Channelled Message From Khonsu (The Chronographer)


khonsu the chronographer; egyptian deity
Khonsu – time keeper from ancient Egypt

{Video transcription]

Collective what’s going on today we’re going to do something different we are going to see what messages that Khonsu has for us.. (the transmission is transcribed as follows):

Watch or read the transcription below

0:09 um during this time I felt led to make

0:11 this video it is a little different

0:12f ormat normally when I do channeling

0:14 I’ll do automatic writing or automatic

0:17 typing this time I’m gonna just go off

0:20 of my clear audience and what I hear

0:23and what is dropped into my spirit by um

0:27the Divine or kansu

0:30the deity himself him or herself

0:36um for those of you not familiar who

0:38konsu is

0:40um he or she is a keeper of time in

0:42traditional Egyptian literature or

0:45Egyptian mythology

0:47um the Egyptian scriptures whatever you

0:48want to call it the Book of the Dead



0:52he’s a chronographer

0:54Record Keeper of time

0:57um the original one that the cometic

1:00Sciences or the kemetic


1:04attributed the one that was a keeper of

1:07time so if you have any other details

1:09about konsu that you want to add so just

1:12to give people more context

1:14um for the sake of for the sake of

1:16understanding in the sake of time go

1:18ahead and write a comment about you know

1:20and what you know about him so I don’t

1:22have to go into details

1:25but I’m going to use my clear audience

1:27Channel and messages and I’m going to

1:29clarify everything I’m hearing by any

1:30deck that I’m been called to pull from

1:33so um spirit is saying now

1:36um first of all let me go ahead and

1:38start Divine Cosmic intelligence of the

1:39universe please protect me while I

1:41channel the messages from konsu the

1:43chronographer obviously there’s a

1:46message in space and time that there

1:48needs to be delivered regarding this

1:52I’m not quite sure what and of course

1:55this message is not going to be for

1:57everybody but it will be a collective

1:59message so it will be applied you should

2:03apply this to the universal energies

2:04even if it doesn’t make sense to you at

2:07this time it’s still going to be

2:08affecting the universal energy so spirit

2:11is going ahead and telling me they need

2:13to pull the Cosmic Cards from what I’m

2:15hearing I’m gonna I haven’t touched this

2:17deck in a minute so I’m going to shuffle

2:18them real quick

2:21um so far what I’m hearing and I think

2:23this is why I’ve been led to

2:25channel the messages from kansu this

2:28particular energy


2:34um first I’m hearing that when we

2:37Channel deities especially from a time

2:39at era

2:40whether it’s from Sumeria kimet Egypt


2:46um Romans whatever when you’re

2:49channeling that particular deity you’re

2:51not necessarily channeling them per se

2:54you are but you’re channeling the

2:56message and the energy of that of what

2:59they represent so there’s Universal

3:01archetypes that are in the spirit realm

3:04from people that have gone on and

3:07energies that have gone on and um there

3:10are some deities that had

3:12fleshly bodies and when they crossed

3:15over when they transitioned they either

3:18chose to Incarnate into another form of

3:21a deity or they took a lower left a

3:26lesser position within the Earth realm

3:29or on other planets other celestial

3:32bodies so

3:34the energies that are being challenged


3:38are constant relative to whatever that

3:41energy represents or whatever that deity

3:44represents so all the deities have

3:46different representations



3:50no matter what energy space is that

3:53particular name of the deity that you’re

3:55calling upon is operating under the

3:58representation is going to remain the


4:02um if that makes sense

4:07so um

4:09let’s go ahead what I’m hearing so far

4:11now is that

4:14a lot of us have been left

4:18in a Time Loop a lot of us have been

4:20left behind

4:23time has the reset has already happened

4:28and time is looping backwards for those

4:30who are on the catch end of it or the

4:32teal end of it

4:34you might be feeling very dense very

4:36heavy like you feel like something’s

4:38about to happen

4:40but it feels like okay

4:43very uncertain it’s a very uncertain

4:45energy and what you’re feeling about

4:47what you’re feeling is is that

4:51that dense feeling is relating to

4:54the weighing of the feather you know if

4:57you know anything about Egyptians Book

4:59of the Dead

5:00when you crossed over

5:03and you went to the seat of judgment or

5:05you went to get your heart weighed

5:08your heart had to be lighter than a

5:09feather for you to cross over into the

5:11next higher Dimension you had to become

5:13lighter and so that dense feeling that a

5:16lot of us are feeling or some of us very

5:18few of us probably to be honest not

5:21everybody is intuitive as others

5:23that dense feeling where is feeling that

5:26is trying to keep us trapped in this

5:28Dimension that is trying to keep us

5:30Trapped In This Plane of existence in

5:33this realm

5:34and the issue with this 3D realm right

5:37now for those type of people who feel

5:39that density

5:41um and that’s why they call it the three

5:43density Matrix

