Operating Within the Wrong Realm – Practical Purpose II

Written by: Nikoya

Joe drives a top of the line car, lives in a mansion and lavishes on a lot of the finer things the world has to offer. He has a solid 6 figure income, which steadily increases each year. Joe could not possibly be broke, right? Joe always has money in the bank and then some for a rainy day.

No, not really.

Joe never has any money. He always has to work harder and harder to keep up with his ever increasing debt, credit cards and house note. Why is this? How does that happen?

In essence Joe should have a lot of money and not be living check to check. In Joe’s case, he has no money no matter how much more he makes. This is because Joe is the problem. He is in need of a paradigm shift towards his finances. Even though he makes a lot of money, he is suffering because he still operates in the realm of poverty.

Poverty is a mental framework. It is not purely financial.

Part of the paradigm shift that Joe needs includes a change of strategy. In order for Joe to continue to operate in the realm of poverty, he continued to use old strategies. These old strategies worked well when he was actually poor. However, once you change dimensions within a category of life (relationships, finances, career, etc.) you cannot keep reaching back to those old strategies.

Reaching back to old strategies causes cyclic living and frustration.

The best way to eliminate old strategies:

  1. Change how you see things (change your paradigm).
  2. Acknowledge what is not working.
  3. Throw away childhood scripts and replace them with new adult scripts.
  4. Increase your knowledge in order to create new technologies to solve your problems.