How To Know If You’ve Been Cursed or Hexed


Out of mouth speaks life or death, blessings or cursings. In the Earth realm the inhabitants thereof are subjected to the dynamics of good and evil forces. That pertains to you and every living thing upon the Earth.

No matter if you believe in the two forces of good and evil, blessings or cursing, they exist. Your lack of belief in spiritual matters do not negate either force. 

First know this: Curses must be authorized by the Most High.

Next, know this point: Those who are following his laws can not be affected by any curse under the sun. Those two points are the most important. But if you want to go deeper in understanding, keep reading.

Curses Must Be Authorized

Evil forces and the enemy himself are employed by the most high. In the book of Job the sons of the Most High came to report what they have been assigned to do along with the status. Satan was among them and had to give a report on what he was doing as well.

You might say, “what is the prince of darkness doing in YHWH’s heavenly kingdom, let alone the throne of the Most High?”  Yah has the angels of darkness on his left hand to do what He commands. Job was pointed out by the Most High himself! “Have you considered my servant Job?,” the Most High said to Satan.

Then the Most High allowed and authorized Satan to test Job within certain limitations (anything but kill Job himself).

An Example of a Curse From God Himself

Deuteronomy 28th chapter Illustrates the power of blessing and cursing. The MH (Most High) states clearly who will be blessed and cursed according to the house of Israel.  Each blessing was contingent upon keeping his laws. 

We see the effects of the curses laid out in duet 28 through captivity, slavery, inequality, persecution, poverty and sickness among 3 specific types of people upon the Earth even in this day. This has happened because of disobedience. This type of curse is inescapable until one comes  into the truth.

Curses and Hexes From Individuals

If someone curses you it only has power to play out in your life if you have left a gate open by disobedience. The enemy already has authorization to enter in if your hedge of protection has been compromised by your own spirit.

If you are found blameless the curse will return back to them who sent it upon you. If you or someone feels they’ve been cursed they need to examine their life and see if they have spoken anything into existence by their own mouth. 90% of the time we are our own enemy.

If you find that you aren’t obeying the law of YHWH and someone has cursed you, you should repent and start following the laws of the Most High. Nothing can survive against you, no weapon formed against you can prosper, when you keep the law and live a life in imitation of Christ. 

If you are a Gentile in the flesh (a person not according to the house of Israel by blood) then true repentance would require you to demonstrate an act which seeks forgiveness for the evil done to the children of Israel.

You must repent for the injustices that your forefathers have done to Yah’s people to truly be grafted in to any form of protection or salvation.