Your Diet Has A Low Vibration If You’re Eating This


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Most animated things in the earth realm have needs in which the physical world supplies. Grass, flowers and trees have water, sun rays and oxygen in order to thrive, and animals have food provided to them in which they were created to live off of as well.

Every species alive on the earth is designed to thrive by consuming what they need in order to survive.  Natural beings are attracted to what is beneficial for survival; it is natural reaction for the cow to eat grass or the fish to live in water.

Animated beings are truly electrical beings.

Electricity animates the body and keeps it alive.

In fact, animals adhere to this natural law a lot better than humans do. If something is contaminated, impure or not designed to them for food, most animals will not touch it.

Place certain “foods” in front of certain animals and see how often they actually eat it.  Not too often.

So why is it that human beings, as the most intelligent species on the planet… eat 80% of foods that were never designed for themselves?  You know, those yummy fake and non-naturally occurring substances that man create upon the earth?

If we are the most intelligent species, why do we have the worst diet and sit back and wonder why we all are sick?

We have created trains, automobiles, planes, etc., designing them all to run primarily from gasoline. We know that a car will not run properly without gas, but yet we don’t even know what our own bodily composition needs to run properly.  Often times we do not know this because we have never cared to read the directions from our Manufacturer and instead have put up an industry of “advisers” who we pay to tell us what to do (in lieu of keeping our bad habits) if we have issues.

If no one ever gets sick, the medical industry will never make any money.

Our Manufacturer has told us exactly what to eat.

When we eat outside of the guidelines we were given, we are simply aligning ourselves with a low vibration, low mega-hertz data wave length. Concurrently, we are depriving ourselves from the proper nutrients we need to help us function at our highest capacity.  We are multi-dimensional species and we require more than food to thrive.

But when the physical input (food) is off, everything else is at risk to follow suit.  When you eat low vibration foods, your life process is slower, off course and at a less than optimal state.  You will be more likely to experience sickness, viruses and diseases.

We are no different than a computer.

A diet full of blood, starch and dairy is the heart of low vibrational foods.  Living from a diet like that… is like still dialing up using an AOL connection for internet.

It’s slow, it’s taxing on your device; just like those foods are taxing on your digestive system.

You cannot receive any of the larger, more denser downloads you need when your internet connection is poor.

Increasing your mental megahertz begins by changing your diet.

Ever wonder why the super spiritual people you know from church or school always have lots of problems with finances, relationships or are always in a crisis? Or maybe you have noticed the strong leader who is always in a scandal or has to work very hard to hide their “secrets”?

If you are following someone who is supposed to give advice or guidance and they are sick or overweight, you have to question if they are receiving high vibrational information.  People who operate on a low vibration will often fail and not even thrive in their own lives, so why are you following them?

What the MAN-u-facturer wrote

We can raise our vibration by studying the MAN-ual.  The human manual states that we were created to eat plants.

Is it surprising that the first book of the Bible, the most clearly misunderstood; firstly addresses what we as a species would and need to eat before anything else?

Even if you did not get past the middle of chapter one in the book of Genesis (the first book in the Bible) you will read that when man first came on the scene he was told by the Creator what he intended for Man to eat:

Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; – Gen. 1:29

Every plant that has a seed was created by God to be for food for the human being. This is important because it helps us distinguish GMO crops and plants/foods in our day. The nature of the simplicity is this: if the plant does not bear a seed then it has been genetically modified in some way or is a hybrid plant.  Don’t eat it.

Low vibrational foods lead to a lower functioning, self-actualizing preventing life. Change your life by changing your mind and giving it the aligned fuel you deserve.

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