5:44you feel that because it’s this three

5:47density Matrix is currently being sucked


5:51Wards in time and it’s looping

5:55and repeating the history of times past

5:59let’s go ahead and get the Cosmic Cards

6:02because we don’t want this to just only

6:03be a message of

6:06no hope right we don’t want it to be

6:08negative completely let’s see if the

6:10Cosmic Cards are saying Mother Earth

6:12yes the changes are happening on Earth


6:16just like we talk about new Earth and

6:20the Earth splitting the Earth changing

6:23um the energy Shifting the pole shifting

6:26everything that’s happening here

6:28the shifts that are taking place upon

6:30the earth now things are changing the

6:33poles are changing um the polarities of

6:35the energies of Earth are changing

6:37period and that’s Earth is only bound to

6:41the three density aspect of time

6:44space and time exist

6:46as we know it because we’re connected to

6:50This Mother Earth here

6:57some of you might be feeling like you’ve

6:59had certain conversations before


7:03the energies feel very familiar a lot of

7:06deja vu is happening to a lot of people

7:08and then this dense heaviness feeling is

7:11happening and that’s because the time

7:14has been looping backwards

7:17for those who are very heavy and

7:19connected to this 3D Matrix the time has

7:22been looping backwards

7:24and the events are even repeating


7:27closer behind each other over and over

7:30again a lot of people have been saying

7:32that they feel like time has sped up

7:36and that’s their intuition saying okay

7:38you know some something has really moved

7:40forward something has reached a typed

7:43okay we have the number nine here that’s

7:45definitely significant nine being the

7:47highest number

7:48the number of transitional endings

7:54that’s your intuition you know telling

7:56you that

7:59changes might have to be made if you

8:01want to go to this new Earth or to this

8:03higher Dimension first of all with

8:05Dimensions there’s thousands of

8:07Dimensions within our realm of existence

8:10right now there’s multi-levels of

8:13Dimensions but people always are talking

8:16about the Third Dimension the fourth

8:18dimension The Fifth Dimension and I

8:20think the space and time aspect Keeps Us

8:24thick that understanding becomes very

8:26very limited

8:28and it needs not to be because once you

8:31get out of that space-time Loop there’s

8:33thousands of dimensions

8:36there’s thousands of parallel Energies

8:41but it really takes someone who’s


8:44that someone who has their Crown chakra


8:47major change I’m hearing the scripture

8:50that says in a blink of an eye we will

8:54be transformed

8:56with the renewing of our minds that was

8:59that that language was being expressive

9:03and people say oh that’s allegorical

9:06I think a lot of it had to do with


9:09physical changes of the physical body

9:12the physical mind

9:15the third eye

9:18the crown chakra the pineal gland even

9:22I’m also hearing Jacob’s Ladder when he

9:25when his name was changed to Israel

9:29he was the angel told him to change the

9:32name of that place to pineal

9:35because it said the scripture said

9:37specifically that was where he fought an

9:40angel of God or that’s when he saw the

9:43face of God face to face and he had to

9:45change his name to Israel because he saw

9:48what was real at the place of pineal his

9:51pineal gland which is the biological

9:54aspect of what we refer to as the third

9:56eye was illuminated at that point and


10:00but also to move forward and become

10:02lighters to further your crown chakra

10:05the bright white light within you the

10:09God’s Force within you has to be

10:12activated as well

10:15and I think this message from kantu

10:19is almost like a reassuring it’s a

10:22warning for some people but it’s also

10:25something we should be reassured about

10:27if we do have this Intuition or this

10:30intuitive idea of being feeling very


10:34and very tied down and heavy during this

10:36time within this world in this Matrix

10:39especially not even with everything

10:41that’s going on

10:43but time is looping can’t do is saying


10:47even from everything that’s happened

10:48didn’t we just have a shooting every

10:50year that’s been the shooting in the

10:52same places

10:53we had a shooting last night for El Paso

10:57in a public place

10:58and there was a shooting the same time

11:00this year a same time last year

11:04right down the street at a Walmart

11:07multiple shootings at these Universities

11:09at the same time of year like time is

11:12really repeating itself but it’s

11:14repeating itself on a very short term


11:18even with the UAP and the UFO sightings

11:21if they were telling us that

11:27there were these weather balloons and

11:29these balloon crafts and

11:32um spy balloons in 1947 during Roswell

11:35they told us that then

11:38but they’re telling us the same

11:40storyline today in 2023 that oh these

11:44aren’t UFOs these are flying water

11:47balloons and spine balloons and stuff

11:50time is the same thing but it’s like we

11:52haven’t evolved and then they say oh

11:54well our Radars and our equipment hasn’t

11:57been able to pick up this type of stuff

11:59because we haven’t upgraded our stuff

12:01since 1980.

