Electric Food Diet – Beginners Meals & Recipe’s

The electric diet is a lifestyle that requires a lifestyle change. Here is the thing- this change can be fun and exciting! Eating electric versions of Mac n cheese, tacos, lasaugna, pizza and tuna salad is rewarding and guiltless! How does one eat electric versions of Americas classic favorite foods? I give several recipes in my beginner meal guide.

Changing your eating habits and taste buds can be a lot easier when you have specific examples on what to prepare. When I completed my initial fast prior to embracing the electric food lifestyle, I found that meal preparation was a challenge and I had a slight difficulty on creating complete and satisfying meals.

Eventually I realized that if I mastered a small number of complete meals that I would have created a solid foundation for other meals over time. I have created a guide that is best used after reading the Electric Food Diet book completely.

It has beginner meals that are similar to classic comfort foods such as Philly cheese steaks, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tuna, fajitas and cheeseburgers. I highly recommend purchasing this guide in order to show yourself how tasty and creative healthy eating can be.


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