Time management is an illusion

Written by: Nikoya

Time is our most precious commodity that we have while we are alive on Earth, but we cannot control, budget out, “manage” or master time.  Once we have discovered our purpose in life, and know what our daily assignments are, our relationship with time changes and we can adjust to a life where everything we engage in is meaningful and on track.  Before that process is complete, it is best to think of time management as a myth. You cannot manage time.  When you live a life where your overall purpose is clear, then time will be used more beneficially.  You, simply just “being” (in the active sense) will be purposeful.  A life without purpose is living amiss and makes it difficult to get the most out of your time.

There truly is an appointed time for everything, and essentially this cannot be changed.  However, we do have the power as human beings to suspend “times” and to “redeem” time.  There are 26 general “times” of life.  We experience life in cycles, so that is the first concept that we can use to describe time.  We phase in and out of life in seasons, as to which there are a total of 5 (we will explore seasons in another article).  Until we explore and understand time, cycles and seasons, we will not be able to deny the power of knowing our purpose.  Understanding these concepts are important because we know that there is a time when everything will be brought into account, and we will each have to give an account of our time and our days.  Even if you do not believe this, I’m sure there will eventually be a time in your latter years where you will think back and examine your life, like on your death bed or when you are old and helpless.

The 26 “times” of life

There are 9 Hebrew words that describe time, and 26 foundational “times” within the life phase.  In Ecclesiastical text we can see that there is a “time for everything, and a season for every activity under the Heavens” (Ch. 3:1).  Then as we read we learn that the 26 “times” of life are “a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, etc…”  You can read the entire passage in full if you like.  Many people are familiar with this passage already, so I will not write it out fully here.

In order to suspend or redeem time, one must be able to know and discern the current time of life they are presently experiencing.

Redeem time

There are 2 times that we are given examples of how we can redeem time in the New Testament.  The ability as human beings to redeem time comes from meditation, fasting and living our lives knowing our purpose.  We can redeem, or “buy back” time through fasting, because we are not spending time worried about what to eat, preparing meals, eating and cleaning up.  In addition to that, we also gain clarity by having more time to meditate, listen and discern when fasting.

When we choose to live working towards fulfilling our purpose, which is the reason why we exist, we can make everything we do effective and useful towards that thing. The main question people ask at this point is this: What is my life purpose? Remember, your life purpose starts with knowing who you are and where you are going.  Knowing who you are requires you to live a life true to what you were created to do.  By being yourself.  Only you can do this, and you do not have to look outside yourself for the answer.  Most people look outside for the answer to this question, from people who don’t even know who they are either.  Only you can unleash knowledge of self by exploring inward because who you are is embedded into your DNA.  Knowing where you are going requires you to make decisions.  This is what creates your destiny because your decisions will affect your destination.  Purpose and destiny are not the same; purpose relates to why you are here, and destiny relates to your decisions that lead you to a particular destination.

Human beings have the power to suspend time

We were made in the image of God.  God created the world with words. We have the same power.  It really is that simple!  In order for any deviation of time or intervention to happen on Earth it must have been spoken out of someone’s mouth.  You have to give permission for things to exist in our physical realm.  We give permission by the words we speak.  Not only are death and life in the power of our tongues, but we also know that “whatever is bound on Earth is bound in Heaven, and whatever we loose on Earth is loosed in Heaven.”  That is how we demonstrate our power, through the words that come out of our mouths.

The 26 “times” of life can be suspended or postponed by speaking words.  You can postpone death until your purpose is fulfilled.  You can also suspend sickness by speaking healing.  This is where being able to identify the times of life becomes essential.  If something is happening prematurely, re-examine your life and the words that you are speaking, and you may see that you might be giving something permission to occur on Earth unnecessarily.  This is something that happens a lot.

A good friend of mine got married at an early age, and about 8 years into her marriage she started suspecting that her husband was having an affair.  He had a history of having “flings “ in the past when they were much younger, and she ended up contracting a sexually transmitted disease from him right before they tied the knot.

Eight years into the marriage she began to suspect that he was having an affair, but he would never admit anything about it.  He never apologized for anything, and simply denied everything.  Even to this day, as a divorced man he still will not admit or apologize for any wrongdoings.  Anyway, within their marriage after living this way for several more years, the arguing escalated and eventually they barely spoke to each other at all.  When they did speak she would always say “You make me sick!” or something relating to her being “sick”.  As a friend I can remember every conversation involving him would have the phrase “he makes me sick” or “every time I think or look about him I just want to vomit,” in it.

She ended up being diagnosed with several gynecological diseases, and had a hysterectomy at a very young age.  She was placed on hormone treatments, pills, and creams to regulate her hormones since she was no longer producing estrogen, but too young to live with the process of menopause.  She battled high cholesterol and blood pressure, despite being a health nut.   All of this occurred before the age of 35.  Could these things be occurring because she was giving them permission to occur?  Could things be the way they were because she was the way she was?  The root of her issue was not un-forgiveness.  The root of her issues was not because of bad diet, promiscuous sexual behavior or bad genetics either.  The root cause of her sickness was a lack of knowledge.  She did not have the knowledge that she was giving her power away to disease through her words.  She was giving sickness power to take place in her life.  When she learned that she could make the decision to change her words, her destiny changed.  Instead of coming to a destination of premature sickness and death, she simply decided to change where she was going.  She now experiences more joy, health and peace than before and is not on any medications.

By simply changing the words we speak we can change our destinies.  We can also alter the “times” of life by framing an awareness of the words we speak.  We can change what happens to us, and allow the appointed time for things to happen the way they are supposed to happen, in the proper cycle and flow.

Basic time management techniques

Time management does not exist.  The best way to utilize the most out of your time is this:

  1. Know what your life purpose is.
  2. Know what your daily assignments are, relating to that purpose.

If you can do this, everything you do with your time is purposeful and productive.  You’ll have clarity and peace.  You’ll understand why you do what it is you do, but if you don’t, then you need to do more digging to find out.  Why continue activities that are unnecessary?  Why continue to engage in actions and not know the purpose or why you really do it?  You have hidden potentials inside of you that you can use each day.  Why waste that potential?  Only you can do what it is you are made to do, because nobody has your genetic make-up besides you.

If you find yourself running in circles and feeling like there is not enough time in the day each day, know that you cannot continue down that path and ever really be productive.  No matter how noble a thing you accomplish, if it is not directly related to your purpose it is just an accomplishment and not true success.  If you cannot manage a day, you cannot manage your life.  Try to re-examine the things that you do and why, and eliminate the need to manage time.


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