The truth about hybrid food

People get upset when you mention seemingly natural foods as “hybrid”.

I don’t know if this is partially due to conditioning, or the fact that it is just comfortable to continue to view hybrid foods, that may be fruits and vegetables as “natural”.

I hate to tell people that next to the dangers of blood and starch, the next major thing to avoid is hybrids.

Especially when they are fruits and vegetables!

There are several reasons why hybrid foods are illegitimate. This article serves the purpose to illustrate how, simply.  Of course for a portable understanding you can download the eBook: Electric Food Life, Living By the Electric Diet.  It has a chapter that dedicates itself to this topic.


Hybrid foods inhibit absorption of proper nutrients

First to understand this we must clarify.  When I refer to a food being “hybrid” I mean that it is a UN-natural, non-naturally recurring food on the Earth.  Classifying that as such means the following:

  • It doesn’t produce seed independently to reproduce itself
  • It’s molecular structure is not complete
  • Depends on Man to reproduce

With this criteria, we eliminate foods that have been solely produced by certain methods.  I find that there is a lot of classification of a food being “hybrid” simply because it is genetically modified. That is not the only criteria for the classification of “hybrid” food.  If that was the case, almost all plants, fruits and veggies would be hybrids because over time humans have mated different species together to create different plants, vegetables and fruits.  When we do this, if the food does not create its own seed to be reproduced, it’s molecular structure is not complete.  It cannot “be fruitful and multiply” on its own.  This is a hybrid.

When the molecular structure of a food is not complete your body cannot absorb the necessary nutrients.  Perfect example is bananas.

A banana would not exist today if it were not for the preservation and scientific engineering of Man.  85% of the nutrients of a banana cannot be properly assimilated by the body.  Does it contain relevant electrical nutrients that the body needs to animate the body?  Yes.

But most of that energy is carbohydrates.  Starch. The banana is starchy. It contains a load of inorganic nutrients (inorganic insoluble fiber, sugars, etc.) that we cannot absorb, hence causing molecular weight gain.  Molecular weight gain proceeds physical weight gain.  I’m not saying banana’s are making you fat, but I’m saying if you eat a diet of blood, starch and hybrid foods… how can you expect not to be?



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