Root causes of sicknesses and diseases


Written by: Nikoya

996d_1There are physical reasons of sickness and disease, but sometimes that physical or biological manifestation is evidence of something going wild spiritually in your life.

To a person who is not used to hearing spiritual or “metaphysical” explanations for things that happen to us in life, what I am about to talk about may seem like a stretch.  It may be a little hard for you to believe what I am about to explain.  Just remember, in order for something to be true it does not require your belief.  Things can exist with out your knowledge and support.

Hopefully you will take into account the truth that is the underlying root of a sickness and diseases.  If not, we’ll wait for you to come around, patiently 🙂

It’s for your own good.

If you find yourself dealing with certain health labels, sicknesses, or diseases, it is not always simply because of genetics, environment, diet, or other outside factors.  There are three root causes of sicknesses and diseases:

  • Your mindset (this includes the words you speak out loud).
  • Karmic retribution.
  • Your ignorance.

The mind is the number one root cause of all sickness and diseases.  How we perceive our world of circumstances effects the words we speak out of our mouth.  Our world is then reflected back to us by what we have created with the release of our words. Karmic retribution is the second root cause of sickness and disease.  Karmic retribution can be generational, it is what medical practitioners would call "hereditary" or "genetic".  Contrary health conditions and diseases that cause hereditary and genetic manifestations, are simply the evidence of a karmic disease. The origin of a karmic disease can stem from a "curse" or some form of disobedience that is still being redeemed.  There is nothing hookey-pokey about curses.  A curse is simply a natural consequence of an act of disobedience. The act of disobedience was intentionally made. Many karmic sicknesses and diseases would be those such as downs syndrome, severe autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy- all of these diseases are very serious and almost non-reversible. Ignorance is the 3rd root cause of all sickness and disease.  Ignorance can include not knowing the power we as human beings have when we profess certain words out of our mouths.  Ignorance is anything related to having a lack of knowledge.  The spiritual text tells us that "my people perish from a lack of knowledge." If God the creator took the time to make that point, it certainly means much.
Even Oprah has told us that "when you know better, you do better".  Polluting your body with junk food or exposing yourself to unnatural substances, sometimes without knowing, can simply be the root of your sickness and disease as well.  

You have the power

You aren't a helpless, victimized being. Unless you choose to be! Things just don't "happen" to any of us. Most of the things that happen in our lives are created by us.  We have the power and ability to create what we want, and sometimes we end up attracting what we fear the most too. We live in the Earth realm, and in this realm human beings have dominion.  We have dominion over the animals and all of the other earthly kingdoms.  We might not exorcize our power that much, but we do have it.  It was given to us clearly in the spiritual text of Genesis. Its similar to what the Law of Attraction and other "New Age" concepts teach.  However the idea is not new, they just re-branded it, picked and chose what they wanted to include and not include. This power that humans were given, was not taken away with the fall of Adam (or the fall of Man).  We see several examples where men and women used their dominion over the different kingdoms of the Earth realm, in the following books of spiritual text. Daniel was one, when he used his power over the animal kingdom to shut the lions mouth's from destroying him while he was in the lion's den. Moses was another when he changed the molecular structure of water into blood and the adjusted the density of the waters for the children of Israel, causing them to part and make a straight path. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego were three others that were not touched by the heat elements of fire. Jesus and Peter walked on water.  They expressed their dominion as human beings and changed the waters' molecular structure, making the water dense enough to support their bodies. (More on this concept in my book: I Need A Body) Everything in the Earth realm as it relates to your life is the way it is because you decided for it to be that way.  When we look at things in the most simplest light possible, we learn that we don't need hocus pocus, we aren't victimized by demons or devils, God is not "punishing us", etc., etc.  Most things are happening to you or are waiting to happen to you because the universe is waiting on you to make a decision. Our destinies are determined by our decisions.  "If it is for you, it is up to you."

Examples of spiritual root causes of sickness and diseases

Overall we can call the 3 root causes of sickness and diseases; the mind, karmic retribution, and ignorance, "spiritual root" causes.
  • Anemia is a manifestation of entertaining the spirit of abortion.  This relates to aborting progress and aborting growth, it is not referring to a physical abortion. Denying the joys, changes and progression of life.
  • Allergies are a manifestation of a rejection of people or energy around you.  Can also be rooted in rejection of self.
  • Diabetes is a manifestation of not knowing how to experience the joy and sweetness of life.
  • Depression is a manifestation of allowing your psyche to be seduced by the spirit of compromise.  Lack of self-knowledge and "sense of self".
  • Down Syndrome is a manifestation of a karmic debt; or a generational act of disobedience.
  • Cancer is a manifestation of un-forgiveness, bitterness and strife.  Allowing things to permeate and eat away at you from the inside out.
  • Infections (general) are a manifestation of emotional disturbances stemming from anger and hostility.  Particularly if in the reproductive organs, it is from emotional anger and negative soul-ties.
  • High blood pressure is a manifestation of past or current anger, hatred, rage.  Medicine will only regulate it, it won't cure it unless you address the real underlying cause.
These few examples demonstrate the basic roots of illnesses.  Almost all of them stem from an element of fear, which is not a positive origin.  That is how we know that we are not made to endure sickness and disease.  We have a choice, and it is up to our decisions to make life how we desire it to be. To explore more, download The Electric Food Life. Related posts:

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