Mastering your assigned industry and creating multiple streams of income


Written by: Nikoya

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We each have assigned industries that we are gifted to share in.

Each of these particular industries have their own realm of power and influence.

Thinking more about this, on top of the many questions that I have received in email from others, I decided to elaborate.

Once we have discovered what our gifts are, who we are and where we are going; we have become 80% developmentally ahead of the rest of the populations mindset.

Most of the world is suffering from an identity crisis.

We are a world of people who do not know who we are, where were going or what we are supposed to do when it comes to purpose.

Some of us are caught up on trying to become the next hot ______, when we should be shooting to be ______ because it’s in our DNA.

We are chasing the wrong thing.

Because our minds are lost.

The works: What to do

This post is an exploration for those who want practical, step by step information on how you can free up more time to pursue a life of purpose, have influence in your line of work and not have to worry about physical needs such as income.


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Creating systems and activating scalability is key when it comes to creating multiple streams of income.

This is what is going to maximize your time exponentially, and change your internal exchange rate of energy to (=) money.

This is what we want.

Having an internal exchange solely based on our time to money (hourly jobs) are not scalable.

Energy = (to) money converts better.

In a previous post about manifesting income through the power of your mind: are you an Oprah? Can you become an Oprah in your assigned industry?

I’m not referring to popularity. I’m talking about your internal exchange rate.

Oprah exchanges every move and energy she outputs for $300 million dollars a year.  She receives income when she is not actively doing anything at all.

Magic Johnson can sign a $10 basketball and it suddenly increases massively in value.

But If I sign it (a non basketball star) it’s value will not change.

When you master an industry, you can create exponential streams and methods for income.

Worrying about money will be a thing of the past.

You don’t have to be a Magic or an Oprah.  You can start now, as who you are, and build.

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