What is the electric diet?


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The electric diet is the last diet you'll ever need.

But first we must understand this:

What we put into our bodies causes two possible outcomes.

Food is either nourishing our body or harming our body. If you are reading this post you may have stopped to evaluate your health and what you eat and realize that you may be causing your body more harm than good.

Or maybe you recently watched VH1's Last Days of Left Eye, and was introduced to the man known as Dr. Sebi - the natural healer that is known for curing aids and all other "incurable" diseases.  Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes spent her last days filming at his resort while on an herbal fast/cleanse. He is one of the leaders that have talked about the electric diet being the root foundation of living a disease-free, non-obese, and addiction free life. The information that you'll receive here can change your life. Forever. You can kill those "fat" cells for good. You can live disease free. You can never feel sick another day in your entire life... after implementing this lifestyle diet. The electric diet is a lifestyle.  It is not a traditional diet, something that is done temporarily or whenever you pack on a few pounds.  People who have an electric diet lifestyle are free from many of the health hardships that are so common in America today.  It is so easy that anyone can do it, afford it and apply it into their life.
There is no excuse to not be successful at disease free living, as long as you make the decision to live at the level of consciousness  that is high above the masses.  Because historically, the masses are always wrong.  Whatever the majority is doing, it is best to do the exact opposite in order to be a success.

Most folks say this:

"I have to eat raw foods?... Oh word? Nah, I'm good on that." "Stick to organic and natural? You're kidding me... I can barely afford food at Walmart." "So you're saying I should fast once a month?  As in, like, totally not eating, like, food for a day or more? I'll pass..." "Take herbal teas and herbal supplements? What the hell does that mean?" "Who the hell cares about the difference between acidity and alkalinity? I hate chemistry, I like what tastes good." This is why so many are overweight or swamped with health complaints.  They have chosen to put energy into excuses instead of putting energy into an action plan that works. The primary foundation of the electric diet lifestyle is education and information.  With a lack of knowledge we die.  We do not thrive from not knowing, we thrive from knowing the truth, the facts and the options. When we have the proper information we are free to make a decision.  That is really what is standing in between the healthy you and the diseased you.  A decision is standing between the fat you and the skinny you.  A simple decision is all there is blocking you from the liberated you and the addicted you.
A common phrase you hear people say when they are a success in life is, "I decided..." If you make a decision to change your lifestyle based off of sound information, you can change the trajectory of your health and essentially your life. Begin learning about the electric diet lifestyle here, and see what small changes you can implement into your life right now. This information is free, but the value that it has in life changing currency is priceless:


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f78ce2be578011e28dc722000a1fbcbc_7   Nikoya Jones is an entrepreneur, holistic life coach and writer.  She lives and represents the Electric Diet whenever she can. The Electric Diet saved her from a life of hypoglycemia, hypertension, alcohol behavioral addiction, diabetes and chronic anemia. She is the writer of Electric Food Life. Her virtual home with more free information is at 9th Mind.com. Contact her with any questions regarding this article.

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