A Prophetic Word For This Hour



“Proper protocol between earthly and heavenly realms”

There may be things about God that we may never understand, unless He chooses to reveal that thing to us.

When it comes to what He has told us, one thing is certain: He always tells us a factual truth.

His promises are so perfect that even He abides between the jurisdiction of His own words. This design is based on the proper protocol and order of both Heavenly and Earthly realms that He created. It is said that “obedience is better than sacrifice”; Even God has demonstrated this truth by His actions and declarations.

“I Need A Body: Because, I AM God” is a digital book that answers questions about the order God established since creation. It answers questions about His authority, our role as humans living with free will, death, worldly challenges and also contains a prophetic word for our time.

This book is designed to be shared, printed and read with an open heart. It is currently available for through the Kindle store and can be read on any device. Read the overview to find more.