30 day trial: Hypnobirthing, day 15

Written by: Nikoya

It’s day 15 of the crunch and countdown of my 30 day practice of hypnobirthing.  It has been an interesting experience so far, and has helped me on a daily basis to not have so much anxiety about birth.  I am honestly at the point now where I have no anxiety about the birthing experience, only anxiety about going into the hospital.

What I love about hynobirthing is the reminder that pregnancy is not an illness, and giving birth does not have the need to be a medical event.  It is simply a natural function of the female body (giving birth) and should be achieved in the most natural state desired.  I love hearing this information on a daily basis.

With hypnobirth, I believe that knowing that there is nothing medically necessary needed to achieve birth, is the foundation of the practice.  Knowing that it does not have to be be a pain filled event is next.

Guarding my mind has not been hard either.  I find it important to protect the skills and foundational paradigm of the concepts taught through hypnobirthing.  For example, if someone starts talking about a negative birth experience that they had or witnessed, I’ll simply leave the room, or ask them not to share it.  If some dramatic scene on TV or youtube of a pregnant woman screaming in pain comes on, I tend to change the channel or leave the room.  I have made the decision to have nothing but positive thoughts and visions towards birth being a peaceful event.

Paradigms of hypnobirth

I enjoy all of the affirmations and concepts that I have learned so far, but here are my favorites, and possibly the most powerful:

  • Your body wants to give birth. No need to push or strain, let the body do it’s job.
  • The contractions are nothing to fear.  They are surges and waves from the muscles that will bring your baby closer to you.
  • I can rest during the birthing experience, because I am so relaxed and at peace.
  • I experience sensations and not pain during surges, because I am so relaxed.
  • My body relaxes during surges, because it knows that fighting the sensations makes tension, causing pain.

There are so many that I can share here, because all of the affirmations are really powerful.  Hypnobirthing so far has really demonstrated to me what I already knew, that the mind is more powerful than matter.  Our physiology does follow our psychology.

Hypnobirthing daily practice: recent experiences

I have not had my practice time yet today (hypnobirthing instructors encourage you to practice on a daily basis, conditioning the mind up to and during birth), but yesterday’s experience was quite interesting.

I listened to 2 hypnobirthing affirmation mp3’s, each 30 minutes long and was very relaxed, but still aware during and after.  I had a great session filled with positive visualization, and I found that it did not take long to achieve a deeply relaxed state.

After I finished the affirmations, I turned on the spa music station on iTunes radio, which plays a lot of the meditation music that is in the background of the affirmation tapes.  The music played in both is really great for stimulating the chakras and the right regions of the body to promote relaxation.  The next thing I knew, a solid 2 hours had passed but it only felt like 5 minutes.

That shows me that I can be confident when the time to birth comes! I can be confident that I can command my body to be completely relaxed and let it do the work.

Hypnobirth in hospital?

The only downside to my birthing experience so far is knowing that I will be birthing in hospital.  I am more leery of hospitals and conventional medicine than I am of childbirth!

The practice of hypnobirthing is really intensifying my desire to have a waterbirth at home.  I find it very hard to visualize a positive birthing experience in a beige, medical equipment stacked, smelly hospital room, with people in uniform coming in and out constantly interrupting my meditation.

My key for avoiding hospital confusion is of course the birth plan, but also to labor at home for as long as possible.  I know that the less time I’m there, the  lower the chances of interventions, being rushed, tensing up because of too much stimulation, etc.

If you are thinking about using hypnobirthing for your birth experience, make sure you have your ideal environment set up already! The daily practice of hypnobirthing really intensifies your true, instinctual desires for where and how you want to give birth.  I blame the visualization for this.  From the start of my pregnancy I wanted to give birth in a birthing center or at home, but was strongly discouraged not to, so that is why I am stuck going to the hospital.  Next time, I’m standing my ground.

If I have another child, I won’t choose hospital unless it is the last resort.  You have the right to have the birthing environment you want; it could be at home with a nurse midwife, in a women’s hospital, in a birthing center with big tubs for waterbirthing or even outside.

Next time, I will certainly plan for a home hypno-waterbirth.  Especially if all goes well this time.  It better 🙂

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