Black Folks: The Sleepers

Written by: Nikoya

Yea, whatev. You may not be a “sleeper” if you have found my sleepy site.

You found my site because you searched for “electric foods’, “dr. sebi”, “what is a celestial being”.

Basically *ish that most people don’t write about.

But, that is my point.

When I created this blog one of my major intentions was to shake the consciousness (or lack) within the black community for the positive. There is too much foolery representing, and feeding us, mentally.

We have so much much potential. We have so much more to grow into. If we were not a “threat” we would not be everyone’s targeted prime rib media.

Because of this, I am tempted to change the whole purpose of this site. I can’t change who I am, so the foundation will still stand (coaching, empowerment, productivity), but everything from here on will be practical. Real practical, and real raw.

We have to wake up from this coma. No one else can do the work for us. The future is at hand. We must wake up. Just WAKE UP.