Negotiating in the Realm of the Spirit


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When it comes to manifestation, the hard work is mental. In order to manifest something into the Earth realm, you do not need much physical force to make it so.

You do not need physical action to make a change in your vibration, atmosphere or even your reality.

Our minds are the soil and foundation of what manifests in the physical reality we live in.

You may ask, “what is the mind?

The mind is the house of your spirit.  It’s the compartment of the heart.  “Ruach” (ru-ack), the Hebrew word for spirit/mind/breath, is the root of who you are.

Knowing that what is in the mind/heart/spirit is what is going to come out in your physical world, leaves no excuses for why things are the way they are in your life- the good or the bad.  Things are the way they are in your life because you designed it that way.  If you want to change something in your reality, start by changing what’s in your mind, one thing at a time.

You need a physical body to physically change something tangible in the Earthly atmosphere.  This is how God created it to be, and everything that He has created operates under that law.  Disembodied spirits, angels and demons, cannot do anything in the Earth without a physical body.

Man has the advantage.  We have the physical body, and we also have the ruach.  This gives us power to establish change in both Earthly atmospheres and the Heavenly atmosphere.

If you are one of the celestial beings, you have even more power to negotiate transactions, make change and obtain manifestation than a terrestrial being.  You have a direct line to the realm of the spirit.

We have the ability to negotiate in the realm of the spirit in order to obtain manifestation in Earth’s atmosphere.  You can call it meditation, prayer, intercession or a form of declaration within the “law of attraction”.  It doesn’t matter what it is called, but the knowledge and awareness of what you are doing has to be there.  Applying energy towards a specific intention, with access to the spirit realm is very powerful.

That means you do not have to physically be anywhere to create change.  If you are interceding for someone in Dubai, you do not have to physically be with them to manifest change.

If something around you is not aligning up with your vision, negotiate in the realm of the spirit.  This is the most powerful skill we can implement into our lives as spiritual beings.

In the beginning of the book of Job, we read an account of how Satan was negotiating with God.  He wanted to test and kill Job.  They went back and forth about what was allowed to be done to him.  Ultimately, God compromised and said that Satan could do what he wanted, but could not take his life.  If Satan has free access to God to negotiate business, how much more power and ability do we?

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