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Those that are regular readers of this website know that I talk a lot about not depending on employment in corporate America, avoiding  dreadful 9-5’s at all costs, and using your gifts or talents to make money.  I have received several emails asking to elaborate on actually how to make extra income, in a way that will enable people to quit and completely eliminate their sucky jobs.

Creating extra income is something that we can all do in our spare time.  We all can do it. There is no reason why you should not be earning your own stream of extra income.  For those that have emailed me about making extra money or starting their own venture, I always ask why they feel they have not started off with their idea yet.  The top reason is, “I don’t have enough time to get started”.

For starters, you do have the time.  We all have the same amount of hours in the day- and we all achieve different levels of success.  So what is different about those who don’t become as successful?

Prioritize and create the time to achieve daily goals

Set daily, task related goals.  This will help you allocate 30 minutes, an hour, or 3 hours to get your goal done!  We all have an hour or two here and there. Dedicate time each day to a goal that will get you to a certain growth point.  Know where you are going with your ideas, set a projected outlook and build.

Simply make time.  No amount is ever too small when you are investing in your own work.  Only 10 minutes?  That’s a great start.  I’m sure you spend more time than that stalking ex’s on F*ckbook all day.

Why do you want or need extra income?

We all would love extra income, but attracting extra income is more efficient when you have a designated purpose allocated for it.

I’m not talking about having extra income so you can snatch the next new Jordan’s.  That is not a sustainable purpose.  I’m talking about a motivational purpose that is sustainable, because most extra income streams take time and diligence to become substantial.  Certainly a pair of Jordan’s won’t motivate you long term.  Long term stamina from motivation is what you need to build solid extra income.

You need a weighty purpose; i.e. extra income to take a year off and travel the world.  Extra income to pay off your house in 6 months…  To eliminate credit card debt…  To pay for your daughters private school…  To keep your children from running the streets…  To keep your wife from working at Walmart after retiring at 65 from her “real job”.

For me it is to eliminate student loans.  I also want to start more businesses that creates jobs and work that matters.  I want to create independence for my family.  I’d like my husband to quit his job and for my daughter can do whatever the hell she wants in life.

Design a platform of accountability

A great way to stay accountable is to create a blog.  Friends, family and strangers will help hold you accountable for your goals once you announce publicly.  It also helps to channel your intention towards a specific thing that you want to bring into existence.

Once you declare an intention into the Earth realm, you are giving what is spoken power to exist.  As long as you do not negate the intention, everything in your world will adjust to help it come into reality.

Words are powerful, and if you are aware of that and speak with certainty, you can design your life.  If you make the decision towards a goal your destiny will reflect a reality that you decided to create.  Your decisions determine your destiny.  If you make the decision to create income that is controlled by you with unlimited potential, your destiny will ultimately be a lot different than if you had never made the decision to begin with.

You decided to take the first job offer that came to you, without negotiating. That is why you have a low salary.

You decided to marry that guy who was working at Target when you met him.  That is why you can’t be surprised to learn that he only makes 25K a year after you got married.

Nobody will give you anything; you must make decisions today because it certainly effects where you end up.

Stick to what you know and love

Never do anything just for the money when you are seeking long term, extra income.  Once again, extra income that is supported by your gifts, talents and knowledge typically take time, energy and dedication to grow substantially.  To keep the stamina, make sure you are working on something that resonates with who you are.

When you do any type of work simply for the money it is harder to keep, maintain and control.  Your goal should be to create extra income that you can control and has unlimited earning potential.  Working for the money drains your energy.  Doing work that resonates with who you are, work that you can love, re-energizes you to do more.

There are many dynamics of work that can resonate with us, allowing us to stick with it long term.  One of my businesses, which is a premium outsourcing agency, is outwardly not my passion.  I do not like desk work or work similar to what an IT, or administrative assistant would do.  However, the business model that I created provides value to people by applying tools and ideologies that I am passionate about: saving time, executing purpose, and mastering productivity.

Within that business I can create systems that my virtual assistants can use with our clients to make their lives simpler.  This enables the client to spend more of their day living out their created purpose, with little distraction!

So essentially, instead of only encouraging and teaching people how to live out their purpose (like I do on this blog) I get the opportunity to actually assist people execute their purpose and assignments daily.

We each have something that can provide value to people.  If you do not know what you should do to create extra income, start by thinking about that first (how to create value for those around you), then build form there.

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