Spirits and Angelic Beings Keep Books and Records… on You!

psycic-flukeThey walked into a festival with food, drinks, music and art; they travelled all day for this one event.

“I’m so glad to get out of the city! The busyness was stifling me. Ahhhhh…. Work is just getting more and more demanding,” Luna stated.

“I’m just glad I could get someone to come with me,” Hannah said, “It’s so hard to get anyone, especially you, Mrs. Attorney, out of Manhattan.”

“Yeah, well, I know how I am and I give you some props for that,” Luna smirked, knowing she was a city rooted, work-a-holic who never liked the thought of travel due to a fear of heights, a love of the office and the courtroom. Once she reached her destination she’d forget the horror of the travel, especially when beaches were in the agenda. If not, she felt the time away from work was just ill spent.

“Let’s relax and have fun…. and enjoy all these silly people in ancient costumes- oh look! A Psychic booth! We have to go and get a reading. I always wanted to get a reading with you.. here is the opportunity!”

“I don’t do psychics, I just came to relax. No tough questions please… smh,” Luna was curious, but more interested in relaxing.


Approaching the booth, there was a sign with testimonies of how good the psychic reader was. What was even more intriguing was how she could afford such ornate décor on her salary, Luna thought.

“Which one of you really want reading? I’m on lunch in 20 minutes. If both I will have to see you when I get back,” the psychic had a strong Jamaican accent and looked restless.

“She does!” Hannah screamed, shoving Luna forward into the chair. “She wants a tarot reading with questions. All on me.”

Shaking her head as a classic skeptic, Luna stumbled forward towards the chair in front of the reading desk. If it wasn’t for the martini buzz she developed on the train, she would have had the quickness to brush Hannah off and walk out. She sat down, rolling her eyes.

What could it hurt?

A good laugh, at this time, was probably worth the price.

“Let me see your hand,” the psychic stated firmly. Their eyes met at a strong gaze.  “Your God is my God. There is no need for judgment here. From you. hmmm… Yessssss…..”

The psychic seemed to be getting more engaged in the reading, breathing heavily.

“I see that you are a career woman, you from Manhattan….. with strong goals and… mindset. This will not last long. You will have 3 children and will not be able to work for some time. Work is your pride…. that is your life challenge.  Your husband will be a business man and will marry you for the image, not love. You will travel a lot for his business deals. This will take you out of the house and away from comfort…. Away from your children,” she closed her eyes breathing in, shaking her head with a look of disgust. “What is wrong with your stomach?”

Luna smirked, in shock. She just came from the doctor last week for stomach pain and had just received the test results.

“I… don’t know. I don’t understand it yet. I went to the doctor last Tuesday and they said the tests results showed…” Luna stated.

“Go on a fast for 14 day! It will correct. You liver levels elevated, ” the Jamaican psychic cut her off. “The medication they will give only mask symptom. Medication not heal. No need! Fast from food!”

Luna looked back at Hannah, shocked. The doctors told her Monday that her lab results showed elevated liver enzymes. They both knew that her fiancé worked in international business, is multi-lingual and is always overseas for work, even as they spoke. Her fear of heights and traveling by plane was even correct.  Her information seemed viable.

“You need to get back on and use to plane. Your husband will have you on plane very often. Get used to travel.”


To Luna and Hannah this psychic reader was legit. They told them both what they knew all ready (truths) mixed with deductions (partial truths).

The familiarity of the knowledge comes from familiar spirits. In addition, many generational psychics speak with diabolical angelic beings and have made contractural agreements with them in order to receive information.

Even in the diabolical “world” there are contracts in the spiritual dimension.

Every human being has been assigned a spiritual being who documents what happens in their lives. It is a part of basic protocol in the spirit.

However, with everything there is a counterfeit. Even in the spiritual dimension.  The act of counterfeit-ism is what Satan strives to be known for, and what… God…. has allowed. God keeps His records in the Book of Life; which includes the overall works we execute. Satan has his records too, and it is simply for the purposes of destruction. His account which psychics access, is simply a demonic spirit telling the psychic information that they have been assigned to record.  This device serves the purpose to further lead you astray.

Psychics do not have revelatory or “new’ information.

They are simply relaying to you what they download from the demonic realm.

Familiar spirits can make an account of what you have done in your life. They also come in the form of someone who you know, like a deceased loved one. These in fact are not the dead but a diabolical spirit.

They know who you know, what you’ve done and where you’ve been. In summary, they know only what can be seen or what has been done already in the earth realm. What they do not know is where you are going and anything involving your future.

They are not omnipotent like God. They only know what they have witnessed in your past.

It is easy for a “familiar” or diabolical angelic spirit to give information as your deceased Grandmother, Husband or Father. They made an account of all of that information when they were assigned to you. They may send dreams, visions and information through deceased people because they know you- they’ve already been writing and recording your life since you’ve been born. They know what you like and what you don’t.

From there they can make deductions of what will happen in the future.

That’s all they do. Deduct.

In the Earth realm, a body (a human) is require to animate destiny. Destiny is where you end up based on decisions.

Purpose is what you’ve been created by the divine to execute in your time in this dimension. The enemy doesn’t know your destiny or purpose.

Just like in the biblical story of Saul, when he consulted the medium for advice; they will only tell you a partial truth. They can clearly do this because of the records they were assigned to keep on your life.

Divination is just part of the system that Satan was authorized to create. Be smarter than Satan. There are no apparitions, ghosts, no spirit, no psychic or medium that can tell you any form of revelation or bring you to any form of healing.

Revelation and healing are things you find only when you upgrade your mind and fight for.