The Archives Are Back, But We’ve lost 3 Years


Godaddy was once a company I trusted.

Now, they are questionable. After 10 years they decided to delete the original 9thMind site (which is now this).

At first I was going to let it go.. But then I had a sudden drive to re-install it. Even if the backup was defected and may even make it prone to be hacked again.

I had to use a 2019 backup to prevent any codes the hackers could have embedded. Don’t know how or why they would do that but Godaddy had many theories. They even said my site was so contaminated they wanted it down anyway.

The only thing I can say is that maybe this site was so in the dust it was just a dusty target for hackers.

This is so old, but I pray all friends subbed to the RSS feed still get alerts.

I pray all friends still stay in tune.

This experience is a euphemism for our spiritual reality on many levels. If things are not documented, declared or illustrated there is no gauge of growth in this 3D world. Keeping a presence online permeates the 3D reality. This is the difference between the other dimensions. The other dimensions require less of what we know now and alot more of the things beyond our natural perception. Things pertaining to those realms have a higher purpose- meaning it is not about “who made what”, but “because we have x, now z”.

I am glad to be back to having this safe space in this 3D realm. I didn’t know what it really was until it was deleted. Lost data? Yes, but I plan to make up for that 🙂