Watch Hour – You Can’t Afford To Sleep


Written by: Nikoya


I’ve had a rough awakening recently and I’ve learned that I must be about my Father’s businessIf you’ve read my website over the years, you may see a change from here on. I have moved through the 6th dimensions of faith, and am now in the 7th dimension- a dimension where truth abides in me through the Holy Spirit with out question, resulting in manifestation.

God has always spoken to me through dreams since a child. I had a dream early this morning after a previous day of edification (praying in the spirit) that symbolized a wake up call that can be applicable for all individuals on the earth whom has been chosen by God to establish his kingdom on the earth, but are not working towards their assignment.

I was in a community house or boarding house with several other people. Something happened causing all of us to die. The first half of the dream was everyone trying to come to the conscious reality that we were in fact dead, and could not manipulate or did not have functionality of the physical world any longer due to death. One by one we all began to realize that we were dead, when we saw other spirits outside of the house who had been dead much longer than us.

Somebody prepared food. We all ate like pigs. Shortly after, we went to the bathroom one by one vomiting up all that we had just eaten. The younger people in the house had diarrhea. I woke up and didn’t know what it meant, and kept wondering why the death in the dream was not painful or concerning, but the eating and vomiting part was so disturbing.

I prayed and meditated.

Eventually God nudged and said, “The death was an analogy for the mind and the level of consciousness  everyone had. Your spirits were asleep. The level of understanding you all were operating from was at the lowest, soul-ish level,” He continued, “The meal symbolized how soul-ish, spiritually dead people devour My Word & message. But because you all had no capacity to understand, because you were spiritually dead, your bodies rejected it.”

And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.” – Romans 13:11


I said to myself, “Why were these people vomiting, one after another, almost like they were relieved to do so and comforted by the fact everyone else was vomiting?”

“Because once My Word tries to take root and nourish the spirit, the soul (mind/self) rejects the work (digestion process) and is relieved to stay in its original state, because it is familiar, safe, easy and comfortable. I need greater works to be fulfilled on the earth, and real generals of those whom I have chosen. There are those who are chosen that have fallen asleep, just as the disciples fell asleep the hour before they crucified My Son, when they should have been watching and alert during that hour.”

He showed me that and I was blown away. We each found solace in the fact that everyone else was doing it- rejecting the word, reverting back to the old state of mind, turning back to our old habits and conforming using old strategies, all which keep us from doing the work of the kingdom to our greatest level.



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