Work anywhere with Paradigm 9, LLC

We can spend all day talking about how to maximize the use of your time, how to increase productivity and reach your full potential. However, without practical information that you can put into use it is hard to understand how it can be done in your situation.

I receive many emails about how to manage time when having to spend all day a jobs that do not align with their gifts and how to free up time to explore the gifts that have been out of touch due to inactivity.  It is so easy to say: “create a business and work for yourself. Do you.”, but it is not as easy to actually get those actions successfully in motion.

I have an opportunity to suggest to those who need to work anywhere, work from home, create their own schedule, or simply want to work independently to have more control over their gifts, talents, and time.  The work I am about to suggest is legit and solid… but it is, well: WORK.

This opportunity will allow you to:

  • Control  your schedule
  • Manage the best use of your time
  • Make the target income you desire (no cap off with upward growth)
  • Work from the peace of your home office
  • Live anywhere
  • Enable you to have time to explore your individual gifts and talents

With Paradigm 9, LLC, you can work in two major capacities if desired:

  • Technical Solution Specialist
  • Virtual Concierge Assistant

You can apply through Indeed.  You have to make a video resume.  If this is too much for you then you do not want this bad enough.  Paradigm 9 enables individuals to increase in productivity and maximize potential. You have time to seek purpose when you are in control of your own time and energy.

Remember, how you spend your energy is the greatest tool to combat efficient time management.  Choose to direct the flow of your energy into platforms that provide for your total well being and not just for a simple dollar.