Coily Clips: A Solution For Black, Natural, Afro-Textured Hair Breakage and Shedding


I’ve had fun working on a new business, called Coily Clips, which solves the problem of short, sparse hair for natural and afro-textured chicks.

As a natural haired chick myself, I sometimes want to achieve certain styles that were difficult to do with natural hair with out causing damage (I don’t use heat) or breakage (excessive braiding and weaves).

Especially after having my baby, I have experienced a lot of post-partum shedding. ANYWAY, I created the idea, incorporated the business with the state, and launched it.

My favorite part about the product is that it only takes 5 minutes to install, and blends great with our natural texture. I am a biggie on saving time!

Check it our and share it with other naturals you know.

I have also created an affiliate program for this business. Anyone interested in selling this product on their websites or social media accounts, can earn a decent commission.  If you have an audience that is natural and looking for afro-textured tips, hair and styles you’d be ideal to market this product.


If you are interested in doing business with me shoot me an email or call @ 844.99.CLIPS.


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