Celestial Origin of Man: The First Mother (pt. 2)

Written by: Nikoya

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

The books of the old testament bible emerged around 2nd century BCE. They were canonized in the years following. Clearly, logic, sound, right reasoning and basic math shines light on the fact that the bible is a young work of literature. It’s not a solid ancient comprehensive text.

Science, archaeology and geology serve confirmation of raw facts and steadily eliminate the need for faith. The concept of faith- as it is referred as the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen”, is slowly becoming old news as we move towards the end of the information age. We now have evidence, tangible evidence, of what used to be unknown.

In vitro & Genetic breeding was common practice as recorded in ancient writings.
In vitro & Genetic breeding was common practice as recorded in ancient writings.

Only 50 years ago did humans achieve the ability to create technologies and procedures that the Sumerian ancients were already practicing. Their work was demonstrated by carvings on tablets, on clay, on the walls in Kemit (Egypt) and stone. Cloning and invitro fertilization was a common practice to them.

Truth emerges from piles of physical evidence regarding the origin of the human species: It was through the genetic manipulation of DNA that the origin of Man evolved.

We call research “research” because we surely are re-searching and rediscovering who we really are.

We were the perfect creation by the gods. The Elohim. The Annunaki. The supreme “beings”. Made in their image and their likeness was stamped into the human genome.

The Elohim were now delivered from the work!

We were better than robots because we could procreate on our own!

In part one, we explored the ideology that the Elohim, the Annunaki or the “gods” created human being for the purpose to mine the resources of the Earth to supply their needs.

Isis sharing 400They were very successful in their work, as we see, but what happened after they actually implanted the mixed cells into the birth mother? Who was the birth mother?

Who was she, this “Ninti“? Was she the Kemetic queen Isis?

Was this who the bible calls Eve?

Science has shown us that we all carry mDNA (mitrochondrial DNA) and we stem from one mother- from Africa around 150,000 years ago. was this Eve? Was this the birth goddess Ninti from the Sumerian tablets?

Possibly, yes.

After the creation of the first “lulu” or man, we procreated among ourselves after we were removed from the land were the creator gods were. Woman may have been fashioned out of the “rib” of the man, but not in the graphic sense.

The Chief Scientist put man in a deep sleep with anesthesia, removed bone marrow from his side and fashioned woman. Bone marrow contains the cells suitable to extract rDNA and he must have needed this element to create the woman’s genome. This is ribosomal DNA in genetics.

Pun intended?


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