in a different city and flew around serving other clients. The consultancy revenue was 70% from the client I was consulting with, while their other 30% of revenue was from their misc. clients.

    They were severely profiting off of my work and face-time. I was getting cheated. Not only financially, but physically due to the in-person requirements and corporate like bonding which they desired. As a result my own business was neglected, I was driving over 2 hours per day just for this, I was essentially working a corporate job without the perks and benefits, and I had no time for my own business responsibilities.

    This is what I mean by another form of a master-ship: prostituting bosses.  Especially when you are a part of a very small group who functions independently. If your boss takes your work and it is the heart of what is provided to the client, but you are not able to profit off it all equally; this is prostitution.

    If you are breaking into an industry or working entry level, how your boss uses your work is different of course. I am not talking about this. Working as a consultant and independent agent, I provided high level strategy and guidance to implementation to upper and executive level management who were in the process of creating a global team. The stakes were high but they weren’t paying me the price.

    Recognizing the value you are providing is another clear indication of if you are in the right place in your career or vocation.

    No one will care that you increased X corporations revenues by $25.6 Billion in a 6-8 month term upon your death. Your legacy should be something other than how you increased business revenue for an invisible elite. Let your life be about how you impacted your own community and lived your life enriching other lives along the way.

    A Job Is Seasonal & Temporary if it is a Requirement For You

    If you must have a job, understand the seasonality of it.  Jobs are great when they are a part of your seasonal assignment. They are an excellent opportunity to temporarily learn your industry on your bosses expense when you do not know what you are doing.  This is the key to recognizing value: When you know and can verbalize your worth, that is the time you will be accountable for prostitution if you don’t put an end to it and seek independence.

    The problem with the job type of agreement is that people get into the “job” mindset and thus become dependent.  They sound like trained robots versus logically thinking adults.

    It is the element of continuous dependency that is dangerous, not the act of having a job or an employer temporarily.  Dependency creates a delay in self-actualization, thus preventing you from fully animating your life assignment and God-given purpose.

    If the master can keep you searching for a job whenever financial times are challenging, your attention is fixed on the basic needs of the body: food, clothing, shelter, and other worldly non-essentials. But if you create an avenue of independence financially, the season of needing a job will be put to rest.  You can now live out your purpose and life assignment. This is the missing element many of us miss in life.

    Don’t be next.

    Authenticity Cures Disease, Addiction and Depression

    Many mental illnesses and cases of depression are rooted in the sense of a lack of fulfillment and non-animation of life purpose.  People feel stuck in life long circles of redundancy, monotony and habits.  They have to keep doing the same things everyday or else they will not have X, Y and Z.  If they stop, not only will they not have X, Y and Z, they may not know why they even need certain parts of that X, Y, and Z.

    Authenticity is a path that leads you to recognize your masters.  Your masters may not even be rooted in the side of traditional workmanship. You may have created self-appointed masters such as addictions: food, drink or drugs. There are several people I know that only work to feed these masters- and only work just enough to supply what they need. These masters have the same stifling effect of a soul crushing job, and may be even harder to break free from.

    In the end of it all, more of the master’s money will not help you reach your true potential. Only you can own and choose to embark on the responsibility of animating your created purpose.

  • Black Folks: The Sleepers


    Written by: Nikoya

    Yea, whatev. You may not be a “sleeper” if you have found my sleepy site.

    You found my site because you searched for “electric foods’, “dr. sebi”, “what is a celestial being”.

    Basically *ish that most people don’t write about.

    But, that is my point.

    When I created this blog one of my major intentions was to shake the consciousness (or lack) within the black community for the positive. There is too much foolery representing, and feeding us, mentally.

    We have so much much potential. We have so much more to grow into. If we were not a “threat” we would not be everyone’s targeted prime rib media.

    Because of this, I am tempted to change the whole purpose of this site. I can’t change who I am, so the foundation will still stand (coaching, empowerment, productivity), but everything from here on will be practical. Real practical, and real raw.

    We have to wake up from this coma. No one else can do the work for us. The future is at hand. We must wake up. Just WAKE UP.



  • Written by: Nikoya

    It takes a lot more training to fly a jet than to drive a car. When we drive a car we have the ability to see most aspects of the road; roadblocks, debri, stop lights and stop signs.

