Are you exchanging your only commodity?


What is the one thing that we mutually share in this human experience?

The one thing that we each have only a set, fixed and certain amount of?

You know… that concept that we can’t add to nor take away.


Time is the only thing that we each share and experience in our human life expression. We can’t control it, add to it nor eliminate it from our lives. Time is the same to everyone.

A commodity is an economic good that can be met by many sources. The only competitive factor of a commodity is the value, the price, or the rate required for the trade.

Why exchange your only commodity for income? Everyone’s time is valuable- so why do you, the smart one, exchange your time for much less than you can offer?

Our internal exchange rate is what we develop it to be, based on our ability to mine out nuggets of value from our hidden potential. We should look to what has been placed inside of us to supply and meet the current demand.

And… thankfully, the demand is great. There is a shortage in the world- because only you can do what you do. Until you activate this and do what you were created for, there will be a shortage. The only person that can meet the demand is you, because only you hold your DNA.

I challenge you to meet the demand- and stop exchanging your only commodity, time, for income.

Seek a purpose in how you spend your time versus exchanging it for materialism.

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