Becoming receptive to the supernatural

Written by: Nikoya | Google+

heaven-skyThere is an entire industry built up around the mysteries of the supernatural realm for curious and immature minds, and that primary path to entry is through fear.  Scary movies, talk of ghosts, demons, spirits and life after death, this is how media demonstrates the existence of the supernatural.

But where does one go for information when they do not want to entertain diabolical energy? How can you become receptive to the positive things of the spirit, but not the contrary?

Also, what would be the point to have access to the supernatural? Okay, say I learn how to discern things from the supernatural realm and divine domain of God. What am I supposed to do with that information?

Spiritual realms and mental capacity

Your internet stops working at home, but you have to finish a huge project for work in the morning.  You get up, on a cold sunday morning (because you waited until the last minute to do the assignment of course) and walk over to the cafe with free internet access, three blocks up from your place.

You finally get there and connect to their Wi-fi.  You do the work. Once you’re finished, you start uploading the complete project to your employer’s work platform.  Your computer upload manager says that it will take an hour and 10 minutes to upload.

Every 10 minutes the upload manager says that the upload failed.  You re-start it for the third time.

What is really happening?  The internet at the cafe does not have the bandwidth to properly support your upload.  The file is large, and the speed of the internet connection cannot keep up long enough to successfully upload the document.  After another hour of trying, it still does not go through. Repeat.

Upload failed.

This is exactly how we are each connected with the supernatural realm. It shows why certain people have supernatural occurrences, have an open “third eye”, or can “see”.

Some of us have more mental megahertz than others.  We have the proper amount of megahertz for heaven’s bandwidth.  Angels, God,  and knowledge from the supernatural realm are hard to receive when the mind is ignorant.  An ignorant mind is hard to penetrate. Ignorance equals low mental megahertz.

In summary, low mental capacity inhibits communication with extraterrestrial beings (this is not alien talk- I’m referring to any being of the supernatural under the divine providence of God).

There is no argument on if the supernatural exists.  The argument is if you have the mental megahertz to be receptive to it.  Not everyone has the capacity to be receptive to its revelation or what it could possibly reveal.

Becoming receptive to the divine domain

The web has a domain for every website or location; within the internet.  It’s the same for the divine supernatural realm; it has a domain address too- and once you are there it is state of being.

We can be transformed to become receptive to the wisdom of God, which is in the divine domain of the supernatural.  The way we do that is to renew our minds (text link, non-affiliate).  When we renew our minds, our understanding increases higher.  This happens fast, in a twinkling, in a mili-second. We get our mind back through acquiring knowledge (through “knowing the ledge” between ignorance and truth).

What to do with access to the divine domain and why

We do not perish from angels and demons, they can’t physically harm us. We die from lack of knowledge.  We fail from lack of knowledge.

We do not succeed because we are ignorant (text link, non-affiliate).  It’s not that we aren’t smart enough- but that we don’t apply ourselves. It’s not that we don’t have the capability either.  It’s about growing positively in applicable, practical knowledge.  That is why it is good to have access and receptivity to the supernatural.

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