30 day trial: My Hypnobirthing Experience

Written by: Nikoya | Author of Resurrect the Purpose

Well known advocates of hypnobirthing will immediately say that you cannot master and reap the full benefits of hypnobirthing having only practiced for a 30 day period.

I wanted to document my experience with hypnobirthing on my life coaching website because I feel that it resonates with most of what the readers look for on this site.  Most of which tends to be on concepts that people commonly are mis-informed about or readers seeking positive alternatives to conventional methods.

Hypnobirthing is not a new concept but it is a widely misunderstood topic, filled with assumptions, unnecessary mysticism, and mis-information.

I’m currently 9 months pregnant and even though I never get personal on this site, I felt the pros of sharing my experience would out way the cons. This is my first pregnancy, and I plan on having a natural, drug-free, pain-free birthing experience.

Mind over matter

We all have heard that doing a task over a 30 day period creates a new habit, because it molds the psyche to be conditioned to that form of stimuli.  Doing a task for 60 days confirms the power of that stimulus even more.  Likewise, once you do something consecutively over a 90 day period, you can trust that it will be in your life forever, if you chose for it to be so.

The concept of hypnobirthing is told to be most effective when you practice the breathing and affirmations daily starting from about 4 months into your pregnancy.

I was doing something similar in my mind throughout my pregnancy; affirmations, meditation, positive visualization of birth and healthy development prior, and when I discovered hypnobirthing I was able to organize my mental exercises even more.

Hypnobirthing is a natural way to help you birth your baby in a pain and drug free state.  It teaches that pregnancy and birth is a natural function of the body and so should be the birthing experience.  It teaches that birthing is not a medical event, and there is no need for medical interventions if the mother and baby are healthy, and no risks are involved.

The first thing many people assume when they hear the technique of “hypnobirth”, may be to immediately associate it with being hypnotized by a hypnotherapist with a swinging pendulum or clock-watch! This is not true. People think this out of mis-information and lack of information.

Hypnosis is not hocus pocus, it is simply about being able to achieve a conscious, deeply relaxed state at will.  This is actually a very desirable skill for anyone to have!

Hypnobirthing teaches you to make the concept of an achievable pain free birthing experience the root of your mind, through affirmations, mediation, correct breathing techniques with practice.  From the testimony and birthing experiences of many women who have tried it, it seems quite effective!

After reading the book that explains the Mongon Hypnobirthing Method, I began to formally listen to my affirmations and practice my breathing techniques daily.  I have been doing this for about 14 days, up until today.

I am due at the end of this month (Oct. 27th). This time frame will give me a solid 30 days towards practicing, give or take, up until delivery.

My goals to achieve through Hypnobirthing:

  • Pain free birth!
  • Drug free birth! – For me this means everything, no gas, no pitocin, no epidural, no local anesthesia for any tearing or ANYTHING.  I want a purely grounded and organic baby.
  • Perfect relaxed state so baby comes out with no interventions (no episiotomy, no c-section).  This is very important for me because mothers with gestational diabetes supposedly will have bigger babies, making them more prone to having a c-section.  A midwife has told me this is just the way some women’s bodies handle pregnancy, and if the GD is handled by diet and not insulin, there will be no need for any further interventions.  That’s what I am claiming!
  • No vaginal tearing.
  • A short labor: 5-6 hours of active labor.

Experiences so far with the daily practice

Since I have formally began listening to the audio tapes, the affirmations and practicing the breathing- I have noticed a few changes:

  • Increased & vivid dreaming
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Less fearful and anxious about labor
  • Starting to dilate slowly & steadily
  • Not experiencing tension or discomfort anymore during the sporadic contractions I am currently having.

I am only 36 weeks, but I am almost fully effaced, with 1 cm dilated.  That is not much at all as for dilation, but I am hoping that it will only increase at a steady, pain free pace up until delivery.

One hypnobirthing story that I loved hearing was about a woman who was at the zoo when her water broke.  She felt nothing, no pain during surges, and was able to sleep inbetween “surges” or contractions.  By the time they decided to go to the hospital she was already 8 cm dilated.  An hour later she was 10 cm, and shortly after that she met her baby, with not interventions and no pain.

Her active labor was said to have only been around a 3 hour period! That sounds like an ideal birth experience to me.

For me, eliminating the fear behind birthing is a big part of getting to the relaxed state.  Information really helps getting to the point to where fear won’t cause tension, hence preventing such amplified pain.

What I use

I have found that doing a program online is quite helpful, versus going to a physical class because you can go at your own pace and really absorb the information.  I read the book, Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method, and I also use several meditation tapes and affirmation MP3’s.

The hypnobirthing Mp3 below is one of the first that I used, and I think it works great for getting you to the relaxed state.


For those people who are dabbling in the idea of achieving a hypnobirth, I would check out these free mp3’s for affirmations.  They give a great overview of the information that you receive through the concepts of hypnobirthing.

An overview on a breathing technique used during hypnobirthing can be seen on this youtube video below.  The instructor gives a quick overview for breathing during the second phase of labor:

I look forward to sharing more details of the experience here on 9th Mind, and I’m hoping for the most gentle birth to share with others in the future.

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