Don’t get a job, get to work


Written by: Nikoya

We, humans,  were not created to get by in life, “barely make it”, or simply maintain.  If you feel like you live in that realm of mediocrity, please consider that it may be that way because you are a particular way.  Having a job vs. going to work are just like being in poverty vs. being wealthy.

The solution to not having any money or experiencing poverty is not getting a job or borrowing money, the solution  to poverty is creating ideas and finding access to the right information.

Working a job that is not connected to your purpose will not put you on the path of wealth or relevancy.  You will only experience frustration and cyclic living of mediocrity.

The differences between work and having a job is this: work is connected to purpose, work is connected to destiny, and work is connected to your authentic self.  A job is not.

If you are tired of working a job and want to get out, don't feel guilty about it.  Just choose to press towards the mark of your own higher standard.  Start seeking and learning who you are. This will show you how to find peace through living authentically.

I had a corporate job once (or maybe a few times, I seriously try to forget), and never were they connected to my purpose or authentic self.  They were never a source of sustainable happiness or security.  The interesting thing about my workplace experiences was that the more I resisted change and also resisted the fact that I had to work at a job I didn't like, the further away from my authentic self I became.  By the time I was 7 years out of college, I found myself working in manufacturing, in an oil and gas business, sourcing raw materials which is used for deepwater drilling offshore.

That does not resonate with who I am.

As a previous seminarian, and psychology major, if you had asked me what I'd be doing in 7 years, I certainly would not expect it to have anything to do with drilling gas from underwater.  Granted, it is not a bad job, pays decent for some, and could have been worse, but nothing about it resonates with who I am.  I didn't see myself having a long term future there.

My destination would have been far from who I had worked up to be, on a mental level, if I had continued to give my time, energy and gifts to that realm and industry.

This is what I call spiritual prostitution.  It happens when you knowingly take 5 days and 40+ hours of your irrevocable time, your talents, your energy, your gifts, and give it to a kingdom or industry that you are not made to support.  You give this industry the best of yourself, and barely have time or energy for your assigned industry or kingdom, which in my case was anything to do with the mind and soul.  This is done for the simple exchange of currency, and that is all.

I have mentioned on this site before regarding the 5 pillars or institutions of society (family, church, economy, etc.), and how there is the hierarchy of systems which are connected with various industries.  Each of us have assigned industries that we are to provide our life's work into.  We were created to master our assigned industry, and once we have done that we gain access to assigned systems and kingdoms.

Thomas Edison was assigned to the various industries of science and entrepreneurship, gaining him access to making an impact on the economy even in death.

Aretha Franklin operated in the realm of her assigned industry, and became the Queen of Soul, and always will be.

Tiger Woods operates in his realm of assigned industry and is the best golf player around.

When you operate as your true self from within your assigned industry, mastery is very possible and sustainable.  This is what makes work connected with purpose.  It's the difference between having a job and doing your assigned work. What you were born to do does matter, it is directly related to the level of sustainable success you can posses.

If you don't know, there are signs

Jesus said it best, "you will know a tree by it's fruit." This is a universal law whether you like Jesus or not.  It's  unavoidable.  If you feel like after each year you work at a job or towards a goal and feel like you have accomplished next to nothing, that is a sign you are missing something.  If you continue to work and at the end of each month, season, or year, but you have no fruitful savings or anything to show for your toil, you may be missing it.

After 7 years, if you are still slaving away in the same way, and have no fruit to show for it, no savings, no clarity of purpose of destiny, no goals being met, no vision, and still are dependent on your employer for everything, then you are living in a realm of poverty.

7 is a number of perfection and completion.  We experience life through time, seasons, and cycles.  7 year cycles are very important, even in the physical world many concepts related to finances operate in this cycle (credit, bankruptcy, etc.)  If you are still doing the same thing at the end of a 7 year cycle, and you are not impressed with your success, then you need to re-establish what and where you spend your time and energy.

You'll have to do some work with finding your assigned realm of industry, to break free from spiritual prostitution.  You must start with knowing who you are, or else all efforts are lost.  Get to work on your purpose, and never have to get another job again.

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