The work of a life coach

Written by: Nikoya

orion.jpgA life coach is a person who specializes in empowering individuals.

For me it was strong and simple, one day I just had a overwhelming conviction that I was a life coach. I knew that it was part of my life’s assignment that contributes to my overall life purpose. I’d spent time learning who I was, I did the work of exploring where I was going and I learned very much over the years.

Then suddenly, I just knew what it was I was made to do.

As a life coach, the work is about turning the lights on. When you turn the light on in a room it doesn’t change the contents inside, it simply reveals what was sitting in the dark. Life coaches can help you turn the lights on. I help to expose what is already there, the good or the bad. The work is rooted in honesty, transparency and authenticity.

Empowering others in a strategic manner is a liberating experience. When I help people realize that they weren’t sent here to be fearful, timid or weak, I’m reminding myself of the same too. The human species was created to rule and govern the things of the Earth.

Adam was given this amazing power before one of his very first atom’s was established in the physical realm. We have dominion and jurisdiction over every living kingdom on the Earth. What is there for us to fear?

I’ve learned that manifestation is preceded in revelation. Seeing sustainable change requires knowledge. It requires information. We may miss a small bit of information that is imperative to our growth as an individual. Finding that key of missing information can activate a flow of hidden potential inside of us.

There are different types of life coaches for different industries. Some are business coaches, specializing in business owners, leaders and executives. Others are health coaches, coaching others in diet, weight loss and wellness.

I’m a life empowerment specialist. I implement strategic coach principles that help you activate the divine potential inside of you. I help others realize who they are, their purpose, their gifts and help light up a directed path.

I’m here to remind others that we can have life, and have it as abundant as we desire. Spiritual dimensions and peak levels of success can be reached by anyone who makes the decision to get there. When we realize that success is simply the ability to operate in your assigned realm of industry, executing divine potential and purpose on the Earth, we can start living a successful, purposeful life today. We don’t have to play the waiting game anymore.

You have a destiny that is waiting on your decisions. Choose wisely by selecting to do the inner work. Select to use all the tools and resources available to make your dreams possible. A life coach is one of those resources, and is here to help.