The Savior for Ether Beings

Written by: Nikoya | @nyyyia

msyugioh123-image-msyugioh123-36092933-600-366There is an important element that many spirituals and seekers forget about.  It’s a highly important element, subject and concept, that can re-route your entire life path as an “awakened” individual.

There are 9 characteristics of the human being, and as an Ether Being you operate at the highest capacity of each one. Your physical characteristics are a manifestation of the components that lie in your DNA. You tend to have the darker skin, the coily-kinky hair, and other traits that align with the saying, “the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice“.

Physically, the majority of us are weaker than pure Ethereal Beings.  The majority of the world, in essence, are hybrid people.  Our DNA has been diluted, mutated and chronically compromised, leading to distortion over time.

This is not necessarily a negative thing, it is just the truth.  How can you prove that the majority of us are hybrid people? It’s right there in the DNA.  If it was not for science, research and medical breakthroughs, many individuals would not be here in the Earth realm.

If it was not for modern medicine and modern scientific developments many people would not be here, and would have never been here.  This is because over time our DNA has become compromised by external factors: sickness, disease, genetically modified foods, viruses, pests, and others.  The way the DNA becomes distorted is through the weakening of the mucus membrane.

We see a lot of this molecular damage manifest through cancer, chronic viruses (many we have combat with vaccinations), blood diseases (leukemia, anemia, G6PD), psychological/neurological disorders (autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) and others.

The most important subject for Ether Beings is science.

It’s science, not because we have grown to rely on medicine, but because through science, absolute truth is revealed and proven. Through science there are no secrets about who we are.

It’s through scientific research that analysis of DNA can be executed of indigenous people of various regions on the Earth, to demonstrate natural selection’s authentic immunity.

Meaning this: the ability for a group of ancient people to remain on the Earth so long and remain alive.

This is why a very small number of modern scientists and anthropologists are studying and preserving the isolated tribe of the Andaman Islands genetic structure- they are isolated, untouched, intact and have pure DNA.

By studying a tribe of people (the Sentinelese) who are ancient and pure (never have mixed or mated beyond their own tribe and remain alive for generations) they can teach us a lot about how to survive so long- WITHOUT any need of synthetic, modern medicine.

The Sentinelese are self reliant, have no threat of extinction, are vibrant and healthy and have long lifespans. In our modern world that is not so common.

In a world of civilization, even a natural act of pregnancy and childbirth is extremely high risk and can kill many women if it were not for medical intervention. I was one of them. This should not be the case. Childbirth is not an emergency event- it is a females body doing what it is designed to do.

The ancient Egyptians knew the importance of preserving the body in death

Did the ancient Egyptians know that scientific developments could lead to their immortality?

Now that we have the ability to preserve DNA, clone and replicate cells, the Egyptians’ obsession with preserving and mummifying their Royals’ bodies does not seem so pointless.

Maybe that was the quest for immortality was all about: the emergence and power of science to meet with time.

Did the Egyptians know that they would not withstand the natural selection process; being a hybrid people and susceptible to disease and early death?  Were there obsessions with immortality and resurrection in the afterlife merited?

With reason applied, a physical “coming” or resurrection would require the use of scientific application of DNA and genetics.


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