Identifying hybrid food

Written by: Nikoya

White rice is hybridWhen living the electric food life, by the electric diet, it helps to know how to identify foods that are hybrids.

First, what is a hybrid?

A hybrid food is a food that exists but was not created by God.  Hybrids are not original nor a product of the Earth’s genius.  Hybrid food is created by man.

Hybrid food is created by cultivating and mating different plants together.  The majority of the hybrid foods that are in abundance were made in a lab through genetic modification.

Genetic modification, coined “GMO”, is were scientists have permanently re-constructured a foods DNA.  The entire molecular structure of the new breed that they create is altered and broken.

This means that our ancestors did not eat half of the food that we eat.  They did not eat corn or have “high fructose corn syrup” in everything like our grocery stores do. Why? Because corn as we know it today did not exist.

They did not eat white or brown rice. It did not exist.  They also did not eat wheat, because wheat was not created until the 1800’s.

The sad truth

The majority of the worlds food is not real food.  It’s artificial.  Most of it is genetically modified or made in a laboratory. Let’s find simple ways to avoid eating a diet of hybrid food.

There is one way to identify a hybrid by simple observation:

  • The plant/vegetable/fruit does not produce seeds

If a food does not produce its own seed it cannot naturally reproduce. Seedless grapes, large tomatoes, carrots- are all prime examples of this.

When you become a vegetarian, or a raw foodist, don’t think that you are doing good by eating carrots! You are not receiving any nutritional value from them that can be assimilated and useful to the body. You are not receiving the popular “vitamin E” that is needed for clear eyesight. What is vitamin E anyway?

God did not create the carrot.  As a hybrid, the molecular structure is incomplete.  It’s DNA has been altered. When the molecular structure is broken it can not function with purpose.  This makes it not electrical because it does not animate the body with any intended purpose.

Classification requirements to identify hybrid food:

  • Does not produce a natural seed
  • Molecular structure broken
  • Genetically modified and cultivated

Common hybrids:

  • 93% of the worlds rice (via * EFSA Journal 2009; 7(10):1351, « Scientific Opinion of Arsenic in Food »)
  • Corn
  • Non whole grain wheat
  • The cow
  • Large Tomato
  • Soybean

Educating oneself is the key to health. Never stop learning more information.

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