Uncle Tom Came Out To Play – A Message to Allen West and Others of Like Minds

Written by: Nikoya

politician-holding-united-states-flag-series-anonymous-african-american-front-variety-concepts-props-45043734When we are in our first years of life, the simplest activities captivate our minds and keep us engaged for long periods of time. Toddlers have devices and toys that they play with. Elementary age kids have their toys and games. Teenagers have age appropriate activities that keep them stimulated and occupied.

When adults reach adulthood, those same games, activities and toys are not that fun anymore. Adults at times can even marvel when looking back, in amazement that those simple things kept them actually entertained as a child.

This methodology of life is not something that human beings just “made up”. This is an example of a natural law- a law of human development. This law does not stop effecting you once you reach adulthood, however many adults abort their process of further advancement in all categories of life.  They absorb and submit to systematic ideologies and default to the “conditioned” thought patterns within all areas. Instead of becoming independent, self-actualized, well-rounded individuals, they submit to conformity and normalcy. They drown themselves in a abyss of pointless routine, “jobs”, weekend wishing, and bills; while collecting excessive habitual acts of pacification. Basic pacification consists of consumerism, American dream chasing, eating, drinking, and seeking joy from primitive forms of entertainment and pleasure, such as watching “professional” football, basketball and any other glorified, conditioning system of “entertainment”.

There is one group of people that have fell for believing the systematic lies the most, and that is my brothers of the hue-man origin (men of color). These systematic methods of conformity were created to keep you from occupying your highest level of self-actualization. It is not here for you to occupy your time, make money from, aim to participate in, or use as a “platform”.

You would be surprised to know that this entire system, particularly the American system of conformity, was created to keep you a dead man walking. It is not here for your success and never was. This post is for you.

Bare with me, I am going somewhere with this. If you can force yourself to continue to read this post despite the pain, then there is hope for you as a man.

In this series I want to discuss 4 types of black men.

4 types of “Negros”.

4 types of living corpses.

4 types of kings who don’t know who they are.

4 types of mentalities that are the root which block the full potentials of an entire nation.

The Comatose Uncle Tom

There was a recent act by a professional spandex wearing, pig skin catching, biracial man who initiated a frenzy of discussion among black men. Many see his act of not standing in allegiance as a statement of bravery and even a stance against un-equality. Some feel he was simply exercising his 4th amendment right (which is absolutely absurd – FYI black people: you have no “American rights”. The constitution and its amendments were not written for you; you’d know this if you read it in it’s entirety. You are a natural citizen of the land, not a citizen of America! Stop exercising your ignorance and parading your lack of wisdom.)

A perfect example of the Comatose Uncle Tom is Allen West. He recently wrote the perfect and most exemplary post entitled, A Message From A Non-Oppressed Man to Colin Kapernick…”.  His post not only demonstrated the deficiencies in West’s development in multiple categories, but perfectly shows the mentality of the typical Uncle Tom.

West is a Veteran, a proud US militarian, a football lover and a proud “citizen” of America. His conditioning is so deeply embedded into his cognitive language and paradigm, that he has willingly joined hands with his enemy so long that he bleeds red, blue and white. I will also note: for a man who uses phrases as “enjoying a thrilling game… a college game..” three times in an opening paragrapgh, there is obviously not much substance here in his mind, within the category of knowledge, wisdom and awareness. Yes, I am saying that if you can find the primitive game of college football “thrilling” you obviously aborted your human development many years back, hence my opening analogy.

First, for West to be a man around 50 years old plus, he comes from a generation which has more oppression related scars than myself. For him to refer to himself as a “non-oppressed” man in the title of his article, is deeply disturbing. Are you not a black man living in this land where innocent men who look like you were lynched, castrated and denied opportunity for years? Are you not from the same neighborhood where MLK preached and delivered his messages of freedom? Or do you believe that since you live in America and have served this countries forces, that you have made some positive contribution to the advancement of the nation of your people?

You are the Comatose Uncle Tom because you cannot even see your oppression. You may never self-actualize because you are so joined with your systematic enemy, that you call someone attempting to make a statement of justice (despite how lacking) ignorant? The Comatose Uncle Tom will often use scripture out of context and imply his meaning of the text versus executing sound exegesis. Uncle West attempts to quote King Solomon, Proverbs 17:28 (NIV): “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues;” implying that Kapernick is stupid, should have kept quiet and has let everyone know he is a fool.

What an ironic choice of scripture, because it actually is talking about one with a mind like his own.

