Making an impact

Written by: Nikoya

People talk about changing the world all the time.  The phrase is used very loosely and in a vague manner.  I wonder if the people that say it and have it in their twitter bio’s, list it on their websites, or have it on their goal list, really have a game plan to actually make an impact and change the world.

If you are reading this, I bet you are one of those ambitious people.  A true desire to change the world and make an impact can be planned for and attained with a little directed effort. Tell me before we move on, have you made a lasting impact?

The 12 kingdoms of the world

We live on the physical Earth, and we live in the spiritual realm within the world.

In our world, there are 12 kingdoms and within each kingdom there are systems that are in control.  What I’m talking about is like the biological kingdoms (fungi, plantae, animalia, etc.) that we learn about in biology, for people who are trying to attain self-actualization.

Each system breaks into different fields, industries and disciplines in which human beings can specialize and master.  Examples of such would be the medical industry, the field of psychology, etc.  After industries and disciplines we have 5 firm institutions: government, education, church, economy and family.  Within each institution there are communities.

The family unit is the primary institution that we all experience a beginning foundation.  Our families, no matter how big or small, are the foundation of many of our life experiences and perspectives.  Education is the second foundation that we all experience.  If our education is screwed up, then we must re-learn and re-program our minds to get sound education and knowledge.  Most of the education we receive today is screwed.  Sorry.  The conditioning of the educational system is based on work and learning “how to execute tasks”.  We are trained to get skill based jobs, but lack a thorough comprehension of sound teaching of concepts, wisdom and analytics.  Universities, minus the Ivy leagues, teach you skills (many of which may be irrelevant after you graduate) so you can get a skill based job.  Since the educational system is skill based, our ability to understand concepts and systems are deformed.  By the time we get to the institutions of church/spirituality, we have no ability to comprehend the information presented.  They are just fables or stories at that point.  We may recognize the stories, words, and rituals, but we have no authentic comprehension from this institution at all.  We are too “logical” or “black and white” at that point.  Spiritual matters have a harder time to permeate our minds because we have word recognition but no comprehension of what is said.  If we do not have comprehension or understanding, we will not have any manifestation of change on that level as well.

Once mastery is attained in each level, you then move up in influence.  If you cannot positively improve yourself, you will have trouble positively affecting your family.  If it is hard to affect an industry, it will be the same with a kingdom, thus the world.  If you do manage to bypass a level or system, your success will not be long-lasting and your impact may be tainted.

Knowing why you are here

Making a lasting impact also requires knowing why you are here.  Knowing why you are here is part of purpose.  Being effective in making a worldly impact is intertwined with the reason why you are here.  The great news about it is that we each have a huge purpose and contribution to make with our time here on Earth.  We did not incarnate to have some lowly, tiny, small purpose and contribution.  We each have something huge to share, for it is the reason of life to begin with.

It starts with one individual.  If you can renew your mind and discover who you are, you are 10 steps ahead of many people, communities and institutions right there.  If you were to ask the average person who they are, they will tell you what they do.  Who you are is not what you do.  Who you are speaks of your identity.  You identity exists no matter what your occupation is.  You can change your occupation many times in life, but what is your identity?

You don’t have to look outside of yourself to determine identity.  That starts from inside.  It is the most important.

If you don’t know your identity, how can you ever make a dent in the world?  It’s called I-DENT-ity for a reason 🙂

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