3 mental steps towards starting an online business (and leaving your corporate job)

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The voice in your head nagging you to quit your job is real.  It is not your imagination when you have thoughts about how you can do more and receive more out of your time.

It is not frustration when you realize that your job only utilizes 10% of your skills, while the rest of you atrophies.  You know that you have the talent and ability to create more- it’s the truth.

Technology has done more than provided everyone access to the same amount of information. It has provided everyone with a sea of the same opportunities.  We each have the opportunity to free ourselves from corporate dependency, we no longer have to work for others to make money.

If you dream of being your own boss, becoming a successful entrepreneur and never spending another minute in a beige cubicle, this is the time to stop dreaming and start acting on the following mental steps towards success in online business.

Below are 3 steps towards reaping the rewards of online success and achieving freedom through your work. The 3 steps work as a guide to help those new to business and need strategic motivation to complete what they aspire to.

It is very fitting that there are 3 steps towards making your life benefiting dream into fruition; 3 is a number that represents completion, solidity, what is real and what is substantial.

Understand the Root Cause of Failure

In order to eliminate fear and doubt, you need a strong understanding of what causes online ventures (or any new business) to fail. Most new online entrepreneurs do not fail because of a bad idea, a saturated market, poor branding or an ugly website.

Those that fail do so due to a lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge can be detrimental to your new business.  This problem can manifest in almost every aspect of your venture.

Failure is looming if you have a lack of knowledge about resources that are applicable to your type of business.  Knowledge eliminates fear.  It removes gaps for error.

The foundational aspect of success in anything is knowledge and solid information. Not credentials, a degree or solid recommendations, but knowledge- specialized knowledge towards what you do best.

Stop waiting for the “best idea”

It is true that in this time, ideas are like currency in our digital world. But if you’re waiting for a grand idea before getting started as an entrepreneur, then you are simply making an excuse to not work.

What is more effective? Waiting around for an epiphany? Or utilizing every minute you have towards working towards freedom?

There is no doubt that you are capable of receiving the next grand idea, but you may lose several years of your life waiting for that revelation.

Do what is in front of you.  Utilize the ideas and resources you currently have. Clueless about what your passion is?  Don’t know how to turn passion into profit?

What if the passion lies inside an aspect of your business instead of the actual concept? When I started my virtual assistant business I wasn’t passionate about administration and other menial tasks that the job entailed. My passion emerged through the ability to create time maximization strategies while reinventing a new mindset towards productivity.  I’m passionate about sharing these strategies with my clients.

Once I learned what was a central key to my passion, I began coaching clients with those principles in direct focus, in my life coaching business as well.

You can find passion hidden in anything if you give it a try. However, you will never know it if you don’t begin. Taking action today can lead you to a hidden goldmine.

Resign to your goal

Keep doing what you do and polish your craft. It is stated that insanity is shown by those who keep doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results. But you have the solution to what makes those individuals considered insane! That solution is from number 1, which is knowledge.

If you have sound information and specialized knowledge on the nature of your business, you know the central tools of your online foundation, and the psychology of your typical customer, then you can polish your craft to perfection.

Even if you fail longer than you succeed, if you keep at it and implement what you learn along the way, you will create freedom for yourself.

The only thing you should have in your mind to quit is your day job, once you start your new life as a online business owner!

We often neglect the fact that the only thing keeping us from our dreams of success is us. If we change the way we think, we have done 50% of the job.

We all have dreams for a reason, and if yours is one of entrepreneurship, get ready to turn in your resignation.  You already have everything you need to reach your goal inside of your head.

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