Because of your disobedience…


There is no need to arbor your brother, and scripture includes “Esau” as your brother. Because he technically is.

If you remember in Genesis 25:25, Esau and Jacob were brothers; twins if you will, in the womb.

Don’t return hate towards the Edomite nation because of your enslavement or captivity. Instead, hate the fact that you were enslaved because your ancestors did not keep the Law in which they agreed to keep. However, if you do not turn to the Law, despite your ignorance, you will perish because you denied the truth.

Why do other cultures prosper why you as a people keep failing? Because you are the chosen people, you Israelite nation (those who were affected by the Atlantic slave trade and subjectively others) who were the only people invited to enter into an agreement in a covenant with the Most High Yah. Not the Gentile nation, Not the Moab (Japanese) nation, not the Canaanite (African) nation, etc. It is you, Israel, and you only.

That is why you have no rights in the land of your captivity you have no rights and no privileges. You have suffered enslavement repeatedly in different lands and are getting killed on the streets of Babylon,  You are the subject of “fear” everywhere you go and are looked at as less than a man.

It is scriptural.

Don’t arbor your oppressors every time you see a viral brutality video come out on social media.  Know your place and wake up. You are in this position due to your own disobedience. Its biblical (Link: Duetoronomy 28:15-48. Pay huge attention to verse 68.)