12:03well how is that the case when you were

12:05given everybody the same storyline in

12:081947 that you are in 2023 how is that

12:12the case how is it the same story

12:16and those Roswell documents are have

12:19been Declassified by the way anybody can

12:21go online and look at the report

12:25they got autopsy reports and everything

12:28about the species that they found from

12:31those crashes but

12:33um that’s just a psycho but let’s go

12:35ahead and confirm let’s go into the

12:36tarot to confirm what is being channeled

12:39from consume about this time looping

12:42and people that might be feeling very

12:44dense very heavy how is this going to

12:46affect the universal Collective

12:49spirit thank you for the messages how is

12:51this going to affect the universal

12:53collective in this present moment in

12:55time what can we do about this how is it

12:57going to continue to affect us and our


13:01future the heroicent is here okay

13:05so any obligations you have

13:09any spiritual illegal okay this is

13:13talking about Cosmic contracts this is

13:15talking about any agreements that you

13:17made before you incarnated into the

13:19Earth Realm

13:20The Herald friend the Pope

13:23this card speaks about Cosmic contracts

13:27formal contracts

13:30traditional religion traditional

13:32relationships marriage

13:34going through the process of doing

13:36things correct and in order

13:39this is what this card represents but

13:41this is confirming what I was hearing

13:44some of us are also going to be bound to

13:46this space and time because we have

13:47unfulfilled Karma contracts that we made

13:51before we entered into this Earth realm

13:53and into this innate existence that

13:57until we complete our obligations

14:00or work through whatever contracts we

14:02made in the spirit realm whatever we

14:04came here to learn we will have to

14:06continue to come back

14:08over and over and over again until these

14:10contracts are either

14:12fulfilled or canceled

14:16um spirit is saying you can cancel the

14:18contract if you want to because you

14:20signed up to Incarnate here

14:22and you made those agreements in the

14:24spirit realm before you came but that’s

14:26going to keep you bound if you don’t

14:29cancel these soul ties these contracts

14:31if you don’t want to keep coming back

14:32and doing the same thing with the same

14:34people over and over and over again yes

14:37bottom of the deck it’s taxing for a lot

14:40of you some of you are like okay I don’t

14:42want to do this anymore I don’t want to

14:44keep coming back with the same people

14:45reincarnating with the same people

14:47trying to do the same thing over and

14:49over again in my life

14:51what’s different Okay so one one

14:54lifetime I’m the husband and he’s the

14:56wife and we switch it and we do over or

14:59one lifetime I’m the brother and they’re

15:02the sister you know

15:04you can choose to cancel the contract if

15:06you didn’t learn anything from what

15:08you’ve made you can cancel the contracts

15:10we’re just saying because that those

15:12Cosmic contracts that we make


15:16before we come here

15:18can also keep us bound if we don’t if we

15:21don’t settle Our obligation if we don’t

15:24settle the debt

15:25that’s made

15:28so that sounds like a lot of people are

15:30going to be stuck behind in this time

15:32Loop being

15:34Software System existence that we’re in

15:38simply because of a technicality

15:43so you have to

15:45unless you can figure out exactly the

15:47purpose behind the contract and the

15:49agreement that you’ve made

15:51before you entered in here and that’s

15:54going to help you understand if you want

15:56to keep it or not if you want to

15:57continue to hold on to the agreement

16:01are you holding on because there’s an

16:03actual lesson to be late made

16:06are you being hopeful that it’s going to

16:08get better you have to know your aim you

16:10have to know your purpose

16:14four of Pentacles here is there solid

16:16substance here are you just trying to

16:18hold on

16:21because of what might be perceived as

16:23valuable a valuable lesson or maybe you

16:27really know that it is something very

16:28valuable and you don’t want to give up

16:31that’s something that you have to figure


16:33the King of Swords

16:36that’s truth that you’re going to have

16:38to excavate the King of Swords is all

16:40about truth and understanding and taking

16:43up one’s power of a decision here

16:47some of you have multiple contracts

16:49these these could also be two

16:51individuals of high Authority that you

16:54might have some serious karmic debt with

16:59page of Pentacles

17:03could very well be a family Dynamic here

17:06some of you have specifically incarnated

17:09before you came in here and said you

17:11didn’t want families because you knew

17:13that that was going to help you be bound

