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There is so much that is beneficial for living a lifestyle that consists of the electric diet, including long, lustrous and healthy hair!

A diet rich of amino acids (the building blocks of protein), balanced nutrients, and hydration, creates a firm foundation for healthy hair to prosper.  I learned late in my journey of healthy living of specific foods that encourage hair growth.  Eating an electric diet revealed what encourages growth and what followed was doing more research on what I could do to enhance the progress that I began to experience.

The benefit of using electric foods to promote hair growth is that they can be used both inside and out.  An electric diet internally enhances whatever you put directly onto your hair. Many things that are great for our hair are in the kitchen.


Using kombucha is an ancient remedy for neutralizing pH levels in the body.  It is favorable to lower the pH when combating sickness and disease and this was a primary reason why it was used to combat illness.  Kombucha is a naturally acidic root, but digestion synergy transforms it into an alkaline forming food.

The original form of kombucha is a mushroom.  Using the extract for your hair increases favorable benefits such as shine, strength and a boost in hair growth. Any form of kombucha you can get at your local Whole Foods or Co-op, take advantage!  Kombucha tops the list for  healthy hair remedies.

From direct experience it helps the most with growth. I obtained three inches of growth in a six month period, despite using heat and doing other harsh things to my hair at the time. However, do your research- this mushroom has a very interesting ancient history!

Best way to use?  Drink the tea, drink the fermented juice, buy the extract and apply it to your conditioning treatment. I believe I benefited the most from ingesting kombucha.  Kombucha helped with dandruff, made my hair softer and my energy levels were great.  It is also full of the B vitamins (including B12- which vegetarians are told they don’t receive).

If you can’t find kombucha near you, order an effective and highly recommended kombucha extract.

Liquid Amino Acids

Amino acid liquid is great to use for a natural deep conditioning treatment or fusion. Take a base (water based, cream) conditioner and mix two tbsp’s of the amino acid liquid. Condition your hair as normal, leaving it on for a minimum of five minutes.  This works great for me but you will learn how your hair absorbs it best.

Productive deep conditioning time frame is 10-30 minutes.  Studies have shown that the ability to absorb more moisture past 30 minutes is almost zero to none.  Deep conditioning overnight can result in over-conditioning, thus making your hair weaker and more prone to breakage.

Great carrier conditioners and aids for liquid amino acids:

Mizani’s Thermosmooth Conditioner – Smoothes the cuticle layer after locking in protein and/or amino acids

Garnier Pure Clean Conditioner – No silicones or other enemies that promote overloading the cuticle which blocks absorption of moisture and protein

aminoacids-healthyhairLiquid amino acid is excellent for your hair because it provides a mild protein building treatment to the cuticle layer.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and applying it this way provides protein on a cellular level with less processing, which other protein containing foods have.

Instead of applying an egg, mayonnaise or any other raw food into your hair, liquid amino’s provides cellular building blocks of growth support.

If you have read the electric food diet series, you know that what makes a food “electric” is primarily based on alkalinity.  Amino acids are an acid, so they are not alkaline. That is one reason why using a base conditioner is the best carrier for it.  The base conditioner provides alkalinity, which balances the pH level and allows the amino’s to be readily absorbed.

Ingesting amino acid is also an essential internal remedy.  I enjoy it on steamed vegetables and salads.  Even though the popular brand of Briggs Amino’s are marketed to provide amino acids from non genetically modified soybeans and vegetables, it does not contain all of the amino acids that our bodies benefit from.  This is not an adequate, sole source of amino’s.

Amino acids is essential to life and the body.  They are not only the building blocks of protein, they are the supporting make up of our body tissue, organs and muscles.

Almond-avacado conditioner

Almonds and avocados each have a neutral pH.  Almond oil promotes thick, healthy hair by providing rich omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamin A and E, and also a little magnesium.

Avocado’s are a great masque for the hair.  Masking the hair with an avocado and sealing it with almond oil is a heathy treat for the hair and scalp.  Be sure to thoroughly rinse or co-wash your hair afterwards, to be sure you removed the raw avocado completely out.

I love this natural mask, because I have very low porosity (learn your hair porosity), dry hair that loves thick, masking conditioners.  The popular mask conditioners tend to be a little more pricey than I like to spend on a frequent basis, so this is a cheap alternative that yields the same results.

The Total Wellness Cleanse

It is very important to remove all the toxins that your body can accumulate over time.  Toxic internal build up can prevent hair growth, and in some cases even stop the growing phases of hair to progress.

We can put whatever we want on our hair, deep condition it twice a week, protect it from external elements, etc., but if our internal body is compromised it will not have the proper amount of electricity to operate the way it should. In extreme cases this is demonstrated by those who have cancer and are receiving very toxic treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  In those cases, one of the first external changes that is made is hair loss, to the point of baldness. When those toxins are removed, the opposite is achieved, which is hair growth.

The healthier and less toxic your body is, the better it can achieve its maximum hair growth.  I have shared a lot about the electric diet and the lifestyle of wellness that it brings. It is very important to rid the body of toxins prior to the electric diet.  Even if you are going to return to your normal way of eating after cleansing your body it is better than taking no action at all.

For a gentle way to remove internal toxic waste that is blocking your system from operating at full force, consider a simple program called The Total Wellness Cleanse.  It does not require fasting, and gently removes toxins in 14 days.  This program details what to do step by step and is well worth the investment. I highly recommend it to those who feel that their hair is not growing at all and want to completely have a fresh start, not just a fresh start with an external “big chop”.


There aren’t enough words to express how important water is for our hair. Water is the most important electric food there is to promote healthy hair, and ultimately a healthy body.

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