    Becoming a pilot takes years of training, education and applied practice. Pilots have to know how to use the controls and systems required to fly. They have to communicate with the FAA for information on how to navigate their route in real time. Eyesight only goes so far when you are a pilot. A computerized system is required to help a successful flight take place.

    The professional marketplace is similar to air travel. In the business world, once you obtain a certain level or a particular altitude, within your industry, you will need multiple systems to assist you in navigating through your path of success.

    Your assignment is what you do once you know where you are going. As we’ve explored, living purposefully involves (1) knowing who you are, (2) knowing where you are going and (3) knowing what you will do once you get “there”. Navigating through your assignment requires self mastery and applied practice.

    The Two Dimensions of An Assignment

    There are two dimensions within the inner workings of your assignment:

    1) The qualitative dimension

    2) The quantitative dimension

    If you are already operating in your assignment within your assigned industry, which dimension are you currently operating from 80% of the time? Are you primarily navigating through the dimension of quality or quantity in your work?

    It is common to find that when we are operating primarily from a quantitative dimension to experience frustration, chronic cyclic challenges and exhaustion. Ask yourself this: What is my end goal in this current project/work day/problem? Start from your desired goal and work your way downward. What ever you do not finish will disappear from your list of tasks.

    The qualitative framework is the most effective in 95% of marketplace industries. When you are more concerned about quality, your purpose is animated more effectively and helps to build a solid legacy.

    Practical questions to clarify the effectiveness of your work towards your assignment:

    1. Where are your thoughts most of the work day: Time? Providing Value? Helping others to the best of your ability?
    2. What are 5 things you do very well? How can you do more of these things daily?
    3. You are who you believe yourself to be. How do you see yourself? Do you have positive self worth?
    4. If you are not in the line of work that animates your purpose, what applied practice are you engaging your gift, talent, skill daily?

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  • Life Purpose and Work


    I’ve written a whole lot about life purpose and how it relates to working for a living; just check out the archives.

    Or for a quick inquiry, simply skim through here: (Don’t Get A Job, Get To Work, Why You Should Never Get A Job, Finding A Career That Fits You, & Making A Living and Living Your Life Purpose)..  and there is more.

    Yes, you do have to take care of the body: eat, drink, shelter; in this natural life that is mandatory. However, living solely to mandate those needs is an abomination… living your created purpose is an intentional act and mandatory to a purposeful life.

    So, what happens when you align the needs with purpose? It’s possible, and much in our era enables this ability to take place.




  • Work anywhere with Paradigm 9, LLC


    We can spend all day talking about how to maximize the use of your time, how to increase productivity and reach your full potential. However, without practical information that you can put into use it is hard to understand how it can be done in your situation.

    I receive many emails about how to manage time when having to spend all day a jobs that do not align with their gifts and how to free up time to explore the gifts that have been out of touch due to inactivity.  It is so easy to say: “create a business and work for yourself. Do you.”, but it is not as easy to actually get those actions successfully in motion.

    I have an opportunity to suggest to those who need to work anywhere, work from home, create their own schedule, or simply want to work independently to have more control over their gifts, talents, and time.  The work I am about to suggest is legit and solid… but it is, well: WORK.

    This opportunity will allow you to:

    • Control  your schedule
    • Manage the best use of your time
    • Make the target income you desire (no cap off with upward growth)
    • Work from the peace of your home office
    • Live anywhere
    • Enable you to have time to explore your individual gifts and talents

    With Paradigm 9, LLC, you can work in two major capacities if desired:

    • Technical Solution Specialist
    • Virtual Concierge Assistant

    You can apply through Indeed.  You have to make a video resume.  If this is too much for you then you do not want this bad enough.  Paradigm 9 enables individuals to increase in productivity and maximize potential. You have time to seek purpose when you are in control of your own time and energy.

    Remember, how you spend your energy is the greatest tool to combat efficient time management.  Choose to direct the flow of your energy into platforms that provide for your total well being and not just for a simple dollar.


  • Natural hair growth: 7 Years Of No Heat


    Why I vowed to eliminate heat on my natural hair for 7 years.

  • coily-clips-launch

    I’ve had fun working on a new business, called Coily Clips, which solves the problem of short, sparse hair for natural and afro-textured chicks.

    As a natural haired chick myself, I sometimes want to achieve certain styles that were difficult to do with natural hair with out causing damage (I don’t use heat) or breakage (excessive braiding and weaves).

    Especially after having my baby, I have experienced a lot of post-partum shedding. ANYWAY, I created the idea, incorporated the business with the state, and launched it.