17:15to this earth

17:17wherever your heart is there you will be

17:19also so if you have a lot of people that

17:22you really care about and a big family

17:24on Earth that can help that can really

17:26bring you an attachment to this realm

17:29and make you very attached to what goes

17:32on down here in this earth

17:35it also has a lot to do with

17:37creating more karma for oneself too

17:43Okay so

17:46this this to me is you know it’s

17:49confirming you know if we want to make

17:51it out of the cycle of reincarnation and

17:54not have to always Circle back and be

17:56reincarnated back here this is what this

17:59looks like to me that we gotta have

18:01settle either our karmic contracts

18:03fulfill our lessons of Destiny and what

18:06we sign up to do when we before we came

18:08here uh make sure we’re not holding on

18:10to anything that’s unnecessary and not

18:12as profitable

18:14because you don’t want to continue the

18:16cycle of reincarnation only to come back

18:18and do it again and not really have any

18:20truth and clarity about what the lessons

18:22are because that’ll keep you in that

18:24same cycle

18:27so let’s see what else is going on here


18:33what else is a factor here

18:36messages from conso regarding time space

18:39and time and this time page of Pinnacles

18:43I mean I’m sorry not the Knight of


18:48so slow it might be a slow process it

18:51might be you might be slow to understand

18:52your aim your goal but it will be


18:57the Knight of Pentacles is a slow moving

18:59night but it’s definitely something

19:01profitable you got the tin of Swords

19:03with the Ten of cups at the bottom of

19:05the deck here

19:09so some of you are bound here because of

19:11some family top ties some wish

19:14fulfillment as well karmic lessons tied

19:17into building a family having a family

19:20maintaining a family or karmic debt due

19:23to a betrayal

19:28some people might not have a choice they

19:30might have to fulfill their Cosmic


19:34until they’re able to become light as a

19:37feather so they can go into the next

19:38Dimension or move on to the next school

19:41because Earth is just a school right

19:43five of Pentacles

19:47people that might choose to

19:50not reincarnate in a certain season

19:54that could be a um if you’re you know a

19:57lot of us

19:58do feel empty

20:01we fell left

20:03um we might feel unfulfilled we might

20:05feel like we don’t have anybody

20:07so some people who are who might chop

20:09might have already been in this position

20:11to where they’re like hey I don’t want

20:12to come back here anymore I don’t want

20:14to do this again

20:17and maybe in the next Incarnation or

20:19maybe currently some people can be

20:21feeling down and out out in the cold

20:23like they have no one

20:26partially that’s because somebody didn’t

20:28want to fulfill their Cosmic contract

20:29they chose not to Incarnate or they

20:33severed one two of cups

20:40there’s some twin flames that chose not

20:42to Incarnate at every time in their

20:43lifetime because of some type of Truth

20:45or an healing option or this could be

20:48future I believe this is future tense

20:53there’s a lot of twin flames when one

20:55person or one half fulfills their Cosmic

20:58contracts and they’re at that level

21:00where they’re healed and they’re able to

21:01be open with their twin flame and so the

21:04other twin flame might not have their

21:06obligation fulfilled so they have to

21:07continue to come back and back and back

21:09and learn their lessons alone without

21:11this Incarnation without their twin

21:13flame incarnating and then once this

21:15person reads a certain level of

21:17Ascension then that’s when they can come

21:19back if they choose to in a lifetime and

21:21be reunited in the 3D reality in the

21:24three density world

21:28okay we got the queen of sticks which is

21:32the Queen of Wands and then King Of

21:34Wands here

21:35Divine counterparts equals so this is

21:37probably specific to someone’s situation


21:42it might be a twin flame situation where

21:45somebody has uneven Karma where somebody

21:47has learned their lesson and they’re

21:49like oh I’m not getting stuck back in

21:51that 3D time Loop

21:53I’m gonna sit back a couple lifetimes

21:55while you go through the cycle and you


21:58you learn the lessons that you signed up


22:01because I’m not coming back to this

22:02realm I’m hearing that now

22:07there’s many chapters to this reading

22:09taking how it resonates

22:11let’s get one last one for this

22:14um in relation to this page of Pinnacles


22:17but yeah there’s definitely

22:21um a family Dynamic here a twin flame

22:24energy too we have the seven of Wands

22:26defending one’s position

22:29picking one’s battles too I’m hearing

22:33not everything is for everybody right

22:38why if you already know you’re in a

