The purpose of fasting – starting the electric diet

Written by: Nikoya

There is a proper way to begin the electric diet for it to function at its most effective level.  The preparation period takes discipline, desire and dedication.  You really have to be serious before beginning the initial steps, because it will be liberating, but will take much willpower.

The first thing you must do is submit to a cleansing period.  This is a combination of fasting and eliminating waste and non-digested build up out of the digestive system.

The purpose of fasting

Fasting is a natural way to reverse cellular damage.  It provides a healing opportunity for the body.  Your body’s digestive and cellular system needs rest, just as any other living organism needs rest. Unfortunately, many people go their whole lives without ever fasting.  The benefits of fasting strongly outweigh the short term sacrifice of actually doing the fasting work.

I know a woman who struggled with allergies and sinus issues all of her life.  She also struggled with a cigarette addiction as well. She tried everything from hypnosis, traditional medicine (which was only a bandage and not a cure), counseling to unconventional homeopathic medicine. Even with all of this intervention she was not able to actually get rid of her allergies.  As the years went by, her allergy list actually kept growing instead of decreasing; by the age of 45 she was medically diagnosed as “allergic” to over 65 “naturally” occurring elements and foods of the earth!

She was literally allergic to everything, almonds to tomatoes, canola oil to any kind of dairy.  This is not normal, nor is a way for anyone to live.  Each day she would have a physical reaction to something she ate or was in the same environment with because she was “allergic”.  It got to the point that she didn’t know what she was eating that was specifically making her have these serious physical reactions, like swelling of the tongue, hives and itching.

One day, after about an hour of listening to her complaints, I suggested that she go on a fast and cleanse her system of all of the toxins, simply to “reset her body”, then re-incorporate certain foods as she desired.  I explained to her that it could be a way to actually pinpoint what she was truly allergic to, and not. In the back of my mind I knew that if she was truly dedicated and successful with the fasting period, she more than likely would be cured from her ailments and would not experience these “reactions” any longer.

About two months later she decided to take my advice.  She decided to choose the “Master Cleanse” method of fasting, which is very effective for the purpose of reversing damage in the body on a cellular level and riding the body from dis-ease and toxins (more about the Master Cleanse shortly).

She started the cleansing process and completed it for 40 days. Not only did she lose a solid 30 lbs., she was also cleared of her annoying allergies!  As she slowly incorporated more foods back into her diet (primarily electric and organic fresh foods) she noticed that she did not react in the same way to those choices as she had in the past.  She did state that she was more aware of foods choices as well, and stuck with organically grown, free-range foods, versus processed, genetically modified food and canned goods.

Another surprising benefit for her was that she no longer had the desire to smoke cigarettes after fasting.  However, she did make the choice to start smoking on her own again after a few months.  At least now she has the knowledge necessary to make that transition into a cigarette free life when she is truly ready.

Essentially, the purpose of fasting is this:

1)   Allows your digestive system to rest and eliminate non-digested build-up in the intestines.

2)   Allows the digestive system to reset itself and return to functioning at its most efficient level.

3)   Allows your cellular system and metabolism to heal and reset.

4)   Allows reversal to take place on any progressing dis-ease.  Remember dis-eases begin in the body on a cellular level.  If you stop the growth of the dis-ease at its root, it will not be able to grow or spread.  If there is any organ damage in the body, fasting is a great way to reverse damage as well.

Remember that it is best to consult a medical doctor or a physician for a physical exam before starting your fasting period.  I advise this, not only so you can documented record of your progress, and improvement, but also to be aware of any possibilities and/or “false hazards”.

Don’t worry if you are advised to not take part of the fasting healing process by a medical professional.  It is their job to stay in business, and if everyone did what was truly best for their body, they would not have any patients to play with (“practice medicine” on)!

As long as you are not strenuously active, or doing cardio daily, you should be fine while fasting.  It is imperative to follow the directions of how to fast properly, in order for it to stay safe. For directions on different kinds of fasts, read this post.

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