Suspending premature death

Our lifespan as humans, is steadily dwindling as time passes. We are dying younger and younger. This is happening everyday.

Back in 2006, I kept having a recurring dream. The dream was always set in a cemetery; a dark, misty, classic over crowded cemetery that you normally see on the northern east coast.  The tombstones were piled on top of each other, and on top of each grave site where dilapidated boxes of gifts. Some people’s graves had gifts that were open, damaged, or broken.  Others had pristine packaged gifts that had not been opened at all.

Years went by and I continued to have this same, and similar symbolic dream.

I eventually asked one of my friends about it, saying, “what do you think is with this dream I keep having? All I see is a dark overcrowded cemetery with piles of gifts on each individual tombstone and grave?”

My friend, very accustomed to my hyperactive mind and this dream pattern replied, “All gifts and calling are irrevocable from God…”

Then it clicked.  After all of the those years I could not believe that I had not figured the meaning of those dreams out myself. The dream was simply symbolic of how many die prematurely with out giving their gifts to the world. For some, they entered into death without even tapping into their gifts because they did not know they existed.

Don’t be one of the many that not only experience premature death, a death that is early and could have been prevented through knowledge, but definitely don’t be one that dies before releasing their gifts into the Earth realm.

“I suspend death until I accomplish the purpose I was created for”

Like most things related to the mind, we each have the power to suspend death until the exact time we are intended to transition out of the Earth realm.

The primary methods for suspending death consist of the following simple key choices:

  • Right knowledge of health choices
  • Correcting negative language or declarations that we entertain
  • Correcting negative or disagreeable lifestyle choices
  • Adhering to intuition
  • Actively seeking life purpose and executing our daily assignments
  • Declaring that we suspend premature death

Sadly, that most popular cause for premature death is sickness and disease.

This is primarily because we do not know how to eat and do not know what we should not put into our bodies. We do not know how to cleanse our internal body or give the digestive system a thorough rest. Spiritual individuals in the ancient texts, as well as the self-actualized, were not just fasting because it made them appear to have higher insight- but because it is mandatory for good health and causes natural reversal of cellular damage to eliminate illnesses.

Tired of hearing about my people dying young

People perish from a lack of knowledge. Suspension of premature death is as simple as learning any other type of information that is useful to function in the world.

After years and years of bad eating, comprimization of cells, along with the mucus membrane begins to happen at birth. That is why we see so much of “born diseases” such as Lupus, Sickle Cell Anemia, and ADHD.

But the more common diseases that we incur as life goes on are even more preventable and unjustifiable.

There is no justification for premature death. We are more powerful as individuals if we activate our ability to renew our minds and suspend it at all costs.


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