22:41higher position in a Higher Ground you

22:42see how he’s standing up higher than all

22:44these other threats so-called threats


22:50but at the same time he’s like

22:52why you know this is burdensome to me

22:54this is taxing that the Ten of Wands

22:59at the bottom of the deck here

23:05so the main takeaway here is that you

23:07know time has been looped we are in a

23:10major time Loop and stuff is really

23:11recurring rapidly over and over and over

23:14again history is only going to continue

23:16to repeat itself heavily

23:18until we can get out of this time Loop

23:24um things will continue to be similar

23:26and a lot of us just need to change our


23:30change our perspective

23:33but anybody who’s feeling that dense

23:35heaviness this is where it’s coming from

23:40kanzu is giving us a message saying hey


23:45things have been reset and it’s being

23:47re-looped just like the infinity symbol

23:49is being re-pulled back pulling back

23:51pull it back looping back looping back

23:57so once you get to a certain point in

23:59the three density Matrix

24:01this this density this Dimension is only

24:04silver a soul of asked it’s only so

24:06large I can see why I would have to pull

24:09back and repeat the same cycle again

24:11there’s nothing new Under the Sun

24:13nothing so let’s get one more takeaway

24:16for this

24:18for the solution and any confirmation of

24:21messages I’m just going to clarify the

24:23overall solution

24:25um for this message with another deck


24:31nine of Swords yeah

24:33a big major Loop a repeating of Cycles

24:38feeling like you’re in the Twilight Zone

24:39going through things over and over and

24:41over your cat and your head or coming

24:43here for many many lifetimes

24:46over and over and over again and having

24:48the same experiences

24:50over and over and over again because

24:52maybe you’re not learning that lesson of

24:54whatever there is to learn

24:59we’ve got two nines we started off the

25:01reading with nines we’ve got the nine of

25:03Wands two with the emperor

25:06so it’s like


25:10the moon card with the six of Wands at

25:12the bottom of the deck

25:14Moon card being like okay this is a

25:16Celestial body saying hey

25:20the aspects of time are shifted with the

25:23oracle card in the beginning we saw the

25:25Earth Mother Earth here we have the

25:27other Celestial body kind of talking

25:28about the moon

25:33things repeating the same cycle the

25:36phases of the Moon

25:37is constant you can’t change its

25:40assignment it has to go out for what

25:42it’s set for

25:49so if time is still being governed with

25:52the celestial bodies to the Sun and the

25:54Moon everything under on Earth

25:56has to be subjected to that space of


26:01let’s get one clarifier for this twin

26:02flame story here

26:05just one

26:06the soul mate twin flame energy here

26:08with the two of cups

26:10the five of cups

26:15yeah two of cups to the five of cups

26:23heartbreak regret

26:30cloak of heaviness

26:35the traditional Five of Cups card is

26:38like the minor Arcana hermit card he’s

26:40cloaked with a black cloak of heaviness

26:44of remorse of regret

26:48so I think this message is all just

26:51about helping us realize what the times


26:55why it’s it’s late you know you know

26:58because it’s not just as simple as

26:59saying okay you need to know what time

27:01it is it’s the end of the world Lord

27:03judgment is coming or Christ is coming

27:05back it’s not always that simple we have

27:07to understand why it’s like that

27:09because they’ve been saying it even from

27:11Biblical times that the end of the world

27:13was coming and Christ was coming back

27:15they’ve been saying that for centuries


27:18why is it any different now

27:20it’s not going to necessarily look like

27:22what we think it’s going to I don’t


27:24this is about changing our mindset

27:27changing our Paradigm changing our Crown

27:30chakras and our third eye using our

27:32intuition to see what’s really going on

27:34this is about spiritual Ascension

27:37even the scriptures tell us the Earth

27:39will always remain

27:41the Earth will never be destroyed

27:43what’s going to change what’s going to

27:45ascend what’s going to allow us to go to

27:47the next Dimension into the kingdom or

27:49whatever Planet we’re trying to get to

27:51is going to be a shifting of our minds

27:54that’s it

27:57so thank you kantu for the message

28:00um thank you spirit for protecting me

28:01while I channel the messages please take

28:04this message how it resonates

28:06um this is a universal message that’s

28:08going to be affecting the universal

28:10spirit and soul of the collective


28:14um if you did find Value in this video

28:16please like and share and subscribe it

28:18really helps the channel and I will see

28:20you in the next one okay shalom

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