You sir may certainly have the right to sit upon your “fourth point of contact” when the National Anthem is played but never forget, you live in a nation that has provided you the privilege to have that right. – Allen West

There is a right and privilege, as a black individual, to stand in allegiance with their systematic oppressor? This is a memo that I must have missed! I had no idea that it was a privilege for us to endure discrimination, peace of mind to walk outside, denial of loans, denial to serve the corporation which is America (corporate jobs), be taken from our own land to serve and build another man’s, watch my fellow mothers morn over their deceased sons, watch over 56% of my brothers get incarcerated, and tolerate the penetrating ignorance that is a cloud over my peoples head by day and the thick darkness at night. What a glorious privilege!

Perhaps you should stop trying to make victims and admonish people, black people, to be victors — try it, and you may find that more satisfying than your insidious action and word vomiting.  – Allen West

And how would you recommend a professional spandex model to make victors of his fellow black people, West? By joining the US army and becoming the “first black X, Y, Z”?

By taking the hand of the oppressor and deny the fact that they are the true child of God living under the control of an enemy?

In your mind  you believe he should have stayed quiet because to you, he doesn’t know oppression as a 1% millionaire, and could be walking on all fours in an African jungle somewhere instead?

Right. Because it is a privilege to be a servant in your masters kingdom. It is a privilege to be a mule grazing the pasture for the masters glory.

If you want to know about oppression of blacks in America, past and present, how about you ask Rep. Nancy Pelosi of the San Fran Bay Area about the policies that decimated the black family? Maybe you can cross the Bay over to Oakland and ask Rep. Barbara Lee about the 13 to15 million black babies killed since 1973, and ask her who is Margaret Sanger? – A. West

What do you expect, Dear Uncle West, when you are referencing negroes that are members of the American senate? Do expect those women to be joined hands with the other members singing Kumbayah? Do expect them to walk out victorious with mandated and enforced laws or a rule of actual judgment?

When you join hands with the enemy you cannot expect justice. A house divided cannot stand. You think that because a person of color holds an office they will be enabled to provide systematic wide justice?

Satan can’t cast out Satan. So how the hell would a black representative, black judge or a black president render system wide justice in America?

You should look at who’s been controlling the communities and cities where blacks live. This isn’t not about what America has done; it’s about what a certain group, a political party has done. And your somewhat backhanded comment towards our law enforcement officers — well, wonder how many times San Francisco PD has protected you?

Dude, if you can’t recognize the homogeneity between America as a country and it’s political parties, then you have a serious case of delusion. America is the macrocasom and the political parties are simply a microcosm. The same is true for the fraternal order of police. The police don’t care about Kapernick or any other negro as an individual, they are designed to protect assets and value. You don’t get support with police power if you hold no assets of value in the eyes of this systematic corporation of America.

Here is the deal young man. My recommendation is that you apologize. Be a stand up fella and admit you made a very stupid comment. Humbly state that you do realize how very special this country is and the opportunities it has afforded you — and many others. You should take that stand and apologize to all of those who are currently serving in our Armed Forces and those veterans who’ve been willing to make that last full measure of devotion. You see, when the National Anthem is played, it has a very special meaning to us — maybe you should take a hiatus and go over to Helmand Province in Afghanistan and spend a week and understand why. Go over and throw a football with the men and women who enable you to earn those millions of dollars. – Allen Comatose West

You wouldn’t have any war or harsh environments in Afghanistan if it weren’t for America.  You went to war because America is a global oppressor. This did not earn you any rights or privileges to live in this land.  If only you knew what life was intended to be for you, you would never say this.  This is why you are in a coma. You are a classic Tommy boy. The truth of who you are and what you are created to be would not even penetrate your mind.  The sad thing is your systematic oppressor knows who you are, but you do not.

The American flag has a very touching meaning for those of us for whom it will drape our coffin — as it was for my Dad…and it will be for me. That song defines who we are as a proud and exceptional people. This is a land where so many dream of coming to and earning the title of American. Your actions were shameful, disgusting, despicable and disrespectful.  – Allen West

The American flag means nothing but destruction. My grandfather is a Veteran resting in peace right now and when I saw the flag on his coffin, it represented a man that endured pain, demonstrated obedience and portrayed dedication. Not to a country, but to a family.

When the National Anthem is played, I salute because I am a black man born and raised in the inner city afforded the opportunity for greatness in my own right. – A. West

The Comatose Uncle Tom typically thinks for none other than himself. Collective thinking abilities do not exist in this type of mind. It’s his reality and his experiences and that’s it.

This is chronic case of a black man who halted his human development in the categories of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and collective community. For one to quote scripture so out of context, I’d include spirituality as well.  He must have over consumed his allotted intake of college and professional football, finding solace in this form of pacification, leaving him blind to the realties of the world around him and others in his generation.

The other 3 sleeping negro types will be discussed in the next post. I need a break.