    My favorite part about the product is that it only takes 5 minutes to install, and blends great with our natural texture. I am a biggie on saving time!

    Check it our and share it with other naturals you know.

    I have also created an affiliate program for this business. Anyone interested in selling this product on their websites or social media accounts, can earn a decent commission.  If you have an audience that is natural and looking for afro-textured tips, hair and styles you’d be ideal to market this product.


    If you are interested in doing business with me shoot me an email or call @ 844.99.CLIPS.


    If you like Coily Clips on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, we will enter you in a give-a-way special to win some of the following goodies.



  • Suspending premature death


    Our lifespan as humans, is steadily dwindling as time passes. We are dying younger and younger. This is happening everyday.

    Back in 2006, I kept having a recurring dream. The dream was always set in a cemetery; a dark, misty, classic over crowded cemetery that you normally see on the northern east coast.  The tombstones were piled on top of each other, and on top of each grave site where dilapidated boxes of gifts. Some people’s graves had gifts that were open, damaged, or broken.  Others had pristine packaged gifts that had not been opened at all.

    Years went by and I continued to have this same, and similar symbolic dream.

    I eventually asked one of my friends about it, saying, “what do you think is with this dream I keep having? All I see is a dark overcrowded cemetery with piles of gifts on each individual tombstone and grave?”

    My friend, very accustomed to my hyperactive mind and this dream pattern replied, "All gifts and calling are irrevocable from God..." Then it clicked.  After all of the those years I could not believe that I had not figured the meaning of those dreams out myself. The dream was simply symbolic of how many die prematurely with out giving their gifts to the world. For some, they entered into death without even tapping into their gifts because they did not know they existed. Don't be one of the many that not only experience premature death, a death that is early and could have been prevented through knowledge, but definitely don't be one that dies before releasing their gifts into the Earth realm.

    "I suspend death until I accomplish the purpose I was created for"

    Like most things related to the mind, we each have the power to suspend death until the exact time we are intended to transition out of the Earth realm. The primary methods for suspending death consist of the following simple key choices:
    • Right knowledge of health choices
    • Correcting negative language or declarations that we entertain
    • Correcting negative or disagreeable lifestyle choices
    • Adhering to intuition
    • Actively seeking life purpose and executing our daily assignments
    • Declaring that we suspend premature death
    Sadly, that most popular cause for premature death is sickness and disease. This is primarily because we do not know how to eat and do not know what we should not put into our bodies. We do not know how to cleanse our internal body or give the digestive system a thorough rest. Spiritual individuals in the ancient texts, as well as the self-actualized, were not just fasting because it made them appear to have higher insight- but because it is mandatory for good health and causes natural reversal of cellular damage to eliminate illnesses.

    Tired of hearing about my people dying young

    People perish from a lack of knowledge. Suspension of premature death is as simple as learning any other type of information that is useful to function in the world.
    After years and years of bad eating, comprimization of cells, along with the mucus membrane begins to happen at birth. That is why we see so much of "born diseases" such as Lupus, Sickle Cell Anemia, and ADHD. But the more common diseases that we incur as life goes on are even more preventable and unjustifiable. There is no justification for premature death. We are more powerful as individuals if we activate our ability to renew our minds and suspend it at all costs.   Related Posts:      

  • Are you exchanging your only commodity?


    What is the one thing that we mutually share in this human experience?

    The one thing that we each have only a set, fixed and certain amount of?

    You know… that concept that we can’t add to nor take away.


    Time is the only thing that we each share and experience in our human life expression. We can’t control it, add to it nor eliminate it from our lives. Time is the same to everyone.

    A commodity is an economic good that can be met by many sources. The only competitive factor of a commodity is the value, the price, or the rate required for the trade.

    Why exchange your only commodity for income? Everyone’s time is valuable- so why do you, the smart one, exchange your time for much less than you can offer?

    Our internal exchange rate is what we develop it to be, based on our ability to mine out nuggets of value from our hidden potential. We should look to what has been placed inside of us to supply and meet the current demand.

    And… thankfully, the demand is great. There is a shortage in the world- because only you can do what you do. Until you activate this and do what you were created for, there will be a shortage. The only person that can meet the demand is you, because only you hold your DNA.

    I challenge you to meet the demand- and stop exchanging your only commodity, time, for income.

    Seek a purpose in how you spend your time versus exchanging it for materialism.

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