Starting the electric diet

Written by: Nikoya

Starting the electric diet requires three actions before proceeding:

1) Realizing that it is an active lifestyle choice and change

2) Cleansing the body through possibly unpleasant and challenging acts before making that lifestyle change

3) Commitment to a journey of constant education about health and wellness.

Once those three actions are complete, the electric diet is really no longer a diet but a way that your body will crave to live, for freedom from disease, addiction and obesity.

The electric diet is a lifestyle 

The electric diet life (post link about the electric diet) is not just about eating but about continuing education.  There are so many things to explore and learn when it comes to healthy foods, healthy living and what is going on around us.  When we know that the American dietary foundation is based off of pseudo-hybrid, hormone infested, genetically modified and engineered food, we also realize that that is the cause for the majority of sickness, dis-ease and obesity.  Learning the difference from real food and processed food is the foundation of living the electric lifestyle.

Education is so important for those that start this path to health and wellness, but there are plenty of people who begin a health journey and do not dig deep into their choices and actions.  Many do this, vegetarians, vegans, and even raw vegans still consume fake processed foods that are damaging to the body, without knowing.  Do you think that if all vegans knew that the soybean is a genetically engineered food, without the proper amino acids to make the cellular strand of real protein, that they would continue to eat tofu? I doubt it.  Eating tofu is essentially a waste of time.  But so many vegetarians and vegans eat it and think they are doing their bodies justice.  They aren’t.  Leave the tofu behind.

It is the same with many other fruits and vegetables that are hybrids, and/or have been genetically manipulated for the purpose of production and consumerism, surely not for the purposes of health or nutrients.

Once the path of learning is begun, the lifestyle evolves into a daily cycle of learning and implementing.

Cleansing before the switch: is it really necessary?

Yes.  This part cannot be skipped or ignored. Your body is a unique vehicle just like any other operating vehicle or tool upon the earth.  Doesn’t your technological devices have to be reset or turned off at some point to rejuvenate?  Your car engine needs to be flushed at some point of its existence, no? Any other device that you use in your household, does it not ever need to be cleaned? Same with the body.

I really hate visiting people’s homes who have tubs that are saturated with dirt.  There is no way they can be getting clean in the shower if their tub is black.  Same idea.

The body needs internal cleaning as well.  Fasting provides a great opportunity for the body to heal itself.  It allows cellular regeneration and damage reversal to occur.  Never ignore the power of cleansing the body.

Another A+ benefit to cleansing the body before transitioning to electric foods is because the benefit it provides the intestines.  Fasting allows the intestines to rest and remove build-up junk that has accumulated over time.

Once your intestines are in full action again, they are functioning at their most effective capacity, allowing all of the nutrients to be absorbed from the food that you eat.

Committing to a lifelong journey of wellness

Once you resign yourself to explore the benefits of the electric diet, you will continue to grow in knowledge about the foods you eat, your environment and the psychology of health habits in this country.  When I began the lifestyle, I was intrigued and saddened at the same time.

I was shocked to learn that most of the countries corn and rice supply are genetically modified and grown,  and essentially have no nutritional value of real significance.

The electric diet is a lifestyle choice, that can result in sickness, disease and obesity free living. Learn more about identifying electric foods.

Master a few electric diet meals, smoothies and elixirs.

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