Mentally increase your income

Written by: Nikoya

Many of us are not happy with the return of income or profit that we currently receive for exchanging our time and energy.  There are two popular and practical ways we all generate a living: exchanging time or exchanging energy.

How you choose to do the trade is your choice, but either way you have a responsibility in increasing your income.  Responsibility is a great word to meditate on when talking about increasing your income. It is your responsibility and only yours, to accept, create change or increase your income and financial situation.

It’s not your bosses job to do this.  Statements like, “I wish my boss would give me a promotion so I can make more money,” or “If only my company could see what I am really worth and pay me more, I’d be happy,” are pointless to make because you are passing the responsibility of your income to someone else.  This is a passive approach and will get you nowhere.

It’s not your spouses job either.  Even if you are 100% relying your husband’s/wife’s salary at the current moment, and have no income at all, it is your responsibility if you want more income.  How you choose to create that for yourself has to be taken into your hands if it is your desire.

A major step for me was realizing my sole responsibility.  I chose to take the revelation that my income was the way it was because I had created it to be that way.  If my salary was low, it was because I had agreed to give my personal power away for scraps.  If it was on the higher end, it was because I had decided to create that opportunity to come into my life.

Exchanging time for income

Exchanging time for income is where you find yourself providing little value to people, and as a result you are essentially exchanging your time for money.

You have to actively create opportunities for yourself to increase your income by increasing the value you provide to society.  You can raise your hourly rate by actively making the decision to provide high value to others and agree to the terms of that exchange.  Contractors, freelancers and even people in corporate America are still responsible for what they work for.

Many people feel that if they are working a corporate job that they cannot negotiate their salaries and hourly rate.  This is not true.  When most corpse-orations (my nickname for corporations who are filled with the walking dead, drone type workers) give you an offer letter, they expect you to counter offer.  They may not agree with you, but even if they don’t their offer will still stand.  Then it is up to you to accept.

The best approach to raising your hourly rate is to be clear on what you desire.  Have an exact number in mind.  Know why you’re worth that amount.  Believe that you deserve to receive it.  Never doubt or degrade yourself or your ability to produce your targeted income goal.

Remember that when you are operating in an industry that you are assigned to, and you resign yourself to provide your best work, your income potential is unlimited.  Everything you need to be worth what you declare is already inside of you.

The creator has encrypted the code to your talents and gift’s into your DNA.  All you must do is locate the software and upload it into your conscious mind.  Once this divine ability of yours is successfully installed into your mind, and you have made the decision to do the work, everything in your environment will change to accommodate your goal.

Exchanging energy for income

Oprah exchanges her energy for $300 million per year.

She is a perfect example of how once you master time, you can simply exchange energy for income.  A book from a no-name author can be put in the hands and mouth of Oprah, and it is a automatically a bestseller.  A product can be put in the hands of mouth of Oprah- a product which may or may not be particularly special, and it will become huge.

Anything recommended by Oprah is suddenly a miraculous success. Why? Because that is how Oprah exchanges her energy.  She lives in a realm of wealth and influence, and when her energy is directed towards a particular idea it becomes a success.

Oprah has mastered her assigned industry and realm of work and influence.

If I sign a basketball and try to sell it, I would be lucky to scrape up $1 from it.  But if we put the same basketball in the hands of Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson, the value of that basketball increases drastically.

This is because they have mastered a particular industry, which in their case would be sports and entertainment. They operate in a realm of wealth and influence in that industry.

Anyone can do this and achieve a profitable level of income.  But why do some people do and others don’t? And why when some people try they succeed and others try and never can make it work?

Knowing who you are is the foundation for exchanging energy for income.  If you do not start there, you could end up building a ladder to nowhere, and never achieving your true desired goal.

What are you currently exchanging your energy for?  Are you in your assigned industry? Are you operating in the realm in which your purpose was created to serve?

Why income is important

Income levels can be a manifestation of if you are operating within your assigned industry.

Your destiny requires resources, and resources are needed to assist in executing your assignment.  Your assignment is what you are supposed to do once you reach your destination.  Your assignment is the active part of your destiny.

If I don’t have money to eat and have access to the internet, I’m not of much use, for example.  I can do a lot more if I have resources to get things done.

Operate within your internal potential

Everything each of us needs is encrypted into our genetic make-up.  Our DNA reads like a book, it is filled with chromosomes which hold specific data about who we are.  Only you can be you.

Jesus said in the book of Hebrews, “I come in the volume of the book that is written of me, to do your will, O God.”

Not only was he talking of the previous books of the prophets and what they had written regarding His life, but of DNA.  Jesus was making it clear that He was coming operating under the full power of what was written in his internal, genetic code.  He made it clear that it was His purpose for doing what He was doing because He was simply walking out what was alive within Him.

Do the inner work and awaken any hidden talents or gift you have inside of you.  Make sure that you are operating from the full volume of the book that is written within you in your daily life.  Life is entirely too fleeting to not activate every ounce of hidden potential and purpose that you incarnated on Earth to share.

Discover your assigned industry.  Master self-knowledge. Move up in the realms of influence.

Operating under your full, created purpose is the best way to live.  The income and everything else you need to complete your assignment will follow.

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