Why Making A Living Outside of the Master’s Box Is Important

1307_think_outside_the_box1This blog launched with several posts on how to follow your purpose, make a living on your own terms, and how to break the dependency of having a “job”.  I wrote about the spiritual aspects of working in corporate America in Are You A Spiritual Prostitute? and it stirred a lot of questions from the audience to be explored.  We expounded on how to live your vocational purpose, why it is important to live your assignment versus having a job, how to Create Income, How to Master Your Assigned Industry and Create Income, How to do the mental work of creating an income and more in the archives.

There are so many dimensions on this topic that more can be explored and written as time goes on. I have learned so much over the course of time, hence receiving revelation on what works and what does not.

There is never a more important time to release dependency on any masters that exist when it comes to taking care of the basic needs of your life.  a “master” would be any form of: a invisible employer, prostituting bosses, or any entity where you are working to achieve their goals and at the cost of neglecting your own.

Time and freedom may be the only goals you have – these are just as important as anything else.

Your assignment in life should never be neglected to work somewhere where the needs of the body are the only needs being met.

Your job and your purpose are not synonymous. Your purpose and your assignments are not necessarily being animated at your current job just because you are there.

Creating financial independence promotes purpose development and life assignment fulfillment.  As long as you have to spend your time and energy working for a master, you will not be able to fully explore the non-limitations of life purpose and potential.

Breaking free from the master’s box is not always easy, and sometimes in exploration of financial freedom we can find ourselves in even more bondage-like scenarios.

Beware of the Image of Freedom

I recently experienced this in my most recent business endeavor working for  a small consultancy.  The opportunity appeared to promote flexibility, freedom and a solid learning platform.  I took it on with high hopes. I was functioning as a consultant, as an independent agent, for a large corporation who was just establishing a global procurement department in order to increase the functionality and profitability of their organization.

As time went on, I was emerged more and more into this primary clients corporate culture and in-the-box strategies.  In my bosses efforts to please the client, we went along with most of the standard work- with me doing the heart of it all, both high level and detailed-analytical aspects, with my boss presenting it as his own. I was then required to be in office daily, at set times, while he lived in a different city and flew around serving other clients. The consultancy’s revenue was 70% from the client I was consulting with, while their other 30% of revenue was from their misc. clients.

They were severely profiting off of my work and face-time.

I was getting cheated. Not only financially, but physically due to the in-person requirements and corporate like bonding which they desired. As a result my own business was neglected, I was driving over 2 hours per day just for this, I was essentially working a corporate job without the perks and benefits, and I had no time for my own business responsibilities.

This is what I mean by another form of a master-ship: prostituting bosses.  Especially when you are a part of a very small group who functions independently. If your boss takes your work and it is the heart of what is provided to the client, but you are not able to profit off it all equally; this is prostitution.

If you are breaking into an industry or working entry level, how your boss uses your work is different of course. I am not talking about this. Working as a consultant and independent agent, I provided high level strategy and guidance to implementation to upper and executive level management who were in the process of creating a global team. The stakes were high but they weren’t paying me the price.

Recognizing the value you are providing is another clear indication of if you are in the right place in your career or vocation.

No one will care that you increased X corporations revenues by $25.6 Billion in a 6-8 month term upon your death. Your legacy should be something other than how you increased business revenue for an invisible elite. Let your life be about how you impacted your own community and lived your life enriching other lives along the way.

A Job Is Seasonal & Temporary if it is a Requirement For You

If you must have a job, understand the seasonality of it.  Jobs are great when they are a part of your seasonal assignment. They are an excellent opportunity to temporarily learn your industry on your bosses expense when you do not know what you are doing.  This is the key to recognizing value: When you know and can verbalize your worth, that is the time you will be accountable for prostitution if you don’t put an end to it and seek independence.

The problem with the job type of agreement is that people get into the “job” mindset and thus become dependent.  They sound like trained robots versus logically thinking adults.

It is the element of continuous dependency that is dangerous, not the act of having a job or an employer temporarily.  Dependency creates a delay in self-actualization, thus preventing you from fully animating your life assignment and God-given purpose.

If the master can keep you searching for a job whenever financial times are challenging, your attention is fixed on the basic needs of the body: food, clothing, shelter, and other worldly non-essentials. But if you create an avenue of independence financially, the season of needing a job will be put to rest.  You can now live out your purpose and life assignment. This is the missing element many of us miss in life.

Don’t be next.

Authenticity Cures Disease, Addiction and Depression

Many mental illnesses and cases of depression are rooted in the sense of a lack of fulfillment and non-animation of life purpose.  People feel stuck in life long circles of redundancy, monotony and habits.  They have to keep doing the same things everyday or else they will not have X, Y and Z.  If they stop, not only will they not have X, Y and Z, they may not know why they even need certain parts of that X, Y, and Z.

Authenticity is a path that leads you to recognize your masters.  Your masters may not even be rooted in the side of traditional workmanship. You may have created self-appointed masters such as addictions: food, drink or drugs. There are several people I know that only work to feed these masters- and only work just enough to supply what they need. These masters have the same stifling effect of a soul crushing job, and may be even harder to break free from.

In the end of it all, more of the master’s money will not help you reach your true potential. Only you can own and choose to embark on the responsibility of animating your created purpose.